Fatty acid composition and its association with chemical and sensory analysis of boar taint.


:A certain level of disagreement between the chemical analysis of androstenone and skatole and the human perception of boar taint has been found in many studies. Here we analyze whether the fatty acid composition can explain such inconsistency between sensory evaluation and chemical analysis of boar taint compounds. Therefore, back fat samples (n=143) were selected according to their sensory evaluation by a 10-person sensory panel, and the chemical analysis (stable isotope dilution analysis with headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) of androstenone and skatole. Subsequently a quantification of fatty acids using gas chromatography-flame ionization detection was conducted. The correlation analyses revealed that several fatty acids are significantly correlated with androstenone, skatole, and the sensory rating. However, multivariate analyses (principal component analysis) revealed no explanation of the fatty acid composition with respect to the (dis-)agreement between sensory and chemical analysis.


Food Chem


Food chemistry


Liu X,Trautmann J,Wigger R,Zhou G,Mörlein D




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  • Fish gelatin combined with chitosan coating inhibits myofibril degradation of golden pomfret (Trachinotus blochii) fillet during cold storage.

    abstract::Coating of gelatin and chitosan can improve fish fillet's quality, but the mechanism is not clear. Chitosan/gelatin coatings significantly prevented deterioration of golden pomfret fillet at 4 °C. Chitosan with 7.2% gelatin group showed the best effect on preserving the length of myofibril, which remained greater than...

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  • Reduction of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in dried red peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) using heat pump-assisted drying.

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  • Mechanism of the effect of 2, 2'-azobis (2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride simulated lipid oxidation on the IgG/IgE binding ability of ovalbumin.

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  • Dual-labeled time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay for simultaneous detection of clothianidin and diniconazole in agricultural samples.

    abstract::Europium (Eu(3+)) and samarium (Sm(3+)) were used as fluorescent labels to develop a highly sensitive dual-labeled time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TRFIA) for detect clothianidin and diniconazole in food samples. Under the optimized assay conditions, 50% inhibition concentration (IC50) and the limit of detection (LOD,...

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  • A comparative study of physicochemical characteristics and functionalities of pinto bean protein isolate (PBPI) against the soybean protein isolate (SPI) after the extraction optimisation.

    abstract::Optimisation of protein extraction yield from pinto bean was investigated using response surface methodology. The maximum protein yield of 54.8 mg/g was obtained with the optimal conditions of: temperature=25 °C, time=1 h and buffer-to-sample ratio=20 ml/g. PBPI was found to obtain high amount of essential amino acids...

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  • Effects of photoperiod, growth temperature and cold acclimatisation on glucosinolates, sugars and fatty acids in kale.

    abstract::Curly kale is a robust, cold tolerant plant with a high content of health-promoting compounds, grown at a range of latitudes. To assess the effects of temperature, photoperiod and cold acclimatisation on levels of glucosinolates, fatty acids and soluble sugars in kale, an experiment was set up under controlled conditi...

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  • Single-chain variable fragment antibody-based immunochromatographic strip for rapid detection of fumonisin B1 in maize samples.

    abstract::A rapid and sensitive immunochromatographic strip (ICS) based on a single-chain variable fragment (scFv) was developed for detecting fumonisin B1 (FB1). The ICS was based on a competitive reaction for colloidal gold-labeled scFv between FB1 and FB1-BSA, which was used along with sheep anti-mouse IgG as capture reagent...

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  • Zwitterionic hydrophilic interaction solid-phase extraction and multi-dimensional mass spectrometry for shotgun lipidomic study of Hypophthalmichthys nobilis.

    abstract::Zwitterionic hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (ZIC-HILIC) material was used as solid-phase extraction sorbent for purification of phospholipids from Hypophthalmichthys nobilis. The conditions were optimized to be pH 6, flow rate 2.0mL·min(-1), loading breakthrough volume ⩽5mL, and eluting solvent 5mL. Aft...

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  • Determination of trichothecenes and zearalenones in grain cereal, flour and bread by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.

    abstract::Although analytical methods have been already reported for legislated mycotoxins as trichothecenes and zearalenone (ZON) separately, we describe the optimization of a simple and rapid multimycotoxin method for the determination of a total of 12 mycotoxins simultaneously, nine trichothecenes (NIV, DON, FUS-X, DAS, 15-A...

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  • Understanding the deterioration of fresh brown rice noodles from the macro and micro perspectives.

    abstract::The microbial compositions, quality characteristics, and structural changes in fresh brown rice noodles (FBRN) during storage were investigated. Total plate count and mold and yeast counts increased while the pH decreased during storage. Metagenomic sequencing revealed that the microbial composition of FBRN changed th...

