Elastic and Velcro dressing for penis.


:A simple, quick, painless, and versatile dressing that fulfills most of the criteria of an ideal hypospadias dressing is described.


Pediatr Surg Int


Singh RB,Pavithran NM




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2004-05-01 00:00:00












  • Polyorchidism.

    abstract::Polyorchidism is defined as the presence of more than two testes. We report the case of a 3-year-old boy and review the embryology and surgical management of the condition. ...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Wolf B,Youngson GG

    更新日期:1998-01-01 00:00:00

  • The challenges of closing an ileostomy in patients with total intestinal aganglionosis after small bowel transplant.

    abstract::We present the case of a 14-year-old male with a history of small bowel transplantation for long segment Hirschsprung's disease who underwent Duhamel ileorectal pull-through procedure. In post-transplant, the patient had no restrictions and was not TPN-dependent. To improve his quality of life, he and his family were ...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Jazi FS,Sinclair TJ,Thorson CM,Castillo R,Bonham AC,Esquivel CO,Bruzoni M

    更新日期:2018-01-01 00:00:00

  • The use of ureteral stents and suprapubic catheter in vesicoureteric reflux surgery.

    abstract::The use of ureteric stents in reimplantation surgery is important. The younger the patient, the more important the stenting of ureters post reimplantation becomes, because even minimal oedema following surgery will produce ureteric obstruction unless stents are in place. JJ stents are now the preferred method of choic...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Barbour KW,Arunachalam P,King PA,McAndrew HF

    更新日期:2004-05-01 00:00:00

  • Coagulopathy associated with Wilms' tumour: a rare complication.

    abstract::Coagulopathies associated with malignancies are not extremely rare, but are uncommonly associated with Wilms' tumour (WT). A 6-month-old female with a WT and an abnormal coagulation profile is reported. Due to the Coagulopathy and elevated D-dimers in the blood, surgery was deferred and chemotherapy was given, after w...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Singh S,Singh D,Baheti G,Karmarkar SJ

    更新日期:2003-06-01 00:00:00

  • Tumor cell dynamics and metastasis in advanced neuroblastoma.

    abstract::This study deals with the advancement process of neuroblastoma through clinical observations and circulating tumor cell exploration. Clinical feature, tumor biology, and circulating tumor cell detected by the previously described polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method were analyzed in 31 patients with advanced neurobl...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Kuroda T,Honna T,Morikawa N,Kitano Y,Fuchimoto Y,Terawaki K,Kumagai M,Tsunematsu Y,Masaki H,Matsuoka K,Saeki M

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  • Prenatally closed gastroschisis with midgut atresia.

    abstract::Spontaneous prenatal closure of gastroschisis (GS) is rare and usually associated with atresia of the midgut. We describe a case of GS diagnosed at 20 weeks' gestation that resolved spontaneously in utero. At delivery the infant had an ileus. A laparotomy with a jejunocolostomy was performed, but she died at 2 months ...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Basaran UN,Inan M,Gücer F,Yardim T,Pul M

    更新日期:2002-09-01 00:00:00

  • Penoscrotal hypospadias and coarctation of the aorta with mixed gonadal dysgenesis.

    abstract::A 45,X/46,Xidic(Y)(q11.2) mosaicism was found in a 4-year-old boy. The clinical appearance was characterized by bilateral cryptorchidism, penoscrotal hypospadias, short penis, and coarctation of the aorta. The latter is the only abnormality also seen in Turner syndrome. A biopsy of the gonads revealed normal prepubert...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Konrad D,Sossai R,Winklehner HL,Binkert F,Artan S,Schärli AF

    更新日期:2000-01-01 00:00:00

  • Home intravenous versus oral antibiotics following appendectomy for perforated appendicitis in children: a randomized controlled trial.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To compare the effect of home intravenous (IV) versus oral antibiotic therapy on complication rates and resource utilization following appendectomy for perforated appendicitis. METHODS:This was a randomized controlled trial of patients aged 4-17 with surgically treated perforated appendicitis from January 2011...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Arnold MR,Wormer BA,Kao AM,Klima DA,Colavita PD,Cosper GH,Heniford BT,Schulman AM

    更新日期:2018-12-01 00:00:00

  • Clinical features and surgical outcome of a suprarenal mass detected before birth.

    abstract:PURPOSE:With the widespread use of the obstetrical ultrasound, identification of a fetal suprarenal mass has become more common. Most of these masses prove to be congenital neuroblastomas (CNB), but the diagnosis is often confused with other benign lesions and the postnatal management remains to be controversial. METH...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Moon SB,Shin HB,Seo JM,Lee SK

    更新日期:2010-03-01 00:00:00

  • Abdominal radiography is not necessary in children with intussusception.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Children with intussusception require rapid and accurate diagnosis to enable timely intervention for satisfactory outcome. Ultrasonography is the recommended standard diagnostic modality; however, abdominal radiography (AR) is still used as an initial investigation. The aim of this study was to investigate t...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Tareen F,Mc Laughlin D,Cianci F,Hoare SM,Sweeney B,Mortell A,Puri P

