Septin 7 is a centrosomal protein that ensures S phase entry and microtubule nucleation by maintaining the abundance of p150glued.


:Septins play important roles in regulating development and differentiation. Septin 7 (SEPT7) is a crucial component in orchestrating the septin core complex into highly ordered filamentous structures. Here, we showed that genetic depletion of SEPT7 or treatment with forchlorfenuron (FCF; a compound known to affect septin filament assembly) led to reduced the S phase entry in cell models and zebrafish embryos. In addition to colocalizing with actin filaments, SEPT7 resided in the centrosome, and SEPT7 depletion led to aberrant mitotic spindle pole formation. This mitotic defect was rescued in SEPT7-deficient cells by wild-type SEPT7, suggesting that SEPT7 maintained mitotic spindle poles. In addition, we observed disorganized microtubule nucleation and reduced cell migration with SEPT7 depletion. Furthermore, SEPT7 formed a complex with and maintained the abundance of p150glued , the component of centriole subdistal appendages. Depletion of p150glued resulted in a phenotype reminiscent of SEPT7-deficient cells, and overexpression of p150glued reversed the defective phenotypes. Thus, SEPT7 is a centrosomal protein that maintains proper cell proliferation and microtubule array formation via maintaining the abundance of p150glued .


J Cell Physiol


Chen TY,Lin TC,Kuo PL,Chen ZR,Cheng HL,Chao YY,Syu JS,Lu FI,Wang CY




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  • Differential calreticulin expression affects focal contacts via the calmodulin/CaMK II pathway.

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