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  • NaOH-free debittering of table olives using power ultrasound.

    abstract::A major drawback to the extension of NaOH-free olive debittering is its lengthy processing. In this research, the power ultrasound efficacy was investigated in a laboratory scale to accelerate this process. Olive fruits were sonicated in water or brine (15% NaCl). The effects of ultrasound-assisted debittering (UAD) w...

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  • Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on emulsifying properties of sweet potato protein in model protein-hydrocolloids system.

    abstract::The effects of high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) on emulsifying properties of sweet potato protein (SPP) in presence of 0.1%, 0.3% and 0.5% (w/v) of guar gum (GG) and glycerol monostearate (GMS) were investigated. Emulsifying stability index (ESI) of the SPP with GG revealed significant increase (P<0.05) in ESI value at...

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  • Pigment production by a new thermotolerant microalga Coelastrella sp. F50.

    abstract::Microalgae are good crops to produce natural pigments because of their high growth rates. Tropical zones are better locations than temperate areas for microalgal cultivation because they have longer duration of daylight and more stable temperatures throughout the year, but the high temperatures pose a challenge to mic...

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  • Quantitative analyses of the umami characteristics of disodium succinate in aqueous solution.

    abstract::Disodium succinate (WSA) contributes to umami taste in seafoods and it is abundantly found in scallops. However, the actual application of WSA in foods is limited due to a lack of understanding of its taste characteristics and stability. In this study, two-alternative forced choice method was used to determine the rel...

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  • Comparative study on the nutrients, heavy metals and pesticide composition of some locally produced and marketed rice varieties in Nigeria.

    abstract::The nutrients, heavy metals and pesticide concentrations of an imported (Gold) and three locally produced and marketed rice varieties (Samples B-mass, C-R8 and D-CP) in Nigeria were investigated using standard techniques. All the rice varieties contained considerable amounts of moisture, ash, protein, lipid and carboh...

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  • Tree-to-tree variation in stearic and oleic acid content in seed fat from Allanblackia floribunda from wild stands: Potential for tree breeding.

    abstract::We determined whether Allanblackia floribunda, a forest tree species that is valued for the fat extracted from its seeds, could be genetically improved for fruit/seed production by sampling 17-40 fruits from each of 70 trees that were distributed among four sites in wild stands. Fat was extracted from the seeds, and s...

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  • A turn-on red-emitting fluorescent probe for determination of copper(II) ions in food samples and living zebrafish.

    abstract::Herein, we developed a turn-on red-emitting fluorescent probe for the sensitive and selective detection of copper ions (Cu2+) in food samples and living zebrafish. The probe employs a hemicyanine scaffold as the fluorophore and a 2-pyridinecarbonyl group as the recognition receptor and quenching moiety. The 2-pyridine...

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  • Highly selective colorimetric detection of putrescine in fish products using o-phthalaldehyde derivatization reaction.

    abstract::A highly selective colorimetric detection method for putrescine on the basis of an optimized derivatization reaction was established. With the aids of o-phthalaldehyde (OPA) and thioglycolic acid (TGA), putrescine was derived to become red derivatives (PUT-RD), the form that can be detected qualitatively and quantitat...

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  • An evaluation of bioactive compounds, fatty acid composition and oil quality of chia (Salvia hispanica L.) seed roasted at different temperatures.

    abstract::The effect of roasting of chia seed at different temperatures (90, 120, 150 and 180 °C) on bioactive constituents in extracts and on the quality of oil was evaluated. At higher temperatures, crude protein and ash contents increased, whereas total phenolic, flavonoid, carotenoid, and antioxidant activities decreased. T...

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  • Rapid analysis of paralytic shellfish toxins and tetrodotoxins by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry using a porous graphitic carbon column.

    abstract::Although paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs) have traditionally been analyzed by liquid chromatography with either pre- or post-column derivatization, and these methods have been validated successfully through inter-laboratory studies, mass spectrometry methods have also been described in literature for use in monitorin...

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  • Effect of ethanol, glycerol, glucose/fructose and tartaric acid on the refractive index of model aqueous solutions and wine samples.

    abstract::The refractive index is a basic optical property of materials. This study explores the effect of ethanol, glycerol, tartaric acid and glucose/fructose on the refractive index in model aqueous solutions and in dry white wines. Various model aqueous solutions consisting of these components were prepared and the refracti...

