Methodological approaches to exploring epileptic disorders in the human brain in vitro.


:Brain surgery, and in particular epilepsy surgery, offers the unique opportunity to study viable human central nervous tissue in vitro. This does not only open a window to address the basic mechanisms underlying human disease, such as epilepsy, but it allows to venture into investigating neurophysiological functions per se. In the present paper, we describe the most commonly used methods in the electrophysiological (and, at least to some extent, also histochemical and molecular) analysis of human tissue in vitro. In addition, we consider the pitfalls and limitations of such studies, in particular regarding the issue of tissue sampling procedures and control experiments.


J Neurosci Methods


Köhling R,Avoli M




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2006-07-15 00:00:00














  • An inexpensive and interactive microcomputer system for codifying Golgi-impregnated neuronal morphology.

    abstract::An interactive microcomputer system has been developed for the quantitative analysis of Golgi-impregnated neuronal morphology (GINM). The system uses commercially available hardware: a 48K RAM microcomputer (Apple II), a TV monitor (NEC), an optical microscope (Reichert Biovar) with a camera lucida and a specially dev...

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  • The M-Sorter: an automatic and robust spike detection and classification system.

    abstract::Neural spike detection and classification, or spike sorting, is the first and a critical step prior to any single unit based neuroscientific studies and applications. A good spike sorter is usually characterized by high detection and classification accuracy, robust to changes in signal-to-noise ratio, objectivity in d...

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  • Amygdala activation at 3T in response to human and avatar facial expressions of emotions.

    abstract::Facial expressions of emotions are important in nonverbal communication. Although numerous neural structures have been identified to be involved in emotional face processing, the amygdala is thought to be a core moderator. While previous studies have relied on facial images of humans, the present study is concerned wi...

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  • A multidimensional artefact-reduction approach to increase robustness of first-level fMRI analyses: Censoring vs. interpolating.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This manuscript describes a new, multidimensional and data-driven approach to identify outlying datapoints from a first-level fMRI dataset. NEW METHOD:Using three different indicators of data corruption (the fast variance component of DVARS [Δ%D-var], scan-to-scan total displacement [STS], and each scan's o...

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  • Low-cost blast wave generator for studies of hearing loss and brain injury: blast wave effects in closed spaces.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Military personnel and civilians living in areas of armed conflict have increased risk of exposure to blast overpressures that can cause significant hearing loss and/or brain injury. The equipment used to simulate comparable blast overpressures in animal models within laboratory settings is typically very la...

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  • Determination of amino acids associated with cerebral ischaemia in rat brain microdialysates using narrowbore liquid chromatography and fluorescence detection.

    abstract::Microdialysis coupled to liquid chromatography (LC) has proven to be a valuable in vivo sampling technique for studying neurotransmitter changes in normal and ischaemic brain. However, few analytical methods have described the simultaneous determination of amino acids, relevant in stroke research, together with the ni...

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  • Application of scanning electron microscopy in an analysis of the retina of lower vertebrates.

    abstract::The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a useful tool in the study of the retina of lower vertebrates. SEM analysis (preparation over the critical point) offers a useful addition to the existing histological preparations. It is suitable for a comparative analysis, in which the arrangement of different cellular eleme...

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  • Synaptic currents recorded from the dendritic field of an insect giant interneurone.

    abstract::A method is described enabling the recording of synaptic currents from an isolated interganglionic interneurone in the central nervous system of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana, using an oil-gap recording system. The circuitry contains a Wheatstone bridge in which the preparation is the unknown resistance. Using ...

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  • Automatic system for analysis of locomotor activity in rodents--a reproducibility study.

    abstract::Automatic analysis of locomotion in studies of behavior and development is of great importance because it eliminates the subjective influence of evaluators on the study. This study aimed to develop and test the reproducibility of a system for automated analysis of locomotor activity in rats. For this study, 15 male Wi...

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  • Visualizing and quantifying evoked cortical activity assessed with intrinsic signal imaging.

    abstract::Intrinsic signal imaging (ISI) measures changes in light reflectance from the illuminated cortex (intrinsic signals or IS) attributed to various vascular and metabolic sources that, when using illumination in the 600 nm range, appear to co-localize with neuronal activity. Given the multiple sources contributing to the...

