Approaches to improve soil fertility in sub-Saharan Africa.


:Soil fertility provides the foundation for nutritious food production and resilient and sustainable livelihoods. A comprehensive survey and summit meeting were conducted with the aims of understanding barriers to enhancing soil fertility in sub-Saharan Africa and providing evidence-based recommendations. The focus regions were West Africa, East Africa, the Great Lakes region, and Ethiopia. Overall recommendations were developed with four emerging themes: (1) strengthening inorganic fertilizer-based systems, (2) access to and use of quality organic inputs, (3) capacity building along the entire knowledge-transfer value chain, and (4) strengthening farming systems research and development across biophysical and socio-economic factors. The evidence-based process and methodology for prioritizing these recommendations makes these findings useful for setting out action plans for future investments and strategies. Access to inorganic fertilizer, its use, and related implementation issues were prominent considerations; nevertheless, biophysical and socio-economic barriers and solutions were identified as equally important to building soil fertility and natural resources. Soil management initiatives should focus on providing holistic solutions covering both biophysical and socio-economic aspects along the entire value chain of actors and creating an enabling environment for adoption. A broader view of soil fertility improvement using all available options including both inorganic and organic sources of nutrients and farming system approaches are highly recommended.


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Stewart ZP,Pierzynski GM,Middendorf BJ,Prasad PVV




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  • Regulation of K+ channel activities in plants: from physiological to molecular aspects.

    abstract::Plant voltage-gated channels belonging to the Shaker family participate in sustained K+ transport processes at the cell and whole plant levels, such as K+ uptake from the soil solution, long-distance K+ transport in the xylem and phloem, and K+ fluxes in guard cells during stomatal movements. The attention here is foc...

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  • Light signals, phytochromes and cross-talk with other environmental cues.

    abstract::Plants have evolved highly complex sensory mechanisms to monitor their surroundings and adapt their growth and development to the prevailing environmental conditions. The integration of information from multiple environmental cues enables the co-ordination of development with favourable seasonal conditions and, ultima...

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  • Housing helpful invaders: the evolutionary and molecular architecture underlying plant root-mutualist microbe interactions.

    abstract::Plant root rhizosphere interactions with mutualistic microbes are diverse and numerous, having evolved over time in response to selective pressures on plants to attain anchorage and nutrients. These relationships can be considered to be formed through a combination of architectural connections: molecular architecture ...

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  • Calculated activity of Mn2+ at the outer surface of the root cell plasma membrane governs Mn nutrition of cowpea seedlings.

    abstract::Manganese (Mn) is an essential micronutrient for plant growth but is often toxic in acid or waterlogged soils. Using cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) grown with 0.05-1500 μM Mn in solution, two short-term (48 h) solution culture experiments examined if the effects of cations (Ca, Mg, Na, Al, or H) on Mn nutrition a...

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  • Comprehensive QTL mapping survey dissects the complex fruit texture physiology in apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.).

    abstract::Fruit ripening is a complex physiological process in plants whereby cell wall programmed changes occur mainly to promote seed dispersal. Cell wall modification also directly regulates the textural properties, a fundamental aspect of fruit quality. In this study, two full-sib populations of apple, with 'Fuji' as the co...

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  • Intron-regulated expression of SUVH3, an Arabidopsis Su(var)3-9 homologue.

    abstract::SU(VAR)3-9 proteins are key regulators of heterochromatin structure and function in plants, mammals, Drosophila, and yeast. In contrast to animals and fungi, plants contain numerous Su(var)3-9 homologues (SUVH), the members of which form a discrete subfamily. The SU(VAR)3-9 and SUVH proteins associate with heterochrom...

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  • Identification of predominant genes involved in regulation and execution of senescence-associated nitrogen remobilization in flag leaves of field grown barley.

    abstract::The transcriptomes of senescing flag leaves collected from barley field plots with standard or high nitrogen supply were compared to identify genes specifically associated with nitrogen remobilization during leaf senescence under agronomically relevant conditions. In flag leaves collected in field plots with high nitr...

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  • Inhibition of nitrate influx by glutamine in Lolium perenne depends upon the contribution of the HATS to the total influx.

    abstract::Plants of Lolium perenne L. were grown in sterile solution culture supplied with 2 mol m(-3) nitrogen as either nitrate or ammonium. Glutamine at 5 mol m(-3) was added to the nutrient solution of half the plants for 24 h. Root nitrate influx (at external nitrate concentrations 0-2000 mmol m(-3)) and amino acid concent...

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  • Mechanical properties of cuticles and their primary determinants.

    abstract::Cuticles envelope primary surfaces of the above-ground portion of plants. They function as barriers to water movement and to gas exchange, and in pathogen defense. To serve as a barrier on growing organs, cuticles must remain intact but at the same time must accommodate ongoing growth. Minimizing cuticle failure has s...

