Methodological approaches to exploring epileptic disorders in the human brain in vitro.


:Brain surgery, and in particular epilepsy surgery, offers the unique opportunity to study viable human central nervous tissue in vitro. This does not only open a window to address the basic mechanisms underlying human disease, such as epilepsy, but it allows to venture into investigating neurophysiological functions per se. In the present paper, we describe the most commonly used methods in the electrophysiological (and, at least to some extent, also histochemical and molecular) analysis of human tissue in vitro. In addition, we consider the pitfalls and limitations of such studies, in particular regarding the issue of tissue sampling procedures and control experiments.


J Neurosci Methods


Köhling R,Avoli M




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2006-07-15 00:00:00














  • Non-contact eye-tracking on cats.

    abstract::The objective of visual systems neuroscience has shifted over the past few years from determining the receptive fields of cells towards the understanding of higher level cognition in awake animals viewing natural stimuli. In experiments with awake animals it is important to control the relevant aspects of behavior. Mo...

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  • The PD programs: a method for the quantitative description of motor patterns.

    abstract::We describe a family of 6 computer programs that measure, analyse and create graphic displays of complex motor patterns. The programs create lists of times at which successive bursts of impulses in different nerves started and stopped, and use these lists to calculate the periods and durations of these bursts and to c...

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  • A new reproducible focal cerebral ischemia model by introduction of polyvinylsiloxane into the middle cerebral artery: a comparison study.

    abstract::A reliable focal cerebral ischemia model is essential in evaluating the efficacy and safety of neuroprotective therapy for stroke. We present a focal embolic ischemic model of rat with reproducible and predictable brain infarction by comparing it with two other most commonly used focal cerebral ischemia models. To pro...

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  • A novel repetitive mild traumatic brain injury mouse model for chronic traumatic encephalopathy research.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Athletes, military personnel and mobility-declined elderly people are prone to repetitive mild traumatic brain injury (rmTBI). The injury does not cause acute pathological changes, but leads to chronic neurodegeneration, long-term cognitive dysfunction and even chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Many ex...

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  • Patch-clamp studies in the CNS illustrate a simple new method for obtaining viable neurons in rat brain slices: glycerol replacement of NaCl protects CNS neurons.

    abstract::Viable neurons in brain slices are crucial for electrophysiological studies. The present study describes a new method for obtaining viable cells in several regions of the central nervous system including the ventral tegmental area, the hypothalamus, the periaqueductal grey matter and the spinal cord. The essence of th...

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  • Estimation of volume fractions in nervous tissue with an image analyzer.

    abstract::The calculation of volume fractions in nervous tissue is a method often used in neuroanatomy. In ontogenetic studies and problems concerning aging, as well as after experimental procedures, volume fractions are calculated in order to quantify the results. Grey level index (GLI) and grey cell coefficient (GCC) are diff...

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  • In vivo models of cortical acquired epilepsy.

    abstract::The neocortex is the site of origin of several forms of acquired epilepsy. Here we provide a brief review of experimental models that were recently developed to study neocortical epileptogenesis as well as some major results obtained with these methods. Most of neocortical seizures appear to be nocturnal and it is kno...

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  • Multiple test procedures using an upper bound of the number of true hypotheses and their use for evaluating high-dimensional EEG data.

    abstract::Frequency analyses of EEG data yield large data sets, which are high-dimensional and have to be evaluated statistically without a large number of false positive statements. There exist several methods to deal with this problem in multiple comparisons. Knowing the number of true hypotheses increases the power of some m...

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  • An improved method for protecting and fixing the lumbar catheters placed in the spinal subarachnoid space of rats.

    abstract::The chronic intrathecal catheterization of the subarachnoid space in the rat is a very useful model in the research of neuroscience, anesthesiology, neurotoxicity, and etc. To avoid high postoperative mortality and neurological impairment, the catheterization from the lumbar interspace has been widely used in recent y...

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  • A white matter stroke model in the mouse: axonal damage, progenitor responses and MRI correlates.

    abstract::Subcortical white matter stroke is a common stroke subtype but has had limited pre-clinical modeling. Recapitulating this disease process in mice has been impeded by the relative inaccessibility of the subcortical white matter arterial supply to induce white matter ischemia in isolation. In this report, we detail a su...

