Nicorandil improves cardiac function and clinical outcome in patients with acute myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention: role of inhibitory effect on reactive oxygen species formation.


BACKGROUND:Early reperfusion therapy improves the clinical outcomes of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI), but benefits are limited by reperfusion injury in some patients. We examined the effect of nicorandil, a hybrid of K(ATP) channel opener and nicotinamide nitrate, on reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation and clinical outcomes after primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for AMI. METHODS:Fifty-eight patients with AMI were randomized into control (n = 25) and nicorandil pretreatment groups (n = 33). In the nicorandil group, nicorandil (4 mg as a bolus injection followed by constant infusion at 8 mg/hour for 24 hours) was administered just after admission. ROS formation was assessed by measuring urinary excretion of 8-epi-prostaglandin F2alpha (PGF2alpha) and compared between the 2 groups. Cardiac function and the incidence of reperfusion injury and cardiac events were also compared. RESULTS:Urinary 8-epi-PGF2alpha excretion was increased 2-fold at 60 to 90 minutes after PCI in the control group, whereas it was unchanged after PCI in the nicorandil group (P <.0001 between the 2 groups). The incidence of no-reflow phenomenon was lower in the nicorandil group than in the control group. Left ventricular ejection fraction and cardiac index at 6 months were greater in the nicorandil group than in controls. Plasma brain natriuretic peptide level at 6 months was lower in the nicorandil group. Incidences of inhospital cardiac events and rehospitalization were lower in the nicorandil group than in controls. CONCLUSIONS:Nicorandil improves cardiac function and clinical outcomes in patients with AMI. Suppression of ROS formation may be involved in the mechanism.


Am Heart J


American heart journal


Ono H,Osanai T,Ishizaka H,Hanada H,Kamada T,Onodera H,Fujita N,Sasaki S,Matsunaga T,Okumura K




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