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    authors: Khanal BP,Knoche M

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  • Recalculating growth and defense strategies under competition: key roles of photoreceptors and jasmonates.

    abstract::The growth-defense trade-off in plant biology has gained enormous traction in the last two decades, highlighting the importance of understanding how plants deal with two of the greatest challenges for their survival and reproduction. It has been well established that in response to competition signals perceived by inf...

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  • Transgenic expression of a functional fragment of harpin protein Hpa1 in wheat induces the phloem-based defence against English grain aphid.

    abstract::The harpin protein Hpa1 has multiple beneficial effects in plants, promoting plant growth and development, increasing crop yield, and inducing resistance to pathogens and insect pests. For these effects, the 10-40 residue fragment (Hpa1₁₀₋₄₂) isolated from the Hpa1 sequence is 1.3- to 7.5-fold more effective than the ...

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  • Giant cacti: isotopic recorders of climate variation in warm deserts of the Americas.

    abstract::The plant family Cactaceae is considered among the most threatened groups of organisms on the planet. The threatened status of the cacti family has created a renewed interest in the highly evolved physiological and morphological traits that underpin their persistence in some of the harshest subtropical environments in...

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  • Functional analysis of a RING domain ankyrin repeat protein that is highly expressed during flower senescence.

    abstract::A gene encoding a RING zinc finger ankyrin repeat protein (MjXB3), a putative E3 ubiquitin ligase, is highly expressed in petals of senescing four o'clock (Mirabilis jalapa) flowers, increasing >40,000-fold during the onset of visible senescence. The gene has homologues in many other species, and the Petunia homologue...

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  • Regulation of expression of starch synthesis genes by ethylene and ABA in relation to the development of rice inferior and superior spikelets.

    abstract::Later-flowering spikelets in a rice panicle, referred to as the inferior spikelets, are usually poorly filled and often limit the yield potential of some rice cultivars. The physiological and molecular mechanism for such poor grain filling remains unclear. In this study the differentially expressed genes in starch syn...

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  • Redirection of auxin flow in Arabidopsis thaliana roots after infection by root-knot nematodes.

    abstract::Plant-parasitic root-knot nematodes induce the formation of giant cells within the plant root, and it has been recognized that auxin accumulates in these feeding sites. Here, we studied the role of the auxin transport system governed by AUX1/LAX3 influx proteins and different PIN efflux proteins during feeding site de...

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  • One-step analysis of seed storage data and the longevity of Arabidopsis thaliana seeds.

    abstract::Seeds of two ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana, NW20 and N1601, were aged over a range of saturated salt solutions at temperatures between 6 degrees C and 55 degrees C. For each ecotype, the results from 37 storage experiments were summarized using the Ellis and Roberts viability equations and a modified version of the...

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  • An inland and a coastal population of the Mediterranean xero-halophyte species Atriplex halimus L. differ in their ability to accumulate proline and glycinebetaine in response to salinity and water stress.

    abstract::Soil salinity and drought compromise water uptake and lead to osmotic adjustment in xero-halophyte plant species. These important environmental constraints may also have specific effects on plant physiology. Stress-induced accumulation of osmocompatible solutes was analysed in two Tunisian populations of the Mediteran...

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  • Subcellular localization and interactions among rubber particle proteins from Hevea brasiliensis.

    abstract::Natural rubber (polyisoprene) from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis is synthesized by specialized cells called laticifers. It is not clear how rubber particles arise, although one hypothesis is that they derive from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane. Here we cloned the genes encoding four key proteins found in...

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  • Genetic dissection of the developmental behaviours of plant height in wheat under diverse water regimes.

    abstract::Plant height (PH), a crucial trait related to yield potential in crop plants, is known to be typically quantitatively inherited. However, its full expression can be inhibited by a limited water supply. In this study, the genetic basis of the developmental behaviour of PH was assessed in a 150-line wheat (Triticum aest...

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    authors: Wu X,Wang Z,Chang X,Jing R

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  • Independent induction of two blue light-dependent monovalent anion transport systems in the plasma membrane of Monoraphidium braunii.

    abstract::In the plasma membrane of the green alga Monoraphidium braunii there are at least two monovalent anion transport systems. One of them is specific for bicarbonate. This transport system is activated by blue light and its induction is triggered by a decrease in the external CO2 concentration. The second transport system...

