Analyses for susceptibility of rat anterior pituitary cells to prolactin-releasing peptide.


:We validated the effect of prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) on prolactin (PRL) secretion from rat anterior pituitary cells in in vitro culture. We found that culture conditions considerably influenced the response of the anterior pituitary cells to PrRP. Longer culture term (4 d) was required to obtain better responses of the anterior pituitary cells to PrRP in comparison to thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH). Under the culture conditions employed here, PrRP was comparable to TRH in the potency promoting PRL secretion, and the action of PrRP was very specific for PRL secretion. The susceptibility of the anterior pituitary cells to PrRP varied in female rats depending on the process of reproduction: the cells prepared from lactating rats were the most sensitive to PrRP compared with those from random-cycle and pregnant rats. Because the expression levels of PrRP receptor mRNA in the pituitary varied during the reproductive process, we speculated that the susceptibility of the anterior pituitary cells would reflect cellular changes including the expression level of PrRP receptors. In addition, treatment with estrogen in vivo enhanced the susceptibility of the cultured anterior pituitary cells in male rats. Our results indicate that the susceptibility of the rat anterior pituitary cells to PrRP is regulated by physiological mechanisms.






Kawamata Y,Fujii R,Fukusumi S,Habata Y,Hosoya M,Hinuma S,Kitada C,Onda H,Nishimura O,Fujino M




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  • The follicular outcome after standard gonadotropin stimulation is associated with ERα and ERβ genotypes.

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  • Recycling processes of cellular ascorbate generate oxidative stress in pancreatic tissues in in vitro system.

    abstract::Ascorbate is a reducing agent, which is also known to oxidize cellular components. Our proposed mechanism of the oxidative action is as follows: Ascorbate is concentrated in the pancreas and is leaked in adverse conditions, and oxidized to dehydroascorbate. The dehydroascorbate is carried into cells by a glucose trans...


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