RNA sequencing revealed the abnormal transcriptional profile in cloned bovine embryos.


:Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) has potential applications in agriculture and biomedicine, but the efficiency of cloning is still low. In this study, the transcriptional profiles in cloned and fertilized embryos were measured and compared by RNA sequencing. The 2-cell embryos were detected to identify the earliest transcriptional differences between embryos derived through IVF and SCNT. As a result, 364 genes showed decreased expression in cloned 2-cell embryos and were enriched in "intracellular protein transport" and "ubiquitin mediated proteolysis". In blastocysts, 593 genes showed decreased expression in cloned blastocysts and were enriched in "RNA binding", "nucleotide binding", "embryo development", and "adherens junction". We identified 14 development related genes that were not activated in the cloned embryos. Then, 68 and 245 long non-coding RNAs were recognized abnormally expressed in cloned 2-cell embryos and cloned blastocysts, respectively. Furthermore, we found that incomplete RNA-editing occurred in cloned embryos and might be caused by decreased ADAR expression. In conclusion, our study revealed the abnormal transcripts and deficient RNA-editing sites in cloned embryos and provided new data for further mechanistic studies of somatic nuclear reprogramming.


Int J Biol Macromol


Zhang L,Yu M,Xu H,Wei X,Liu Y,Huang C,Chen H,Guo Z




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2020-05-01 00:00:00












  • Cu(II) ion loading in silk fibroin scaffolds with silk I structure.

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  • Study the effect of trypsin enzyme activity on the screening of applying frontal affinity chromatography.

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  • Effects of trehalose and sorbitol on the activity and structure of Pseudomonas cepacia lipase: spectroscopic insight.

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  • Charaterization and immunomodulatory activities of polysaccharide isolated from Pleurotus eryngii.

    abstract::A water-soluble polysaccharide (EPA-1) from Pleurotus eryngii was obtained using DEAE-52 and Sephadex G-50 columns. The properties, structure and immunomodulatory activity of EPA-1 were studied. The results demonstrated that EPA-1 was a homogeneous polysaccharide with the molecular weight of 9.97×104Da. EPA-1 consiste...

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  • Alginate-based hydrogels for cancer therapy and research.

    abstract::Cancer is a major health issue concerning to all of us. Current treatment options are still limited due to not-selective action. Encapsulation is contemplated as an innovative approach to address systemic toxicity and tumor resistance caused by traditional therapies, while increasing encapsulated compounds bioavailabi...

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  • Magnetic field-driven drug release from modified iron oxide-integrated polysaccharide hydrogel.

    abstract::Salecan is a novel water-soluble extracellular β-glucan and suitable for the hydrogel preparation due to its excellent physicochemical and biological properties. The present article describes the fabrication and characterization of a pH/magnetic field-driven hydrogel based on salecan-g-poly(vinylacetic acid-co-2-hydro...

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  • Cell-specific and pH-sensitive nanostructure hydrogel based on chitosan as a photosensitizer carrier for selective photodynamic therapy.

    abstract::The major problems of porphyrins as promising materials for photodynamic therapy (PDT) are their low solubility, subsequently aggregation in biological environments, and a lack of tumor selectivity. With this in mind, a chitosan-based hydrogel conjugated with tetrakis(4-aminophenyl)porphyrin (NH2-TPP) and 2,4,6-tris(p...

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  • Cellular imaging and folate receptor targeting delivery of gum kondagogu capped gold nanoparticles in cancer cells.

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  • Characterization of the interaction between recombinant porcine aminopeptidase N and spike glycoprotein of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus.

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  • Development of the PVA/CS nanofibers containing silk protein sericin as a wound dressing: In vitro and in vivo assessment.

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  • Crystal structure of prephenate dehydrogenase from Streptococcus mutans.

    abstract::Prephenate dehydrogenase (PDH) is a bacterial enzyme that catalyzes conversion of prephenate to 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate through the oxidative decarboxylation pathway for tyrosine biosynthesis. This enzymatic pathway exists in prokaryotes but is absent in mammals, indicating that it is a potential target for the develo...

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  • Characterization of Camptotheca acuminata 10-hydroxygeraniol oxidoreductase and iridoid synthase and their application in biological preparation of nepetalactol in Escherichia coli featuring NADP+ - NADPH cofactors recycling.

    abstract::Nepetalactol, an iridoid with four chiral carbons, is a crucial component of aphid sex pheromones that have been employed with great success to control the insect-related diseases. Despite of agricultural usage as end products, iridoids are fundamental biosynthetic intermediates for pharmaceutically important monoterp...

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  • Electrospun chitosan-graft-poly (ε -caprolactone)/poly (ε-caprolactone) cationic nanofibrous mats as potential scaffolds for skin tissue engineering.

    abstract::This research is aimed to develop cationic nanofibrous mats with improved cellular adhesion profiles and stability of three-dimensional fibrous structure as potential scaffolds for skin tissue engineering. Firstly, amino-remained chitosan-graft-poly (ɛ-caprolactone) (CS-g-PCL) was synthesized with a facile one-step ma...

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  • Designing a direct ELISA kit for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin A in raw milk samples.

    abstract::Under favorable growth conditions, Staphylococcus aureus infects and causes illnesses in humans and animals. Staphylococcal enterotoxins are considered the most important factor for food poisoning, with these toxins usually found in milk and its byproducts. This study investigated the presence of a classical enterotox...

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  • Optimized extraction of polysaccharides from Cymbopogon citratus and its biological activities.

    abstract::In this study the extraction of hot water soluble polysaccharides (HWSPs) from Cymbopogon citratus using hot water decoction was discussed. Response surface methodology (RSM) based on a three level, three variable central composite rotatable design (CCRD), was employed to obtain best possible combination of extraction...

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