    更新日期:2016-01-01 00:00:00

  • A report of renal artery embolization for hematuria facilitating neoadjuvant chemotherapy in an unresectable malignant renal rhabdoid tumor.

    abstract::Malignant rhabdoid tumor (MRT) of the kidney is a rare pediatric tumor characterized by its aggressive nature and chemoresistance. Our patient had MRT of the right kidney with tumor thrombus in the renal vein, inferior vena cava, and right atrium. He developed transfusion-resistant hematuria. This was successfully con...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Sharma R,Kitchen BJ,Mody R,Chamdin A,Bruch S,Jasty R

    更新日期:2013-05-01 00:00:00

  • Evidence-based operations in paediatric surgery.

    abstract::It has been assumed that only 10% of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence. The aim of this study was to determine the type of research evidence supporting operations in a tertiary referral paediatric surgical unit. All patients admitted over a 4-week period to two surgical firms were enroll...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Baraldini V,Spitz L,Pierro A

    更新日期:1998-07-01 00:00:00

  • Toldt's fascia flap: a new technique for repairing large diaphragmatic hernias.

    abstract::The most popular techniques for repairing large diaphragmatic defects involve the use of synthetic patches. We present an alternative approach using living tissue. We reviewed our cases of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) diagnosed within the first 24 h of life from 1991 to 2003. Toldt's fascia (TF) flap was used...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Okazaki T,Hasegawa S,Urushihara N,Fukumoto K,Ogura K,Minato S,Kawashima S,Kohno S

    更新日期:2005-01-01 00:00:00

  • Large bowel obstruction: an unusual presentation of salmonella enterocolitis in infancy.

    abstract::An infant with a large-bowel obstruction due to Salmonella B enterocolitis is presented. The clinical and radiologic findings were suggestive of Hirschsprung's disease with total colonic aganglionosis. Due to further deterioration, an ileostomy was performed. Pathologic examination disclosed ganglia in the colon. At l...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Gross E,Engelhard D,Katz S

    更新日期:2000-01-01 00:00:00

  • Preoperative sonography of the inguinal canal prevents unnecessary contralateral exploration.

    abstract::The need for contralateral inguinal exploration in children during unilateral inguinal hernia repair remains controversial. We questioned whether an elective preoperative sonographic examination of the contralateral inguinal canal was accurate enough to prevent unnecessary exploration of the asymptotic side. Sonograph...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Erez I,Rathaus V,Werner M,Narsesyants I,Lazar L,Katz S

    更新日期:1996-08-01 00:00:00

  • Combined free autologous auricular cartilage and fascia lata graft repair for a recurrent tracheoesophageal fistula.

    abstract::Repair of recurrent tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF) after repair of congenital esophageal atresia continues to be a difficult problem. The most common re-operation for a recurrent TEF involves repair via a right thoracotomy and use of a flap as interposed tissue between the closure sites. Although several materials ha...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Sugiyama A,Urushihara N,Fukumoto K,Fukuzawa H,Watanabe K,Mitsunaga M,Aoba T,Park S

    更新日期:2013-05-01 00:00:00

  • Structural immaturity of the pylorus muscle in infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.

    abstract::Recent reports indicate that extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton plasmalemmal elements are altered in infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS). Desmin is a cytoskeletal protein that is important for the organization and function of muscular fibers. It has been found to be increased in the smooth muscle in chro...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Guarino N,Shima H,Puri P

    更新日期:2000-01-01 00:00:00

  • Profuse lower gastrointestinal haemorrhage as an indication for surgery in necrotising enterocolitis.

    abstract::An infant developed massive lower gastrointestinal haemorrhage secondary to necrotising enterocolitis after cardiac surgery. The haemorrhage was only controlled following a colectomy. ...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Pushparani P,Spitz L,Somerville J,de Leval MR

    更新日期:1999-07-01 00:00:00

  • Influence of stress factors on intestinal epithelial injury and regeneration.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Lgr5+ intestinal epithelial stem cells (ISCs) crucial for intestinal epithelial regeneration are impaired during necrotizing enterocolitis. This study aims to investigate the influence of different stressors on intestinal epithelial injury and regeneration in vitro. METHODS:Intestinal epithelial cells (IEC-18)...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Lee C,Minich A,Li B,Miyake H,Seo S,Pierro A

    更新日期:2018-02-01 00:00:00

  • Prenatal administration of retinoic acid increases the trophoblastic insulin-like growth factor 2 protein expression in the nitrofen model of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The high mortality rate in congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is attributed to pulmonary hypoplasia (PH). Insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2) is an important regulator of fetal growth. The highest levels of IGF2 expression are found in the placenta, which are negatively regulated by decidual retinoid acid...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Kutasy B,Friedmacher F,Duess JW,Puri P

