Human choice under schedules of negative reinforcement.


:The generalized matching equation provides a good description of response allocation in concurrent schedules of positive reinforcement in nonhumans as well as in humans. The present experiment was conducted to further investigate the allocation of responding under concurrent schedules of negative reinforcement (i.e., timeouts from pressing a force cell) in humans. Each of three participants was exposed to different reinforcement ratios (9:1, 1:1 and 1:9) in the terminal links of a concurrent-chains schedule of negative reinforcement. The allocation of responding under this schedule was well described by the generalized matching equation, for each participant. These results replicate previous findings obtained with nonhumans and humans under concurrent schedules of positive reinforcement. In addition, they extend the results reported by Alessandri and Rivière (2013) showing that human behavior maintained by timeouts from an effortful response is sensitive to changes in relative reinforcement ratios as well as relative delays of reinforcement.


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Behavioural processes


Alessandri J,Cançado CR




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  • Elevated testosterone levels affect female breeding success and yolk androgen deposition in a passerine bird.

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  • Resurgence in Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens.

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  • Fixed interval and fixed time treadle pressing in the pigeon: A comparison with FI and FT keypecking.

    abstract::Experiment I used non-naive pigeons having previously performed on both keypecking and treadlepressing Fixed Interval schedules. In condition IT, treadlepressing was reinforced on successive Fixed Interval 60 seconds, Fixed Time 60 seconds and Fixed Interval 60 seconds schedules. Subsequently (condition IK), the same ...

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  • Social discounting: Choice between rewards for other people.

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  • Genomic basis of delayed reward discounting.

    abstract::Delayed reward discounting (DRD) is a behavioral economic measure of impulsivity, reflecting how rapidly a reward loses value based on its temporal distance. In humans, more impulsive DRD is associated with susceptibility to a number of psychiatric diseases (e.g., addiction, ADHD), health outcomes (e.g., obesity), and...

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  • Caution for using ventilatory frequency as an indicator of stress in fish.

    abstract::This study tested the use of ventilatory frequency (VF) as an indicator of stress in the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.). Firstly, we tested the relationship between VF and plasma cortisol after confinement. Confined fish showed higher VF and plasma cortisol levels, but the latter continued to increase signif...

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  • Seasonal variation of reproductive success under female philopatry and male-biased dispersal in a common vole population.

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    abstract::Morphological and behavioural effects of testosterone (T) and of 5 α-dihydrotestosterone (5α-DHT) injected daily for a 3-week period at dosages of 0.5, 1, 5 and 10 mg for T and 1 and 5 mg for α-DHT were studied in the adult male castrated Japanese quail. Injections of 0.5 or 1.0 mg T produced only slight development o...

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  • Les Sequences De Remplacement Chez Ctenodactylus gundi: Competition Ou Cooperation?

    abstract::Ctenodactylus gundi, a colonial rodent inhabiting saharian Atlas, is often seen standing at the top of the rocks. At more or less regular intervals, another conspecific is taking the place of the "resident" animal. This relief impues only amicable reliationships and is to be considered as a kind of cooperation. The fu...

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  • Behavioral contrast of a complex operant.

    abstract::Two experiments were conducted in which pigeons were trained to perform a complex operant consisting of a peck to one key followed by a peck to another key. In the first experment this performance was reinforced on a variable-interval schedule and the birds were then subjected to a multiple schedule in which the varia...

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  • On several factors that control rates of discounting.

    abstract::Discounting occurs when the subjective value of an outcome decreases because its delivery is either delayed or uncertain. Discounting has been widely studied because of its ubiquitous nature. Research from our laboratory has demonstrated that rates of discounting are systematically altered by several different factors...

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