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  • The bZIP53-IAA4 module inhibits adventitious root development in Populus.

    abstract::Adventitious roots (ARs) are important for some plants that depend on clonal propagation. In this study, we demonstrate that a salt-responsive gene module is involved in the negative regulation of AR development in poplar. In this module, the expression of bZIP53 is induced by salt stress and it encodes a transcriptio...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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    authors: Zhang Y,Yang X,Cao P,Xiao Z,Zhan C,Liu M,Nvsvrot T,Wang N

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  • Pine and mistletoes: how to live with a leak in the water flow and storage system?

    abstract::The mistletoe, Viscum album, living on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) has been reported barely to regulate its transpiration and thus heavily to affect the gas exchange of its host. The extent of this mistletoe effect and its underlying mechanism has, so far, only been partially analysed. In this study, pine branches w...

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    authors: Zweifel R,Bangerter S,Rigling A,Sterck FJ

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  • Chilling root temperature causes rapid ultrastructural changes in cortical cells of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) root tips.

    abstract::Examination of root tips from cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) seedlings grown at 8 degrees C for varying periods ranging from 15 min to 96 h, showed marked changes in the ultrastructure of cortical cells within only 15 min of exposure. Greater parts of the cortex were affected with longer periods of exposure, but the se...

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  • Expanding the repertoire of secretory peptides controlling root development with comparative genome analysis and functional assays.

    abstract::Plant genomes encode numerous small secretory peptides (SSPs) whose functions have yet to be explored. Based on structural features that characterize SSP families known to take part in postembryonic development, this comparative genome analysis resulted in the identification of genes coding for oligopeptides potential...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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  • Functional roles of melatonin in plants, and perspectives in nutritional and agricultural science.

    abstract::The presence of melatonin in plants is universal. Evidence has confirmed that a major portion of the melatonin is synthesized by plants themselves even though a homologue of the classic arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase (AANAT) has not been identified as yet in plants. Thus, the serotonin N-acetylating enzyme in plan...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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    authors: Tan DX,Hardeland R,Manchester LC,Korkmaz A,Ma S,Rosales-Corral S,Reiter RJ

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  • Effect of anthocyanins, carotenoids, and flavonols on chlorophyll fluorescence excitation spectra in apple fruit: signature analysis, assessment, modelling, and relevance to photoprotection.

    abstract::Whole apple fruit (Malus domestica Borkh.) widely differing in pigment content and composition has been examined by recording its chlorophyll fluorescence excitation and diffuse reflection spectra in the visible and near UV regions. Spectral bands sensitive to the pigment concentration have been identified, and linear...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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    authors: Merzlyak MN,Melø TB,Naqvi KR

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  • Vivipary and offspring survival in the epiphytic cactus Epiphyllum phyllanthus (Cactaceae).

    abstract::Vivipary, the germination of seeds before they are shed from the parent plant, is a rare event in angiosperms involving complex ecophysiological processes. Pseudovivipary and cryptovivipary occur in approximately 30 (2%) species of the cactus family. A remarkable case of vivipary in Epiphyllum phyllanthus is described...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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    authors: Cota-Sánchez JH,Abreu DD

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  • Overexpression of thioredoxin m in tobacco chloroplasts inhibits the protein kinase STN7 and alters photosynthetic performance.

    abstract::The activity of the protein kinase STN7, involved in phosphorylation of the light-harvesting complex II (LHCII) proteins, has been reported as being co-operatively regulated by the redox state of the plastoquinone pool and the ferredoxin-thioredoxin (Trx) system. The present study aims to investigate the role of plast...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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    authors: Ancín M,Fernández-San Millán A,Larraya L,Morales F,Veramendi J,Aranjuelo I,Farran I

    更新日期:2019-02-05 00:00:00

  • Different ethylene receptors show an increased expression during the ripening of strawberries: does such an increment imply a role for ethylene in the ripening of these non-climacteric fruits?

    abstract::Notwithstanding the economic importance of non-climacteric fruits like grape and strawberry, little is known about the mechanisms that regulate their ripening. Up to now no growth regulator has emerged with a primary role similar to that played by ethylene in the ripening of the climacteric fruits. Strawberries can pr...

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    authors: Trainotti L,Pavanello A,Casadoro G

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  • Tomato SlDREB gene restricts leaf expansion and internode elongation by downregulating key genes for gibberellin biosynthesis.

    abstract::Plants have evolved and adapted to different environments. Dwarfism is an adaptive trait of plants that helps them avoid high-energy costs under unfavourable conditions. The role of gibberellin (GA) in plant development has been well established. Several plant dehydration-responsive element-binding proteins (DREBs) ha...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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    authors: Li J,Sima W,Ouyang B,Wang T,Ziaf K,Luo Z,Liu L,Li H,Chen M,Huang Y,Feng Y,Hao Y,Ye Z

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