Successful treatment of isolated oral lichen planus on lower lip with traditional Chinese medicine and topical wet dressing: A case report.


RATIONALE:Biopsy is very important for the diagnosis of oral lichen planus (OLP) on the lips. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be used to coordinate the whole body, soften and eliminate swellings and masses, and regulate the functions of qi and blood. Therefore, TCM could be an effective and safe treatment for OLP. Wet dressing is particularly important for the treatment of lip diseases. We report on a rare case of OLP on the lower lip. PATIENT CONCERNS:A 38-year-old female patient presenting with a history of recurrent erosion, bleeding, and pain on her lower lip for 10 years. DIAGNOSES:Erosive OLP of the lower lip. INTERVENTIONS:The patient was treated for 4 months using TCM comprising "Qingwen Jiedu Kouyankang granules," total Paeonia glucosides, and a combination of hormones and anti-inflammatory agents applied locally using a wet dressing. OUTCOMES:Lip erosion was improved remarkably after 1 month, and there was no recurrence or aggravation of the condition. The duration of the follow-up period was 5 months. LESSONS:The therapeutics used here were effective and safe for the treatment of OLP and could improve the quality of life in patients with lip erosion. The therapeutics provide new insight into the treatment of OLP on the lip.


Medicine (Baltimore)




Yu F,Xu N,Zhao B,Ren X,Zhang F




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2018-12-01 00:00:00
















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