Clinical pediatric positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance program: a guide to successful implementation.


:Children with malignancies undergo recurrent imaging as part of tumor diagnosis, staging and therapy response assessment. Simultaneous positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance (MR) allows for decreased radiation exposure and acts as a one-stop shop for disease in which MR imaging is required. Nevertheless, PET/MR is still less readily available than PET/CT across institutions. This article serves as a guide to successful implementation of a clinical pediatric PET/MR program based on our extensive clinical experience. Challenges include making scanners more affordable and increasing patient throughput by decreasing total scan time. With improvements in workflow and robust acquisition protocols, PET/MR imaging is expected to play an increasingly important role in pediatric oncology.


Pediatr Radiol


Pediatric radiology


Saade-Lemus S,Nevo E,Soliman I,Otero HJ,Magee RW,Drum ET,States LJ




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  • Radiological features in paediatric primary gastric MALT lymphoma and association with Helicobacter pylori.

    abstract::Primary malignant tumours of the stomach are very rare in children, most being lymphomas and sarcomas. The majority of primary gastric lymphomas are high-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and are of B-cell origin. However, a significant number are low-grade B-cell lymphomas that are derived from mucosa-associated lymphoid...

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  • Ossifying renal tumor of infancy: findings at ultrasound, CT and MRI.

    abstract::A 4-month-old boy presented with persistent gross hematuria. At ultrasonography, a 3.5-cm echogenic mass with posterior shadowing and tumor vascularity was detected within the right renal pelvis. Precontrast CT showed a slightly hyperattenuating mass in the renal pelvis. At MRI the mass was heterogeneously hypointense...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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  • MR imaging of isolated left ventricular apical hypoplasia.

    abstract::We report the MRI findings in a 3-month-old boy with isolated left ventricular apical hypoplasia. This is a recently described congenital abnormality that consists of an odd, spherically shaped left ventricle due to absence of the ventricular apex. To our knowledge, isolated left ventricular apical hypoplasia has not ...

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  • Sclerotic bone lesions at abdominal magnetic resonance imaging in children with tuberous sclerosis complex.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sclerotic bone lesions are often seen on chest CT in adults with tuberous sclerosis complex. OBJECTIVE:To characterize bone lesions at abdominal MRI in children with tuberous sclerosis complex. MATERIALS AND METHODS:This retrospective review included 70 children with tuberous sclerosis complex who had unde...

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  • Primary leiomyosarcoma of the lung in a girl.

    abstract::Leiomyosarcoma of the lung is a type of tumour rarely found in childhood. It arises from smooth muscle either of bronchial or arterial walls, has a variable pattern of local growth, blood-borne metastatic spread with lymph nodes sparing and a clinical course characterized by fever, cough and worsening dyspnea. We repo...

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  • Ultrasound shear wave speed measurements correlate with liver fibrosis in children.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Little published research has shown the relationship between noninvasive US shear wave speed (SWS) measurements and degree of liver fibrosis as established by percutaneous biopsy in children. OBJECTIVE:To assess the relationship between liver US shear wave speed (SWS) measurements and parenchymal fibrosis i...

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  • Sonographic renal parameters as related to age.

    abstract::Four hundred and fifty-four kidneys were evaluated by real time ultrasound for appearance of renal cortical echogenecity, medullary pyramids and central sinus echoes. These renal parameters were correlated with age in 227 patients ranging in age from 0-15 years. The renal parenchymal echogenicity was observed to chang...

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    authors: Vade A,Lau P,Smick J,Harris V,Ryva J

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  • Emergent ultrasound evaluation of the pediatric female pelvis.

    abstract::Ultrasound is the primary imaging modality of the pediatric female pelvis and is often requested to evaluate girls with pelvic or abdominal pain or abnormal bleeding. The US interpretation can help guide the clinician toward medical or surgical management. Here we discuss the normal US anatomy of the female pelvis and...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Back SJ,Maya CL,Zewdneh D,Epelman M

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  • Internal hernias in children: spectrum of clinical and imaging findings.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Internal hernias are uncommon in children and their clinical and imaging findings have not been widely addressed. OBJECTIVE:To determine the spectrum of clinical and imaging findings of internal hernia (IH) in children and to highlight diagnostic features. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Review of clinical, imaging ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Tang V,Daneman A,Navarro OM,Miller SF,Gerstle JT

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  • Image quality and safety in pediatric urography using an ionic and a non-ionic iodinated contrast agent.