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    authors: Sozmen EG,Kolekar A,Havton LA,Carmichael ST

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  • A kernel-based method to calculate local field potentials from networks of spiking neurons.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The local field potential (LFP) is usually calculated from current sources arising from transmembrane currents, in particular in asymmetric cellular morphologies such as pyramidal neurons. NEW METHOD:Here, we adopt a different point of view and relate the spiking of neurons to the LFP through efferent synap...

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  • Setting a gold standard for quantification of leukoaraiosis burden in patients with ischemic stroke: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Accurate and reliable measurement of leukoaraiosis, or MR-detected white, matter hyper-intensity (WMH) burden in subjects with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) is important for, ongoing research studies and future models of risk and outcome prediction, but the presence of a, cerebral infarct may complicate measur...

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  • The use of in vivo direct drug application to assess neural regulation of muscle properties.

    abstract::Skeletal muscle is a convenient model system for studying basic questions on the neural regulation of synaptogenesis and of many properties of sarcolemma and contractile apparatus. The study of the neural signals involved in a particular regulation and of the mediating intracellular pathways, requires the chronic appl...

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    authors: Buffelli M,Busetto G,Cangiano A

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  • Recording of electroneurograms from the nerves innervating the pancreas of a dog.

    abstract::Electroneurograms (ENGs) from the vagus, splanchnic and pancreatic nerves innervating the pancreas of a dog, were recorded with chronically implanted silicone multi-electrode circular cuffs in an intact pancreas and in a pancreas partly disabled with alloxan. The cuffs contained 33 platinum electrodes (0.6x1.5 mm) arr...

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    authors: Rozman J,Zorko B,Bunc M

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  • Revealing cell assemblies at multiple levels of granularity.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Current neuronal monitoring techniques, such as calcium imaging and multi-electrode arrays, enable recordings of spiking activity from hundreds of neurons simultaneously. Of primary importance in systems neuroscience is the identification of cell assemblies: groups of neurons that cooperate in some form with...

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  • An improved invertebrate synaptosomal preparation with cholinergic properties.

    abstract::Our laboratory has previously characterized a high affinity choline uptake system (HAChUS) in Limulus tissues and synaptosomes. We report here on the characterization of the HAChUS in synaptosomes prepared selectively from central nervous system tissues shown to be enriched for presumed cholinergic functions; namely t...

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  • Advocating for well-defined and validated procedures: Comment on Griffanti et al., Neuroimage 154:188-205.

    abstract::Griffanti et al. (2017) provide a rich set of expert-consensus guidelines for how to label components derived from ICA as either belonging to signal of interest or noise to be filtered from fMRI data. These general hypotheses concerning procedures for "hand" classification of components are a good starting point that ...

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  • Primary cell culture of adult zebrafish spinal neurons for electrophysiological studies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are growing in popularity as a vertebrate model organism for the study of spinal neurocircuitry and locomotion. While many studies have used the zebrafish model system for electrophysiological analyses in embryonic and larval stages, there is a growing interest in studying spinal circ...

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  • Low-cost blast wave generator for studies of hearing loss and brain injury: blast wave effects in closed spaces.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Military personnel and civilians living in areas of armed conflict have increased risk of exposure to blast overpressures that can cause significant hearing loss and/or brain injury. The equipment used to simulate comparable blast overpressures in animal models within laboratory settings is typically very la...

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    authors: Newman AJ,Hayes SH,Rao AS,Allman BL,Manohar S,Ding D,Stolzberg D,Lobarinas E,Mollendorf JC,Salvi R

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  • Long-term culturing of porcine nodose ganglia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Neuronal cell cultures are widely used in the field of neuroscience. Cell dissociation allows for the isolation of a desired cell type, yet the neuronal complexity that distinguishes the nervous system is often lost as a result. Thus, culturing neural tissues in ex vivo format provides a physiological contex...

