Influence of antibiotic-regimens on intensive-care unit-mortality and liver-cirrhosis as risk factor.


AIM:To assess the rate of infection, appropriateness of antimicrobial-therapy and mortality on intensive care unit (ICU). Special focus was drawn on patients with liver cirrhosis. METHODS:The study was approved by the local ethical committee. All patients admitted to the Internal Medicine-ICU between April 1, 2007 and December 31, 2009 were included. Data were extracted retrospectively from all patients using patient charts and electronic documentations on infection, microbiological laboratory reports, diagnosis and therapy. Due to the large hepatology department and liver transplantation center, special interest was on the subgroup of patients with liver cirrhosis. The primary statistical-endpoint was the evaluation of the influence of appropriate versus inappropriate antimicrobial-therapy on in-hospital-mortality. RESULTS:Charts of 1979 patients were available. The overall infection-rate was 53%. Multiresistant-bacteria were present in 23% of patients with infection and were associated with increased mortality (P < 0.000001). Patients with infection had significantly increased in-hospital-mortality (34% vs 17%, P < 0.000001). Only 9% of patients with infection received inappropriate initial antimicrobial-therapy, no influence on mortality was observed. Independent risk-factors for in-hospital-mortality were the presence of septic-shock, prior chemotherapy for malignoma and infection with Pseudomonas spp. Infection and mortality-rate among 175 patients with liver-cirrhosis was significantly higher than in patients without liver-cirrhosis. Infection increased mortality 2.24-fold in patients with cirrhosis. Patients with liver cirrhosis were at an increased risk to receive inappropriate initial antimicrobial therapy. CONCLUSION:The results of the present study report the successful implementation of early-goal-directed therapy. Liver cirrhosis patients are at increased risk of infection, mortality and to receive inappropriate therapy. Increasing burden are multiresistant-bacteria.


World J Gastroenterol


Friedrich-Rust M,Wanger B,Heupel F,Filmann N,Brodt R,Kempf VA,Kessel J,Wichelhaus TA,Herrmann E,Zeuzem S,Bojunga J




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    abstract::AIM:To infect mice with Helicobacter pylori and detect immune response against two form of H. pylori.METHODS:An isolate of H. pylori obtained from a patient with gastric cancer was used to infect mice. Fifty mice were divided into eight groups. Two groups served as negative control without any inoculation and internal...

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  • A unique case of collagenous colitis presenting as protein-losing enteropathy successfully treated with prednisolone.

    abstract::A 76-year-old woman with a 5-mo history of recurrent diarrhea and generalized edema was admitted to our hospital. Colonoscopy revealed edematous mucosa, and histopathological examination was compatible with collagenous colitis. Protein leakage from the colon, particularly in the ascending portion, was identified on 99...

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  • Bronchial bleeding caused by recurrent pneumonia after radical esophagectomy for esophageal cancer.

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