Anthocyanin-rich extract of jabuticaba epicarp as a natural colorant: Optimization of heat- and ultrasound-assisted extractions and application in a bakery product.


:Heat- and ultrasound-assisted extractions of anthocyanins from jabuticaba epicarp were optimized and the colouring potential of the developed extract was tested on macarons. The independent variables time (t), solvent concentration (S), and temperature (T) or power (P) were combined in a five-level central composite design coupled with response surface methodology. The delphinidin-3-O-glucoside and cyanidin-3-O-glucoside levels monitored by HPLC-DAD-ESI/MS were used as response criteria. The developed models were successfully fitted to the experimental data and used to determine optimal extraction conditions. HAE was the most efficient method yielding 81 ± 2 mg/g extract under optimal conditions (t = 21.8 min, T = 47.1 °C and S = 9.1% ethanol, v/v). Macarons were then produced using the optimized anthocyanin-rich colouring extract and their colour parameters and nutritional profile were monitored during shelf-life. The obtained results provided useful information for the development of anthocyanin-rich extracts from a bio-waste with potential use as natural food colorants.


Food Chem


Food chemistry


Albuquerque BR,Pinela J,Barros L,Oliveira MBPP,Ferreira ICFR




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2020-06-30 00:00:00












  • The effect of the presence of seeds on the nutraceutical, sensory and rheological properties of Physalis spp. Fruits jam: A comparative analysis.

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  • Transcriptome and metabolome profiling unveil the mechanisms of Ziziphus jujuba Mill. peel coloration.

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  • Rootstock and vineyard floor management influence on 'Cabernet Sauvignon' grape yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN).

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  • Fulvic acid-induced disease resistance to Botrytis cinerea in table grapes may be mediated by regulating phenylpropanoid metabolism.

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  • Effects of electron beam irradiation on physicochemical properties of corn flour and improvement of the gelatinization inhibition.

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  • Supramolecular structure of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam seed starch prepared by improved extrusion cooking technology and its relationship with in vitro digestibility.

    abstract::Jackfruit seed starch (JFSS) was modified by an improved extrusion cooking technology (IECT), and the supramolecular structure, molecular weight, debranched chain length distributions, relative crystallinity (Rc), and amylose content, were studied. During IECT, the α-1.4-glycosidic bond in amylopectin was broken, whic...

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  • Characterization and antioxidant activity of the complexes of tertiary butylhydroquinone with β-cyclodextrin and its derivatives.

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  • Slit divergent ultrasound pretreatment assisted watermelon seed protein enzymolysis and the antioxidant activity of its hydrolysates in vitro and in vivo.

    abstract::Watermelon seed, a watermelon processing industry by-product, is a good protein source for the preparation of antioxidant peptides due to its high protein content, low cost, special amino acid composition. Antioxidant hydrolysates obtained from watermelon seed protein (WSP) after slit divergent ultrasound (SDU) treatm...

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  • Reduction of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in dried red peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) using heat pump-assisted drying.

    abstract::Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are primarily produced during the incomplete combustion of organic matter. PAHs are suspected endocrine disruptors and possible carcinogenic materials. The major sources of human exposure to PAHs are inhaled fumes and food. The aim of this study was to provide an alternative dry...

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  • A comparative analysis of property of lychee polyphenoloxidase using endogenous and exogenous substrates.

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  • Lipid nanoparticles with fats or oils containing β-carotene: Storage stability and in vitro digestibility kinetics.

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  • Effect of acorn meal-water combinations on technological properties and fine structure of gluten-free bread.

    abstract::Gluten-free breads were developed from rice flour and corn starch at a constant ratio 1:1 with acorn meal addition (5, 15, 25%), at three levels of water (65, 70, 75%). Acorn supplemented gluten free breads better met sensory preference than rice breads in terms of colour (brown hue was enhanced) and were also nutriti...

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  • A study on nutritional and functional study properties of Mayan plant foods as a new proposal for type 2 diabetes prevention.

    abstract::Mayan communities cultivate a great variety of plant foods that could be of interest due to their nutritional and functional potential. The aim of this study was to evaluate the nutritional value, glycemic index (GI), total phenol content (TPC), and total flavonoid content (TFC), and in vitro antioxidant and antidiabe...

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  • Effect of sodium chloride on the thermodynamic, rheological, and microstructural properties of field pea protein isolate/chitosan complex coacervates.

    abstract::The effect of increasing sodium chloride concentration (cNaCl, 0-0.4 M) on the formation and rheological and microstructural properties of field pea protein isolate (FPPI)/chitosan (Ch) complex coacervates was investigated. The maximum turbidity and zeta potential of FPPI/Ch mixtures consistently decreased with the in...

