Directional detector of gamma ray sources.


:This work describes the design, development, and characterization of an ionization chamber to detect and locate gamma ray sources with intensities down to 100 mu Gy h(-1). The results show that sources of x ray and gamma radiation in the energy range of 14 to 1,250 keV can be located. The directional sensitivity of this type of monitor is dependent on several parameters, such as photon energy, intensity, and the degree of complexity in terms of the number and type of sources in a contaminated area. An application important to the Army is to identify hotspots in a contaminated area and thereby indicate to personnel safer paths around them. Another possible use for this type of monitor may be in security applications in the prevention of shipping or storing clandestine sources.


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Health physics


Kronenberg S,Bruckner GJ,Bechtel E,Gentner F




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  • Mitigating radiation-induced toxicity: an overview of new approaches developed at the French Military Biomedical Research Institute.

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  • Systematic indoor radon and gamma-ray measurements in Slovenian schools.

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  • Medical preparedness for Radiation Emergency for the Olympic Games, Beijing 2008.

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  • A review of the risks of leukemia in relation to parental pre-conception exposure to radiation.

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  • Sensitivity of effective radiating area measurement for therapeutic ultrasound transducers to variations in hydrophone scanning technique.

    abstract::Clinical efficacy and safety may be compromised if output from ultrasonic therapy transducers differs significantly from the indicated value. Space-averaged effective intensities selected for treatment are a ratio of the emitted ultrasonic power to the effective radiating area (ERA). In this study, ERA measurements fo...

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  • Estimation of human gonadal Pu and Ce concentrations from animal data.

    abstract::Data were obtained from the literature for gonad and body weights and for the Pu or Ce content of the gonads and body at death for several laboratory animal species, five human Pu injection cases, and 731 human adults exposed environmentally to Pu in fallout. Data for Pu concentration in gonads, liver, and bone sample...

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  • Review of Cases of Occult Radiation Exposure and an Analysis of Time to Diagnosis.

    abstract::Radiation sickness is challenging to diagnose, and the diagnosis is often based on nonclinical data. In accidents where patients are not aware of their exposure to radiation (so-called "occult exposures"), a correct diagnosis can take weeks or months. The purpose of this study is to review the time to diagnosis of rad...

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  • Radiation hormesis in plants.

    abstract::Many reports discuss plant growth stimulation by exposure of seeds or plants to low doses of ionizing radiation. The reported effects include increased height, weight, growth rate, flowering and yield. The magnitude of the effect(s) is usually small, being about 10% of control values; and the effects often are not rep...

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  • Thorium concentration in human tissues from two U.S. populations.

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  • Nuclear medicine practices in the 1950s through the mid-1970s and occupational radiation doses to technologists from diagnostic radioisotope procedures.

    abstract::Data on occupational radiation exposure from nuclear medicine procedures for the time period of the 1950s through the 1970s is important for retrospective health risk studies of medical personnel who conducted those activities. However, limited information is available on occupational exposure received by physicians a...

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  • Biological elimination rates of radioisotopes by mallards contaminated at a liquid radioactive waste disposal area.

    abstract::The biological elimination of nine gamma-emitting radioisotopes was studied in mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) which were released onto liquid radioactive waste pounds in southeastern Idaho. After 68, 75 or 145 days, the ducks were removed from the contaminated environment and placed in metabolic cages. Whole-body and f...

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  • Doses to patients from diagnostic radiology in France.

    abstract::Reported here are results of a 1982 national survey in France to establish the collective effective dose equivalent associated with the main types of radiological examinations practiced annually in this country (except nuclear medicine, C.T. scans, dental radiology and mass chest screening). This report describes the ...

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  • Cosmic-ray ionization in the lower atmosphere.

    abstract::A high-pressure ion chamber filled with 2.5825 X 10(5) kg m-2 argon as used to measure the dose rates of several sites of interest in an attempt to evaluate the dose rates contributed by cosmic rays. Observation sites included two water reservoirs deeper than 110 m, Mount Ali which is higher than 2500 m, airliners fly...

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  • Radiation Brain Drain? The Impact of Demographic Change on U.S. Radiation Protection.

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  • Radon release from building materials in Hong Kong.

    abstract::Indoor 222Rn in high-rise buildings originates inside the building materials, then diffuses gradually through the intergranular spaces of the material into the room atmosphere. Therefore, the radionuclide contents and the physical properties of the building materials are important for indoor 222Rn levels in Hong Kong....