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    authors: Kuan SP,Atanasova KR,Guevara MV,Collins EN,Reznikov LR

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  • A framework on surface-based connectivity quantification for the human brain.

    abstract::Quantifying the connectivity between arbitrary surface patches in the human brain cortex can be used in studies on brain function and to characterize clinical diseases involving abnormal connectivity. Cortical regions of human brain in their natural forms can be represented in surface formats. In this paper, we presen...

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    authors: Huang H,Prince JL,Mishra V,Carass A,Landman B,Park DC,Tamminga C,King R,Miller MI,van Zijl PC,Mori S

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  • Database tools for integrating and searching membrane property data correlated with neuronal morphology.

    abstract::A critical problem in neuroscience is the lack of database tools for integrating neuronal property data. We report here the development of a combined object oriented-relational database (NeuronDB, that meets these needs by providing tools for integrating data within neurons and c...

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    authors: Mirsky JS,Nadkarni PM,Healy MD,Miller PL,Shepherd GM

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  • Easily-implantable electrodes for chronic recording of electromyogram activity in small fetuses.

    abstract::A method is described for the construction of simple, robust electrodes suitable for obtaining long-term chronic recordings of electromyogram activity from delicate muscles of small experimental animals. The electrodes are equipped with small, gold-plated barbed tips which have the form of harpoons that may be pushed ...

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  • A method of dark-field and simultaneous light--dark-field illumination for photomacrography of autoradiographic preparations.

    abstract::A technique is described for dark-field and light--dark-field illumination of autoradiographic preparations for photomacrogra. A right-angle prism is employed as a substrate through which illumination is introduced to the specimen. The technique permits uniform illumination of large fields of view, and also minimizes ...

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  • Quantitative evaluation of orofacial motor function in mice: The pasta gnawing test, a voluntary and stress-free behavior test.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Evaluation of motor deficits in rodents is mostly restricted to limb motor tests that are often high stressors for the animals. NEW METHOD:To test rodents for orofacial motor impairments in a stress-free environment, we established the pasta gnawing test by measuring the biting noise of mice that eat a piec...

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  • Indo-1 measurements of intracellular free calcium in the hippocampal slice: complications of labile NADH fluorescence.

    abstract::The use of fluorescent calcium indicator, Indo-1, was evaluated for measuring changes in intracellular free calcium during electrical stimulation and anoxia in hippocampal slices. Fluorescence was measured from slices illuminated with brief (3 ns) light pulses (337 nm wavelength) from a nitrogen laser. This method of ...

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  • Noninvasive method of immortalized neural stem-like cell transplantation in an experimental model of Huntington's disease.

    abstract::A loss of neostriatal neurons is a characteristic of Huntington's disease (HD), and neural tissue transplantation has been performed directly into the striatum. Since the neural stem cells have ability to migrate into the lesion site, we administered immortalized neural stem-like cells (NSC) into the ventricle or via ...

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  • An optimized method for enumerating CNS derived memory B cells during viral-induced inflammation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:CNS inflammation resulting from infection, injury, or neurodegeneration leads to accumulation of diverse B cell subsets. Although antibody secreting cells (ASC) within the inflamed CNS have been extensively examined, memory B cell (Bmem) characterization has been limited as they do not secrete antibody witho...

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    authors: DiSano KD,Stohlman SA,Bergmann CC

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  • Complexity in differentiating the expression of truncated or matured forms of MMP-2 and MMP-9 through zymography in rat brain tissues after acute ischaemic stroke.

    abstract::Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) play an important role in the pathogenesis of ischaemic stroke. In particular, the mature forms of MMPs 2 and 9 have similar sizes and share gelatine as a common substrate. Both MMPs are upregulated in ischaemic stroke and play detrimental roles during stroke pathogenesis. Throughout t...

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    authors: Alam M,Shuaib A

    更新日期:2013-05-30 00:00:00

  • Finite element analysis of thermal laser skin stimulation for a finer characterization of the nociceptive system.

    abstract::Thermal laser stimulation of the skin is an efficient exploratory tool to characterize the nociceptive system. In the present study, finite element simulations are done to calculate the intra-cutaneous spatio-temporal temperature profiles following the delivery of such laser stimuli. The proposed computer-aided modeli...

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    authors: Marchandise E,Mouraux A,Plaghki L,Henrotte F

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