Generation and analysis of expressed sequence tags from Trypanosoma cruzi trypomastigote and amastigote cDNA libraries.


:We have generated 2771 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from two cDNA libraries of Trypanosoma cruzi CL-Brener. The libraries were constructed from trypomastigote and amastigotes, using a spliced leader primer to synthesize the cDNA second strand, thus selecting for full-length cDNAs. Since the libraries were not normalized nor pre-screened, we compared the representation of transcripts between the two using a statistical test and identify a subset of transcripts that show apparent differential representation. A non-redundant set of 1619 reconstructed transcripts was generated by sequence clustering. This dataset was used to perform similarity searches against protein and nucleotide databases. Based on these searches, 339 sequences could be assigned a putative identity. One thousand one-hundred and sixteen sequences in the non-redundant clustered dataset (68.8%) are new expression tags, not represented in the T. cruzi epimastigote ESTs that are in the public databases. Additional information is provided online at To the best of our knowledge these are the first ESTs reported for the life cycle stages of T. cruzi that occur in the vertebrate host.


Mol Biochem Parasitol


Agüero F,Abdellah KB,Tekiel V,Sánchez DO,González A




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  • Characterization of protein kinase CK2 from Trypanosoma brucei.

    abstract::CK2 is a ubiquitous but enigmatic kinase. The difficulty in assigning a role to CK2 centers on the fact that, to date, no biologically relevant modulator of its function has been identified. One common theme revolves around a constellation of known substrates involved in growth control, compatible with its concentrati...

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  • A short interspersed repetitive element provides a new 3' acceptor site for trans-splicing in certain ribosomal P2 beta protein genes of Trypanosoma cruzi.

    abstract::Four Trypanosoma cruzi genomic DNA fragments carrying different TcP2 beta genes have been isolated and sequenced. Three of them had a single TcP2 beta gene, while the 3.8-kb-long DNA segment encoding the TcP2 beta-H1.8 locus showed two TcP2 beta genes arranged in tandem. These genes were physically connected by a 428-...

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  • A population of tRNA-derived small RNAs is actively produced in Trypanosoma cruzi and recruited to specific cytoplasmic granules.

    abstract::Over the last years an expanding family of small RNAs (i.e. microRNAs, siRNAs and piRNAs) was recognized as key players in diverse forms of gene silencing and chromatin organization. Effectors functions of these small RNAs are achieved through ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes containing at their center an Argonaute/P...

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  • Effects of hypoxia and acute osmotic stress on intermediary metabolism in Leishmania promastigotes.

    abstract::This study further explores the effects of hypoxia and acute osmotic stress on intermediary metabolism of Leishmania major and Leishmania donovani. Late log phase promastigotes were washed and incubated with glucose as the sole exogenous carbon source, and rates of glucose consumption and product formation were measur...

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  • DNA sequence of Crithidia fasciculata kinetoplast minicircles.

    abstract::Kinetoplast DNA (kDNA) networks of the insect trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata strain CF-C1 contain a nearly homogeneous population of kDNA minicircles as judged by restriction enzyme cleavage analysis. We have determined the entire nucleotide sequence of the major class of minicircles by analyzing M13 phage clone...

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  • Peptide-fluoromethyl ketones arrest intracellular replication and intercellular transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi.

    abstract::The major proteolytic activity of Trypanosoma cruzi is a cathepsin L-like cysteine protease expressed in all stages of the parasite. As an initial step in identifying possible functions of this enzyme in the life cycle of T. cruzi, and examining its potential as a target for rational drug design, two fluoromethyl keto...

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  • RNA interference of Schistosoma mansoni cathepsin D, the apical enzyme of the hemoglobin proteolysis cascade.

    abstract::The aspartic protease cathepsin D (Clan AA, Family A1) is expressed in the schistosome gut where it plays an apical role in the digestion of hemoglobin released from ingested erythrocytes. In this report, RNA interference approaches were employed to investigate the effects of knockdown of schistosome cathepsin D. Cult...

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  • The procyclin-associated genes of Trypanosoma brucei are not essential for cyclical transmission by tsetse.

    abstract::EP and GPEET procyclins are the major surface glycoproteins of Trypanosoma brucei in the midgut of tsetse flies (Glossina spp.). The procyclin genes are located at the beginning of polycistronic transcription units and are followed by at least one procyclin-associated gene (PAG). The EP/PAG1 locus on one copy of chrom...

