A fast-linear mixed model for genome-wide haplotype association analysis: application to agronomic traits in maize.


BACKGROUND:Haplotypes combine the effects of several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with high linkage disequilibrium, which benefit the genome-wide association analysis (GWAS). In the haplotype association analysis, both haplotype alleles and blocks are tested. Haplotype alleles can be inferred with the same statistics as SNPs in the linear mixed model, while blocks require the formulation of unified statistics to fit different genetic units, such as SNPs, haplotypes, and copy number variations. RESULTS:Based on the FaST-LMM, the fastLmPure function in the R/RcppArmadillo package has been introduced to speed up genome-wide regression scans by a re-weighted least square estimation. When large or highly significant blocks are tested based on EMMAX, the genome-wide haplotype association analysis takes only one to two rounds of genome-wide regression scans. With a genomic dataset of 541,595 SNPs from 513 maize inbred lines, 90,770 haplotype blocks were constructed across the whole genome, and three types of markers (SNPs, haplotype alleles, and haplotype blocks) were genome-widely associated with 17 agronomic traits in maize using the software developed here. CONCLUSIONS:Two SNPs were identified for LNAE, four haplotype alleles for TMAL, LNAE, CD, and DTH, and only three blocks reached the significant level for TMAL, CD, and KNPR. Compared to the R/lm function, the computational time was reduced by ~ 10-15 times.


BMC Genomics


BMC genomics


Chen H,Hao Z,Zhao Y,Yang R




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  • Global expression profiling reveals genetic programs underlying the developmental divergence between mouse and human embryogenesis.

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  • Ostreococcus tauri is a new model green alga for studying iron metabolism in eukaryotic phytoplankton.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Low iron bioavailability is a common feature of ocean surface water and therefore micro-algae developed original strategies to optimize iron uptake and metabolism. The marine picoeukaryotic green alga Ostreococcus tauri is a very good model for studying physiological and genetic aspects of the adaptation of ...

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  • Genome-wide binding of the orphan nuclear receptor TR4 suggests its general role in fundamental biological processes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The orphan nuclear receptor TR4 (human testicular receptor 4 or NR2C2) plays a pivotal role in a variety of biological and metabolic processes. With no known ligand and few known target genes, the mode of TR4 function was unclear. RESULTS:We report the first genome-wide identification and characterization o...

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  • Genome-wide structural and evolutionary analysis of the P450 monooxygenase genes (P450ome) in the white rot fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium: evidence for gene duplications and extensive gene clustering.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Phanerochaete chrysosporium, the model white rot basidiomycetous fungus, has the extraordinary ability to mineralize (to CO2) lignin and detoxify a variety of chemical pollutants. Its cytochrome P450 monooxygenases have recently been implied in several of these biotransformations. Our initial P450 cloning ef...

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  • Altered microRNA expression in frontotemporal lobar degeneration with TDP-43 pathology caused by progranulin mutations.

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