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  • Tests of the linear, no-threshold dose-response relationship for high-LET radiation.

    abstract::It is pointed out that induction of lung cancer by exposure to Rn daughters, applied at high doses to miners and at low doses to exposures in homes, provides a very stringent and sensitive test of the linear, no-threshold dose-response relationship for high-LET radiation, because this relationship predicts that a subs...

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  • Individual thyroid dose estimation for a case-control study of Chernobyl-related thyroid cancer among children of Belarus-part I: 131I, short-lived radioiodines (132I, 133I, 135I), and short-lived radiotelluriums (131MTe and 132Te).

    abstract::Large amounts of radioiodines were released into the atmosphere during the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on 26 April 1986. In order to investigate whether the thyroid cancers observed among children in Belarus could have been caused by radiation exposures from the Chernobyl accident, a team of Belarusi...

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  • Nationwide survey of radon levels in Korea.

    abstract::A nationwide radon survey was conducted to provide data on the annual average indoor radon concentration in Korean homes. This survey also provided data on the variation of radon concentration with season, house type, and building age. The arithmetic mean (AM) of annual radon concentration in Korean homes was 53.4 +/-...

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  • Dose-dependent analysis of acute medical effects of mixed neutron-gamma radiation from selected severe 235U or 239Pu criticality accidents in USSR, United States, and Argentina.

    abstract::Eight of the most severe cases of acute radiation disease (ARS) known to have occurred in humans (as the result of criticality accidents) had survival times less than 120 h (herein defined as "early death"). These accidents were analyzed and are discussed with respect to the specific accident scenarios and the resulti...

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  • Performance evaluation of diagnostic radiology dosimeters in clinical and calibration x-ray beams.

    abstract::Diagnostic radiology dosimeters should comply with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61674 standard in order to perform measurements with sufficient accuracy and reliability. The calibration of a dosimeter is performed under, and pertains to, reference conditions. However, in most cases, dosimeters are u...

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  • A passive diffusion 222Rn sampler based on activated carbon adsorption.

    abstract::A simple passive sampler for 222Rn with up to 24-hr integration times can be constructed by using a diffusion barrier to regulate the effective sampling rate of an ambient temperature activated carbon bed. The diffusion element serves to make sampler performance relatively independent of the properties of the type of ...

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  • Reconstruction of Enriched Uranium Released to Air from the Former Apollo Facility, Apollo, Pennsylvania.

    abstract::The former Apollo facility converted enriched uranium hexafluoride into uranium oxide for shipment to nuclear fuel fabrication plants from 1957 to 1983. This paper describes quantification of the source term from the Apollo facility in terms of quantities of uranium released, particle size, and solubility characterist...

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  • Diffusive transport of radon in a homogeneous column of dry sand.

    abstract::To validate a model for radon transport in soil, measurements of diffusive radon transport under well-defined and controlled conditions have been made in a homogeneous column of dry sand with an air-filled volume on top. This volume simulates a crawl space. The measurements concern time-dependent diffusive transport w...

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  • Performance of a diffusion barrier charcoal adsorption 222Rn monitor under conditions of varying humidity and temperature.

    abstract::An investigation of the performance of a diffusion barrier, charcoal-based 222Rn monitor under several artificial environmental conditions showed that both temperature and relative humidity levels affect 222Rn uptake. A physical model was developed adequately describing the temperature effects, while an empirical mode...

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  • Measurement of outdoor terrestrial gamma radiation in the Sultanate of Oman.

    abstract::The terrestrial gamma radiation level was determined throughout the Sultanate of Oman over a 3-y period. The dose rate at 1 m above the ground was measured at 512 locations using a compensated Geiger-Miller detector. The activity concentration of soil/rock samples, collected from 112 locations, was determined by gamma...

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  • The Time Course of Radiation-induced Lung Injury in a Nonhuman Primate Model of Partial-body Irradiation With Minimal Bone Marrow Sparing: Clinical and Radiographic Evidence and the Effect of Neupogen Administration.

    abstract::The primary objectives of two companion manuscripts were to assess the natural history of delayed radiation-induced lung injury in a nonhuman primate model of acute high-dose, partial-body irradiation with 5% bone marrow sparing, to include the clinical, radiographic, and histopathological evidence and the effect of N...

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  • Detection of Embedded Low-level Radioactive Shrapnel after the Explosion of a Radiological Dispersal Device in Radiological Emergency Imaging.

    abstract::Concern about the threat of a terrorist attack with a Radiological Dispersal Device has increased considerably over the last few years, and this comes along with an immense challenge, especially regarding medical treatment of combined injuries with incorporated radioactive fragments. In such scenarios, the identificat...

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