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  • Design of the EPC-9, a computer-controlled patch-clamp amplifier. 1. Hardware.

    abstract::The EPC-9 patch-clamp amplifier is a digitally controlled analog device for recording currents in membrane patches and in small cells. It has neither front-panel controls nor internal trim adjustments; instead all gain, range-changing, transient cancellation, calibration and other functions are computer controlled. No...

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  • Reliability assessment of an automated forced swim test device using two mouse strains.

    abstract::The Porsolt forced swim test (FST) is one of the most widely used behavioral tests in the evaluation of the antidepressant effects of drugs. It is based on the fact that these drugs reduce the depression-related behaviors of learned helplessness. The model has been modified for use in mice. In contrast to rats, mice a...

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  • A correlation-matrix-based hierarchical clustering method for functional connectivity analysis.

    abstract::In this study, a correlation matrix based hierarchical clustering (CMBHC) method is introduced to extract multiple correlation patterns from resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. It was applied to spontaneous fMRI signals acquired from anesthetized rats, and the results were then compared wi...

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    authors: Liu X,Zhu XH,Qiu P,Chen W

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  • Optimizing conditions and avoiding pitfalls for prolonged axonal tracing with carbocyanine dyes in fixed rat spinal cords.

    abstract::We have characterized a method of labeling of axons in the post-mortem spinal cord using a silastic disc holding pins coated with DiI and DiO at the rostral and caudal ends of the cord. We optimized the DiI and DiO tracing techniques under different conditions of fixative concentration (1% versus 4% paraformaldehyde, ...

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    authors: Chen BK,Miller SM,Mantilla CB,Gross L,Yaszemski MJ,Windebank AJ

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  • Quantitative 3-D analysis of GFAP labeled astrocytes from fluorescence confocal images.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There is a need for effective computational methods for quantifying the three-dimensional (3-D) spatial distribution, cellular arbor morphologies, and the morphological diversity of brain astrocytes to support quantitative studies of astrocytes in health, injury, and disease. NEW METHOD:Confocal fluorescenc...

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  • Effects of estrous stage and time of day on prepulse inhibition in female rats.

    abstract::Prepulse inhibition (PPI) of the acoustic startle response is a measure of sensory motor gating, and is affected in various neuropsychiatric disorders. Although PPI has been used extensively to study both the neural effects of such conditions, as well as in the search for animal models, a number of critical issues hav...

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    authors: Adams AL,Hudson A,Ryan CL,Doucette TA

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  • Intravenous recording of intracranial, broadband EEG.

    abstract::The most direct evaluation of human brain activity has been obtained from intracranial electrodes placed either on the surface of the brain or inserted into the brain to record from deep brain structures. Currently, the placement of intracranial electrodes implies transcranial surgery, either through a burr hole or a ...

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  • A white matter stroke model in the mouse: axonal damage, progenitor responses and MRI correlates.

    abstract::Subcortical white matter stroke is a common stroke subtype but has had limited pre-clinical modeling. Recapitulating this disease process in mice has been impeded by the relative inaccessibility of the subcortical white matter arterial supply to induce white matter ischemia in isolation. In this report, we detail a su...

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  • CSF-1 receptor inhibition as a highly effective tool for depletion of microglia in mixed glial cultures.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A breakthrough in the microglia and macrophages field was the identification of the macrophage colony stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1) as a pro-survival factor. Its pharmacological inhibition in animals depletes rapidly all microglia and macrophages. Microglial depletion in mixed glial cultures has always repres...

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    authors: Hupp S,Iliev AI

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  • New developments in an "expanded stick" model for coding, graphic representation and metric analysis of tracer-filled or Golgi-impregnated neurons, including spines and varicosities.

    abstract::A new data model allowing the coding, graphic representation and metric analysis of dendritic and axonal processes including spines and varicosities, is here described. The model is implemented in an interactive light microscope-computer system and stores the three-dimensional coordinates of the selected neuronal poin...

    journal_title:Journal of neuroscience methods

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Freire M

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  • Critical differences between two classical surgical approaches for middle cerebral artery occlusion-induced stroke in mice.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of long-term disability in North America. On average, someone in the US has a stroke every 45 s, and worldwide, stroke claims 15 million lives each year. Therefore, reliable stroke models are vital to the production of effective new therapies f...