    abstract::The safety and diagnostic efficacy of the new non-ionic, monomeric contrast medium iopentol (Imagopaque) were evaluated and compared with those of the ionic medium metrizoate (Isopaque), in urography in children in a randomized, double-blind, parallel study. The trial comprised 59 children aged from 3 months to 8 year...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Nybonde T,Wahlgren H,Brekke O,Kristofferssen DT,Mortensson W

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  • Assessment of the adequacy of bronchial stenting by flow-volume loops.

    abstract::Airway compression is a common problem in children with certain forms of congenital heart disease. Although various surgical approaches are available to overcome this form of airway obstruction, internal stenting is necessary in a minority of patients. It can be difficult to assess the success of stenting at the time ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: McLaren CA,Pigott N,Dunne C,Elliott MJ,Roebuck DJ

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  • Renal transplant hemodynamics in children: prospective analysis of colour coded versus pulsed Doppler sonography.

    abstract::In 30 children with renal allografts the diagnostic validity of pulsed Doppler (PD) versus colour coded Doppler (CD) sonography was assessed prospectively. 46 PD examinations were performed calculating the resistive index (RI) in the segmental arteries in comparison to 46 CD scans, where renal blood flow throughout th...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Vergesslich KA,Barton P,Hübsch P,Mostbeck G,Kainberger F,Karnel F,Steger H,Balzar E

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  • Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of children with fever without a focus.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Fever without a focus is defined as a temperature of 38° C or higher as the single presenting symptom. After extensive investigation, a large percentage (12-67%) of cases remain undiagnosed. OBJECTIVE:To assess the diagnostic value of whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (WB-MRI) in children with fever wit...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Delgado J,Chauvin NA,Bedoya MA,Patel SJ,Anupindi SA

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  • Growth disturbance of the sternum and pectus deformities: imaging studies and clinical correlation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Radiologic reports of "normal" chest are not uncommon when there clearly are irregularities of sternal ossification and maturation. Analysis of imaging studies of sternal deformities for growth disturbances is not common in the literature and is addressed in this manuscript. OBJECTIVE:To determine the influ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Haje SA,Harcke HT,Bowen JR

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  • An elusive nasopharyngeal hamartoma in a neonate.

    abstract::A rare, elusive, mobile, pedunculated nasopharyngeal tumor in a neonate is described. The child was only intermittently symptomatic and the diagnosis was not made until 1 month of age. ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Cook KL,DiPietro MA,Bogdasarian RS

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  • Lung ultrasound for the diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia in children.

    abstract::Ultrasound (US) has been proposed as an alternative first-line imaging modality to diagnose community-acquired pneumonia in children. Lung US has the potential benefits over chest radiography of being radiation free, subject to fewer regulatory requirements, relatively lower cost and with immediate bedside availabilit...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Stadler JAM,Andronikou S,Zar HJ

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  • MRI characteristics of the neurocentral synchondrosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:The neurocentral synchondrosis (NCS) is a cartilaginous growth plate that since the early 1900s has been implicated as a potential cause of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). Previous studies have focused only on the closure age without characterizing normal NCS development. Using MRI, the...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Rajwani T,Bhargava R,Moreau M,Mahood J,Raso VJ,Jiang H,Bagnall KM

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  • Fractional anisotropy and mean diffusivity parameters of the brain white matter tracts in preterm infants: reproducibility of region-of-interest measurements.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Diffusion tensor parameters can be analysed by fitting regions of interest (ROIs) to selected brain structures. The clinical usefulness of these measurements is influenced by their reproducibility and validity. OBJECTIVE:To investigate the reproducibility of fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity (...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Lepomäki VK,Paavilainen TP,Hurme SA,Komu ME,Parkkola RK,PIPARI study group.

    更新日期:2012-02-01 00:00:00

  • Diagnosis of osteoporotic vertebral fractures in children.

    abstract::Osteoporosis is a generalised disorder of the skeleton with reduced bone density and abnormal bone architecture. It increases bone fragility and renders the individual susceptible to fractures. Fractures of the vertebrae are common osteoporotic fractures. Vertebral fractures may result in scoliosis or kyphosis and, be...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Alqahtani FF,Offiah AC

    更新日期:2019-03-01 00:00:00

  • Pulmonary changes in congenital syphilis.

