Anesthetic and Analgesic Management for Outpatient Knee Arthroplasty.


PURPOSE OF REVIEW:Total knee arthroplasty traditionally has been associated with significant postoperative pain that can limit recovery and prolong hospital length of stay. Recently, however, due to financial pressures and an emphasis on improving patient satisfaction, many institutions are implementing outpatient and short-stay programs for patients undergoing this procedure. An effective perioperative anesthetic plan is an essential quality of a successful outpatient joint replacement program. RECENT FINDINGS:Improved technology and innovation has led to more effective and efficient strategies that contribute to a smoother and quicker postoperative course. The use of peripheral nerve blocks in conjunction with a variety of systemic analgesics has reduced post-operative pain compared to older modalities. Specifically, the adductor canal and IPACK blocks have become increasingly popular due to their analgesic efficacy and muscle sparing characteristics. Outpatient knee arthroplasty is becoming a reality with advancements in surgical pathways that incorporate these newer modalities with an emphasis on multidisciplinary coordination.


Curr Pain Headache Rep


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  • An update on botulinum toxin A injections of trigger points for myofascial pain.

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  • Headache and Chiari I malformation: clinical presentation, diagnosis, and controversies in management.

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  • CSF-Venous Fistula.

    abstract:PURPOSE OF REVIEW:To provide an update on recent developments in the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of CSF-venous fistula (CVF). RECENT FINDING:CVF is a recently recognized cause of spontaneous intracranial hypotension (SIH), an important secondary headache, in which an aberrant connection is formed between t...

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  • Pharmacologic therapies for complex regional pain syndrome.

    abstract::Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) remains a challenging condition to diagnose and treat. There are few large-scale, randomized trials of pharmacologic agents, and most published studies are small, uncontrolled, or presented only in abstract form at meetings. The most commonly used agents, such as anticonvulsants, ...

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  • Imaging chronic daily headache.

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  • Headache in Intracranial and Cervical Artery Dissections.

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  • Radiofrequency Ablation for Treating Headache: a Follow-up Study.

    abstract:PURPOSE OF REVIEW:To identify the efficacy of radiofrequency ablation of pericranial nerves in treating headache. RECENT FINDINGS:Recent studies by the same group showed promising results in treating headache using radiofrequency ablation. Pericranial nerves can be a therapeutic target for treating headache. Our resul...

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  • Tension type headache in adolescence and childhood: where are we now?

    abstract::Tension type headache (TTH) is a primary headache disorder considered common in children and adolescents. It remains debatable whether TTH and migraine are separate biological entities. This review summarizes the most recent literature of TTH with regards to children and adolescents. Further studies of TTH are needed ...

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  • The Status of Pain Research in Academia and how We Are Doing in the United States.

    abstract:: ...

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  • Tension-type headache in the elderly.

    abstract::Tension-type headache is the most common primary headache disorder seen in adults. Although the prevalence peaks in the fourth and fifth decades of life, significant fractions of the elderly continue to experience either episodic or chronic tension-type headaches. Many secondary headache disorders may present with hea...

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  • Migrainous infarction: aspects on risk factors and therapy.

    abstract::Migraine and stroke are related in more than one way. Migraine with aura is a risk factor for ischemic stroke in women under age 45 years, particularly when combined with other risk factors such as smoking and oral contraceptives. Further, individuals with migraine with aura seem to have more white matter lesions and ...

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  • What predicts evolution from episodic to chronic cluster headache?

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  • What the Gut Can Teach Us About Migraine.

    abstract::During gestation, cells of the brain and gut develop almost simultaneously into the central nervous system (CNS) and enteric nervous system (ENS), respectively. They remain connected via the vagal nerve lifelong. While it is well known that the brain sends signal to the gut, communication is in fact bidirectional. Jus...

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  • Pain outcomes: a brief review of instruments and techniques.

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  • Spinal cord stimulation in cluster headache.

    abstract::Neurostimulation techniques for the treatment of primary headache syndromes, particularly for chronic cluster headache (CCH), have received much interest in the recent years. Occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) has yielded favourable clinical results, and is becoming a routine treatment for refractory chronic cluster he...

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  • Headache in Neuromyelitis Optica.

    abstract:PURPOSE OF REVIEW:Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) classically features a clinical presentation that includes longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis and optic neuritis. However, many other pathognomonic phenomena have more recently been described in patients diagnosed with NMO, including intractable hiccups, vomiting, ...

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