    更新日期:2014-02-01 00:00:00

  • Differential advantage of liver retraction methods in laparoscopic fundoplication for neurologically impaired patients: a comparison of three kinds of procedures.

    abstract:AIM OF THE STUDY:Liver retraction during laparoscopic fundoplication is important for obtaining an optimal space. Several methods have been developed, but the risks and benefits are unclear. We compared three different approaches and evaluated their safety and utility. METHODS:Forty-three neurologically impaired patie...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Harumatsu T,Nagai T,Yano K,Onishi S,Yamada K,Yamada W,Matsukubo M,Muto M,Kaji T,Ieiri S

    更新日期:2020-05-01 00:00:00

  • The frequency, significance, and management of a right aortic arch in association with esophageal atresia.

    abstract::An unrecognised right aortic arch (RAA) found at thoracotomy may complicate the repair of oesophageal atresia (OA) and tracheo-oesophageal fistula (TOF). This paper analyses the patient characteristics, peri-operative management, and outcome of 16 infants with a RAA, and proposes management guidelines. Between 1948 an...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Bowkett B,Beasley SW,Myers NA

    更新日期:1999-01-01 00:00:00

  • Hereditary thyroglossal duct cysts.

    abstract::Thyroglossal duct cysts are one of the most commonly encountered benign neck lumps found in the paediatric population. Despite their relative frequency, reports of familial inheritance are rare. A total of 21 patients with hereditary thyroglossal duct cysts from seven families worldwide have been reported. The most co...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Schader I,Robertson S,Maoate K,Beasley S

    更新日期:2005-07-01 00:00:00

  • Unexpected finding of laparoscopic appendectomy: appendix MALT lymphoma in children.

    abstract::Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphomas comprise a group of indolent B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL), which are rare in pediatric age. The clinical presentation of MALT lymphomas varies according to the location of the lymphoma. We report on a case of MALT lymphoma involving the appendix in a 6-year-old ...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Marte A,Sabatino MD,Cautiero P,Accardo M,Romano M,Parmeggiani P

    更新日期:2008-04-01 00:00:00

  • Neuroblastoma: treatment outcome after incomplete resection of primary tumors.

    abstract:PURPOSE:For International Neuroblastoma Staging System (INSS) stages III or IV neuroblastoma (intermediate or high risk), complete excision of the primary tumor is not always feasible. Most current studies on the treatment outcome of these patients have reported on the complete excision status. The aim of this study is...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Moon SB,Park KW,Jung SE,Youn WJ

    更新日期:2009-09-01 00:00:00

  • Colostomy prolapse and hernia following window colostomy in congenital pouch colon.

    abstract::Congenital pouch colon, a variant of anorectal malformation, is a rare anomaly with a high incidence in North India and although the anatomy and diagnostic features have been well described, the surgical treatment continues to be challenging. This report describes the complications following a less preferred but often...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Singal AK,Bhatnagar V

    更新日期:2006-05-01 00:00:00

  • Role of the surgeon in non-accidental trauma.

    abstract::Non-accidental trauma (NAT) represents a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the pediatric population. The management of these patients often involves many care providers including the surgeon. Victims of NAT often present with multiple injuries and as such should be treated as trauma patients with complet...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Naik-Mathuria B,Akinkuotu A,Wesson D

    更新日期:2015-07-01 00:00:00

  • Functional outcome after pyeloplasty for unilateral symptomatic hydronephrosis.

    abstract::The functional outcome and factors influencing improvement after pyeloplasty for ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction are still debated. This retrospective study was aimed at evaluating the factors associated with functional improvement in symptomatic unilateral hydronephrosis (HDN). Patients (n = 68) who underwen...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Chandrasekharam VV,Srinivas M,Bal CS,Gupta AK,Agarwala S,Mitra DK,Bhatnagar V

    更新日期:2001-09-01 00:00:00

  • End-results of experimental gastroschisis created by abdominal wall versus umbilical cord defect.

    abstract::An experimental study was conducted to determine the end-results of two different defects on the anterior abdominal wall: an abdominal wall defect (AWD) versus an umbilical cord defect (UCD) using chick embryos. The AWD was created by leaving an intact skin bridge between the defect and the umbilical cord in group 1; ...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Aktuğ T,Hoşgör M,Akgür FM,Olguner M,Kargi A,Tibboel D

    更新日期:1997-01-01 00:00:00

  • One-staged or two-staged surgery for perforated choledochal cyst with bile peritonitis in children? A single center experience with 27 cases.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To report the authors' experience in the management of perforated choledochal cyst with bile peritonitis (PCC) in children. METHODS:Medical records of all children undergoing surgery for PCC at our hospital from May, 2005 to January, 2013 were reviewed. RESULTS:Twenty seven patients were identified, with a me...

    journal_title:Pediatric surgery international

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Ngoc Son T,Thanh Liem N,Manh Hoan V

    更新日期:2014-03-01 00:00:00