    abstract::Three of seven infants afflicted with congenital syphilis at our institution in the past five years showed diffuse pulmonary infiltrates. These persisted long after adequate antibiotic treatment of the primary infection. Review of pathologic literature suggests these infiltrates represent pulmonary immaturity, extrame...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Austin R,Melhem RE

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  • Malignant tumours of the kidney: imaging strategy.

    abstract::Primitive malignant renal tumours comprise 6% of all childhood cancers. Wilms tumour (WT) or nephroblastoma is the most frequent type accounting for more than 90%. Imaging alone cannot differentiate between these tumours with certainty but it plays an important role in screening, diagnostic workup, assessment of thera...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Smets AM,de Kraker J

    更新日期:2010-06-01 00:00:00

  • Cricopharyngeal ring. A case report.

    abstract::We report a 6-month-old infant with a fibroblastic ring obstructing her hypopharynx. Surgical myotomy gave relief of symptoms. ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Cumming WA,Akhtar M,Ferentzi C,Feteih W

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  • The role of Doppler evaluation of the uterine artery in girls around puberty.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Presently, the only sonographic parameters used to follow puberty in girls are size and morphology of the uterus and ovaries. Doppler of the uterine artery appears a useful complementary parameter to follow puberty. OBJECTIVE:To determine the potential contribution of Doppler evaluation of the uterine arter...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Ziereisen F,Heinrichs C,Dufour D,Saerens M,Avni EF

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  • Sturge-Weber syndrome associated with a large left hemispheric arteriovenous malformation.

    abstract::A patient with the characteristic changes of Sturge-Weber syndrome on the right side was found to have a large arteriovenous malformation on the left side which involved the superior ophthalmic vein. This association, although previously reported, is extremely rare. ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Laufer L,Cohen A

    更新日期:1994-01-01 00:00:00

  • Imaging features of ovarian metastases from colonic adenocarcinoma in adolescents.

    abstract::This paper describes the imaging features of ovarian metastases from adenocarcinoma of the colon in adolescent females. We reviewed retrospectively abdominal and pelvic computed tomographic and pelvic ultrasound examinations, histologic slices, and clinical charts of six adolescent females with ovarian metastases seco...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

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    authors: Kauffman WM,Jenkins JJ 3rd,Helton K,Rao BN,Winer-Muram HT,Pratt CB

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  • Fetal MR imaging of Kniest dysplasia.

    abstract::We present a case of Kniest dysplasia, a rare form of the type II collagenopathies, with prenatal MRI. Sonography revealed only short limbs in the fetus. Fetal MRI findings included enlarged hyaline cartilaginous structures with abnormally high T2 signal intensity, delayed ossification of the pubic and ischial bones, ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Yazici Z,Kline-Fath BM,Laor T,Tinkle BT

    更新日期:2010-03-01 00:00:00

  • Mapping versus source methods for quantifying myocardial T1 in controls and in repaired tetralogy of Fallot: interchangeability and reproducibility in children.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Myocardial T1 relaxometry can be performed by contouring on individual T1-weighted source images (source method) or on a single T1 map (mapping method). OBJECTIVE:This study compares (a) agreement between native T1 and extracellular volume results of the two methods and (b) interobserver reproducibility of ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Lam CZ,Pagano JJ,Yim D,Yoo SJ,Seed M,Grosse-Wortmann L

    更新日期:2019-08-01 00:00:00

  • Diagnostic efficacy of single-pass split-bolus multidetector computed tomography in pediatric oncology: a valid alternative to a standard monophasic protocol.

    abstract:: ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 评论,信件


    authors: Scialpi M,Schiavone R

    更新日期:2019-01-01 00:00:00

  • Birth-related mid-posterior rib fractures in neonates: a report of three cases (and a possible fourth case) and a review of the literature.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Posterior rib fractures in young children have a high positive predictive value for non-accidental injury (NAI). Combined data of five studies on birth trauma (115,756 live births) showed no cases of rib fractures resulting from birth trauma. There have, however, been sporadic cases reported in the literatur...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: van Rijn RR,Bilo RA,Robben SG

    更新日期:2009-01-01 00:00:00

  • VIP secreting tumours in infancy. A review of radiological appearances.

    abstract::Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) secreting neural crest tumours are an uncommon but important treatable cause of intractable childhood diarrhoea. The radiological appearances of two cases are presented with a review of radiological findings in childhood VIP secreting neural crest tumours. Twenty eight cases of ...

    journal_title:Pediatric radiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Davies RP,Slavotinek JP,Dorney SF

    更新日期:1990-01-01 00:00:00