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  • Purification and characterization of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase from Ascaris suum.

    abstract::We have purified and characterized the Ascaris suum gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase, the rate-limiting step in the glutathione biosynthesis. The purified enzyme exhibited a specific activity of 18 U (mg protein)-1. Estimation of the molecular mass of the native enzyme by FPLC on Superdex S-200 revealed the presence ...

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  • A novel dual Dbp5/DDX19 homologue from Plasmodium falciparum requires Q motif for activity.

    abstract::Helicases are ubiquitous essential enzymes which have significant role in the nucleic acid metabolism. Using in silico approaches in the recent past we have identified a number of helicases in the Plasmodium falciparum genome. In the present study we report purification and detailed characterization of a novel helicas...

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  • The Haemonchus contortus UNC-49B subunit possesses the residues required for GABA sensitivity in homomeric and heteromeric channels.

    abstract::Hco-UNC-49 is a GABA receptor from the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus that has a relatively low overall sequence similarity to vertebrate GABA receptors but is very similar to the UNC-49 receptor found in the free living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. While the nematode receptors do share >80% sequence simi...

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  • An exported protein of Plasmodium falciparum is synthesized as an integral membrane protein.

    abstract::Exp-1 is an antigen of Plasmodium falciparum which is transported from the parasite cell to the membrane of the parasitophorous vacuole and to membranous compartments in the erythrocyte. To investigate how this protein is transported, we studied the synthesis and membrane translocation of exp-1 in a cell-free system. ...

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  • Three acetylcholinesterases of the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus: insights into distinct physiological functions.

    abstract::Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) plays a key role in postsynaptic transmission in most animals. Nematodes encode multiple AChEs, implying its functional diversity. To explore physiological functions of multiple AChEs, three distinct AChEs (BxACE-1, BxACE-2, and BxACE-3) were identified and characterized from the pinewood n...

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  • Trypanosoma brucei MRE11 is non-essential but influences growth, homologous recombination and DNA double-strand break repair.

    abstract::MRE11 is a conserved multi-functional protein that is important for maintaining genomic integrity in yeast and mammalian cells. By database searching, we identified a full-length candidate MRE11 on Trypanosoma brucei chromosome II. We subsequently cloned and sequenced the corresponding gene from the Lister 427 strain....

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  • Excystation of Eimeria acervulina, E. maxima, and E. tenella differs in response to trypsin and chymotrypsin and the presence of reducing agents DTT and TCEP.

    abstract::Release of sporozoites from Eimeria oocysts/sporocysts is an essential step in the intracellular development of the parasite in its host. Little is known about this process except that elevated temperature (∼ 40 °C) plus trypsin and bile salts are required for sporozoite to escape from sporocysts. In this study, it wa...

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  • The Kennedy phospholipid biosynthesis pathways are refractory to genetic disruption in Plasmodium berghei and therefore appear essential in blood stages.

    abstract::Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) are the main membrane phospholipids (PLs) of Plasmodium parasites and can be generated by the de novo (Kennedy) CDP-choline and CDP-ethanolamine pathways and by the CDP-diacylglycerol dependent pathway. The Kennedy pathways initiate from exogenous choline and ...

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    authors: Déchamps S,Wengelnik K,Berry-Sterkers L,Cerdan R,Vial HJ,Gannoun-Zaki L

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  • Crystal structures of Toxoplasma gondii pterin-4a-carbinolamine dehydratase and comparisons with mammalian and parasite orthologues.

    abstract::The enzyme pterin-4a-carbinolamine dehydratase (PCD) is important for the recycling of pterins within eukaryotic cells. A recombinant expression system for PCD from the apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii has been prepared, the protein purified and crystallised. Single crystal X-ray diffraction methods have produc...

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  • Mosquito infectivity is directly related to the proportion of repetitive DNA in Plasmodium berghei.

    abstract::A strain of Plasmodium berghei (NK 65) was followed during syringe transmission in mice for over 120 passages after the last complete cycle, while the following parameters were monitored: (a) capacity to infect mosquitoes, inducing oocyst formation; (b) presence in the peripheral blood of morphologically identifiable ...