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  • Coacervation of β-conglycinin, glycinin and isoflavones induced by propylene glycol alginate in heated soymilk.

    abstract::This study investigated the propylene glycol alginate (PGA)-induced coacervation of β-conglycinin (7S), glycinin (11S) and isoflavones in heated soymilk. The addition of 0.9% PGA caused 7S, 11S, daidzein and genistein to coacervate following a 1h incubation period. SDS-PAGE showed that the protein bands corresponding ...

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  • Role of maltodextrin and inulin as encapsulating agents on the protection of oleuropein during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion.

    abstract::Olive leaves extract (OLE) was spray-dried with maltodextrin (MD) or inulin (IN) to study the evolution of oleuropein (OE) during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion, its bioaccessibility and potential bioavailability. In the case of OLE-MD, OE was partially degraded in gastric and intestinal conditions; whereas in OL...

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  • Impact of pasteurization of human milk on preterm newborn in vitro digestion: Gastrointestinal disintegration, lipolysis and proteolysis.

    abstract::Human milk feeding is an important recommendation for preterm newborns considering their vulnerability and digestive immaturity. Holder pasteurization (62.5°C, 30min) applied in milk banks modifies its biological quality and its microstructure. We investigated the impact of pasteurization of preterm human milk on its ...

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  • Echium plantagineum L. honey: Search of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and polyphenols, anti-inflammatory potential and cytotoxicity.

    abstract::For a long time, honey has been recognized for its health-promoting properties and, consequently, has been used in traditional medicine worldwide. Apart from the beneficial bioactive compounds found in this food (e.g. polyphenols), molecules with potentially harmful effects may also be present, such as pyrrolizidine a...

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    authors: Moreira R,Fernandes F,Valentão P,Pereira DM,Andrade PB

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  • Comparison of the physicochemical and volatile composition of wine fractions obtained by two different dealcoholization techniques.

    abstract::Three wines (a Rosé wine, a Pelaverga and a Barbera red wines) were dealcoholized at 5% v/v ethanol with two different techniques: membrane contactor (MC) and distillation under vacuum (D). The influence of the treatments on the physicochemical composition and aromatic profile of the dealcoholized fractions was invest...

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    authors: Motta S,Guaita M,Petrozziello M,Ciambotti A,Panero L,Solomita M,Bosso A

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  • A comparative analysis of property of lychee polyphenoloxidase using endogenous and exogenous substrates.

    abstract::Lychee polyphenoloxidase (PPO) was extracted and partially purified using ammonium sulphate precipitation and dialysis. The comparative analysis of PPO property was performed using its endogenous substrate (-)-epicatechin and exogenous substrate catechol. The pH optima for activity and activation temperature profiles ...

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    authors: Sun J,Shi J,Zhao M,Xue SJ,Ren J,Jiang Y

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  • Enhancement of saltiness perception by odorants selected from Chinese soy sauce: A gas chromatography/olfactometry-associated taste study.

    abstract::Odor-taste interaction has become a popular salt reduction method. In this study, the odorants associated with saltiness in soy sauce were selected by gas chromatography/olfactometry-associated taste (GC/O-AT), and their ability to induce saltiness/umami enhancement was verified by sensory evaluation. A total of 30 ta...

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    authors: Zhou T,Feng Y,Thomas-Danguin T,Zhao M

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  • Building robust models for identification of adulteration in olive oil using FT-NIR, PLS-DA and variable selection.

    abstract::Being a product with a high market value, olive oil undergoes adulterations. Therefore, studies that make the verification of the authenticity of olive oil more efficient are necessary. The aim of this study was to develop a robust model using FT-NIR and PLS-DA to discriminate extra virgin olive oil samples and build ...

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    authors: Vieira LS,Assis C,de Queiroz MELR,Neves AA,de Oliveira AF

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  • Rosmarinus eriocalyx: An alternative to Rosmarinus officinalis as a source of antioxidant compounds.

    abstract::Rosmarinus eriocalyx is an aromatic evergreen bush endemic to Algeria where it is used as a condiment to flavour soups and meat and as a traditional remedy. In the present work we have analyzed for the first time the phenolic composition of polar extracts obtained from stems, leaves and flowers of R. eriocalyx by HPLC...

    journal_title:Food chemistry

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    authors: Bendif H,Boudjeniba M,Djamel Miara M,Biqiku L,Bramucci M,Caprioli G,Lupidi G,Quassinti L,Sagratini G,Vitali LA,Vittori S,Maggi F

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