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  • Structure-based screening for discovery of sweet compounds.

    abstract::Sweet taste is a cue for calorie-rich food and is innately attractive to animals, including humans. In the context of modern diets, attraction to sweetness presents a significant challenge to human health. Most known sugars and sweeteners bind to the Venus Fly Trap domain of T1R2 subunit of the sweet taste heterodimer...

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  • Isolation, purification and identification of etiolation substrate from fresh-cut Chinese water-chestnut (Eleocharis tuberosa).

    abstract::Fresh cut Chinese water-chestnut is a popular ready-to-eat fresh-cut fruit in China. However, it is prone to etiolation and the chemicals responsible for this process are not known yet. To address this problem, we extracted phytochemicals from etiolated Chinese water-chestnut and separated them using MPLC and column c...

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  • Sterols and triterpene diols in olive oil as indicators of variety and degree of ripening.

    abstract::Sterols and triterpene diols in olive oil as indicators of variety and degree of ripening derived from three olive varieties and produced at three different harvesting periods were studied. In order to test the stability of the proposed indicators, oils obtained were stored for 12 months at three different temperature...

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  • Synthesis of quinoline derivatives of tetrahydrocurcumin and zingerone and evaluation of their antioxidant and antibacterial attributes.

    abstract::Tetrahydrocurcumin (THC, 1) and zingerone (2) are biologically active molecules originating from the important spices turmeric and ginger, respectively. Novel quinoline derivatives of THC and zingerone have been synthesised by an efficient protocol involving their reaction with substituted 2-aminobenzophenones and 2-a...

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  • The effect of extrusion processing on the physiochemical properties of extruded orange pomace.

    abstract::Soluble dietary fibre (SDF) is considered the most effective fraction of dietary fibre (DF) for human health. In this study, extrusion technology was applied to enhance the SDF obtained from orange pomace, a byproduct of juice extraction containing a high level of DF. The pomace was processed in a single-screw extrude...

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  • Sample preparation combined with electroanalysis to improve simultaneous determination of antibiotics in animal derived food samples.

    abstract::A procedure based on liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) and phase separation using magnetically stirred salt-induced high-temperature liquid-liquid extraction (PS-MSSI-HT-LLE) was developed to extract and pre-concentrate ciprofloxacin (CIPRO) and enrofloxacin (ENRO) from animal food samples before electroanalysis. Firstly...

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  • Development of pure certified reference material of stevioside.

    abstract::Pure stevioside was extracted from leaves of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) to be used as a reference material in the instrument calibration or method validation process. The mass fraction was determined by comparison between the mass balance method and quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (qNMR) spectroscopy. The imp...

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  • The decrease in the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil during storage is conditioned by the initial phenolic profile.

    abstract::Phenols are responsible for the only health claim of virgin olive oil (VOO) recognized by the European Commission EU 432/2012 and the European Food Safety Authority. In this research, we studied the decrease in the phenolic content of 160 extra VOOs (EVOOs) after 12 months storage in darkness at 20 °C. Phenolic concen...

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  • A comprehensive investigation of guaiacyl-pyranoanthocyanin synthesis by one-/two-dimensional NMR and UPLC-DAD-ESI-MS(n).

    abstract::In red and rosé wines, the grape anthocyanins are progressively converted to more stable pigments, including phenylpyranoanthocyanins. One-/two-dimensional NMR and UPLC-DAD-ESI-MS(n) measurements were used to monitor the synthesis of guaiacylpyranomalvidin 3-O-glucoside from malvidin 3-O-glucoside and vinylguaiacol in...

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    authors: Vallverdú-Queralt A,Meudec E,Ferreira-Lima N,Sommerer N,Dangles O,Cheynier V,Le Guernevé C

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  • Green one-step synthesis of carbon quantum dots from orange peel for fluorescent detection of Escherichia coli in milk.

    abstract::Carbon quantum dots (CQDs) prepared by a green one-step approach was used for sensitive and selective assay of Escherichia coli O157: H7 (E. coli). CQDs was synthesized from orange peel as a carbon source via a microwave-assisted method. The CQDs displayed strong green fluorescence under excitation wavelength of 420 n...

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  • Antioxidant and cytoprotective activities of an ancient Mediterranean citrus (Citrus lumia Risso) albedo extract: Microscopic observations and polyphenol characterization.

    abstract::Citrus fruits are a rich source of bio-functional compounds with various and well-proven health properties. We focused our attention on an ancient Mediterranean species, Citrus lumia Risso. The aim of this work was to investigate the polyphenol content and biological activities of C. lumia albedo extract by cell-free ...

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  • Determination of ractopamine in pork using a magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer as adsorbent followed by HPLC.

    abstract::A new magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers (MMIPs) for separation and concentration of ractopamine (RAC) were prepared using surface molecular imprinting technique with methacryloyl chloride as functional monomer and RAC as template. The MMIPs were characterized using transmission electron microscopy, Fourier trans...

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