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  • mRNA sequences for Haemonchus contortus intestinal cathepsin B-like cysteine proteases display an extreme in abundance and diversity compared with other adult mammalian parasitic nematodes.

    abstract::Cathepsin B-like cysteine protease (cbl) genes produce the most abundant mRNAs ( approximately 16%) detected in the adult female intestine of the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus. CBL enzymes appear to digest host proteins and are vaccine candidates for immune control of H. contortus and potentially other paras...

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  • Hepatic mixed-function oxidase activity in mice infected with Trypanosoma brucei gambiense or treated with trypanocides.

    abstract::Three days after mice were inoculated with Trypanosoma brucei gambiense, total hepatic cytochrome P-450 levels were decreased 14% from control values, while the specific mixed-function oxidase activity (per nmole of cytochrome P-450) was inhibited almost 40% in infected animals. Furthermore, drugs used to treat trypan...

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  • Cathepsin L proteinase secreted by Fasciola hepatica in vitro prevents antibody-mediated eosinophil attachment to newly excysted juveniles.

    abstract::Cathepsin L-like activity was demonstrated in the excretory/secretory (E/S) products of Fasciola hepatica newly excysted juveniles (NEJ), 3-week-old, 5-week-old and mature flukes using the fluorogenic substituted 7-amino-4-methylcoumarin substrates Z-phe-arg-AMC, Z-arg-arg-AMC and Z-arg-AMC. Gelatin-substrate polyacry...

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  • Nucleotide binding properties of a P-glycoprotein homologue from Plasmodium falciparum.

    abstract::The Plasmodium falciparum P-glycoprotein homologue 1 (PGH1) is structurally similar to several members of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) superfamily of membrane transporters. We have examined whether the nucleotide binding domains predicted from the deduced amino sequence are functional by photoaffinity labeling of pu...

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  • Uptake of the trypanocidal drug suramin by bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei and its effect on respiration and growth rate in vivo.

    abstract::After a single intravenous injection of suramin the rate of removal of the drug from the plasma into other tissue compartments of the rat is independent of initial concentration. The data can be fitted to the sum of two exponential functions, consistent with a two-compartment, open model system. Trypanosomes take up o...

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  • Antagonism of sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine antimalarial activity in vitro by p-aminobenzoic acid, p-aminobenzoylglutamic acid and folic acid.

    abstract::The activity of pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine against two strains of Plasmodium falciparum has been studied in vitro by a radioisotopic technique. Low level antagonism of pyrimethamine resulted from the inclusion of p-aminobenzoic acid, p-aminobenzoylglutamic acid or folic acid in the test medium. Sulfadoxine activity...

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    authors: Watkins WM,Sixsmith DG,Chulay JD,Spencer HC

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  • Synthesis of merozoite proteins and glycoproteins during the schizogony of Plasmodium falciparum.

    abstract::We have investigated the protein and glycoprotein content of Plasmodium falciparum merozoites by metabolically labeling cultures of schizont-stage parasites with [35S]methionine or with [3H]glucosamine followed by incubation in nonradioactive medium to allow the schizonts to mature into merozoites, infect new erythroc...

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    authors: Howard RF,Reese RT

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  • Evolution of the microtubular cytoskeleton (flagellar apparatus) in parasitic protists.

    abstract::The microtubular cytoskeleton of most single-celled eukaryotes radiates from an organizing center called the flagellar apparatus, which is essential for locomotion, feeding and reproduction. The structure of the flagellar apparatus tends to be conserved within diverse clades of eukaryotes, and modifications of this ov...

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    authors: Yubuki N,Čepička I,Leander BS

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  • Immunoprecipitation of surface antigen precursors from Schistosoma mansoni messenger RNA in vitro translation products.

    abstract::Messenger RNA has been isolated from adults and eggs of Schistosoma mansoni and translated in vitro in mRNA dependent rabbit reticulocyte lysate. The in vitro translation products have been immunoprecipitated using a wide variety of hyperimmune and infection sera from rabbits, mice and humans. A large number of in vit...

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    authors: Taylor DW,Cordingley JS,Butterworth AE

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  • Further characterisation of the Schistosoma japonicum protein Sj23, a target antigen of an immunodiagnostic monoclonal antibody.

    abstract::Sj23, the 23-kDa target antigen in Schistosoma japonicum adult worms of the hybridoma monoclonal antibody (mAb) I-134, has been identified and cloned from cDNA libraries, mAb I-134 has been successfully used in immunodiagnostic assays to detect S. japonicum infection in Philippine patients. Sequence analysis has shown...

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