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    authors: Smith HK,Russell JM,Granger DN,Gavins FN

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  • Invited review: Utilizing peripheral nerve regenerative elements to repair damage in the CNS.

    abstract::An ongoing question in neuroscience is how the peripheral nervous system can repair itself following an injury or insult whereas the central nervous system has a profoundly limited ability for repair. The recent and rapid advancement of our understanding of the gene expression and corresponding biochemical profiles of...

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    authors: El Seblani N,Welleford AS,Quintero JE,van Horne CG,Gerhardt GA

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  • Modification of a consumer digital audio tape (DAT) for analog data recording.

    abstract::A modification of a commercially available digital-audio tape (DAT) for DC recordings such as those used in patch clamp and other electrophysiological experiments is introduced. The modified DAT can record data from 2 channels plus a separate trigger signal for up to 2 h. The bandwidth ranges from direct current to 21...

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    authors: Lüscher C,Frei P,de Limoges D

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  • Monitoring weight drop velocity and foam stiffness as an aid to quality control of a rodent model of impact acceleration neurotrauma.

    abstract::Since the publication by Marmarou of a new rodent model of head injury, an increasing number of centres are adopting the model for use in a variety of paradigms. We report on two simple methods we have applied which allows us to monitor weight drop velocity and foam stiffness, both of which are critical factors for pr...

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    authors: Piper IR,Thomson D,Miller JD

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  • A simple, reproducible technique for establishing leptomeningeal tumors in nude rats.

    abstract::The incidence of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis is on the rise and current treatment modalities have limited efficacy. The development of new treatment strategies has been hampered by the lack of an appropriate animal model that accurately parallels the clinical condition. We have developed a new surgical technique for...

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  • Automatic seizure detection in EEG using logistic regression and artificial neural network.

    abstract::The detection of epileptiform discharges in the EEG is an important component in the diagnosis of epilepsy. In this study, multiple signal classification (MUSIC), autoregressive (AR) and periodogram methods were used to get power spectra in patients with absence seizure. The EEG power spectra were used as an input to ...

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    authors: Alkan A,Koklukaya E,Subasi A

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  • Neurophysiology of neocortical slices resected from children undergoing surgical treatment for epilepsy.

    abstract::The recent emergence of surgical treatment of childhood epilepsy has led to the accessibility of young human cerebral tissue for electrophysiological studies of the mechanisms involved in epileptogenesis. Intracellular recordings were obtained from neurons in slices prepared from neocortical tissue resected from child...

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    authors: Dudek FE,Wuarin JP,Tasker JG,Kim YI,Peacock WJ

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  • Immunoperoxidase staining of cerebrospinal fluid IgG in isoelectric focusing gels: a sensitive new technique.

    abstract::An isoelectric focusing (IEF) technique using direct peroxidase or peroxidase-antiperoxidase (PAP) overlay staining for detection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) oligoclonal IgG is described. The method involves chemical fixation of all proteins in the gel followed by application of peroxidase coupled antiserum as a spec...

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    authors: Mattson DH,Roos RP,Arnason BG

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  • Iterative expert-in-the-loop classification of sleep PSG recordings using a hierarchical clustering.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The classification of sleep signals is a subjective and time consuming task. A large number of automatic classifiers have been published in the past decade but a sleep community has no strong confidence to use them in clinical practice and still remains using a standard manual scoring according standardized ...

    journal_title:Journal of neuroscience methods

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    authors: Gerla V,Kremen V,Macas M,Dudysova D,Mladek A,Sos P,Lhotska L

    更新日期:2019-04-01 00:00:00

  • Abnormal cortical region and subsystem complexity in dynamical functional connectivity of chronic schizophrenia: A new graph index for fMRI analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Schizophrenia is a predominant product of pathological alterations distributed throughout interconnected neural systems. Designing new objectively diagnostic methods are burning questions. Dynamical functional connectivity (DFCs) methodology based on fMRI data is an effective lever to investigate changeabili...

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    authors: Chen B

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