Co-treatment of THP-1 cells with naringenin and curcumin induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis via numerous pathways.


:Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a hematological malignancy with a low survival rate. Curcumin, which is a multi-targeted anticancer agent, has been shown to exert anti‑oxidant, anti‑inflammatory, anti‑mutagenic and anti‑carcinogenic activities. Naringenin is extracted from citrus fruits and exerts anti‑mutagenic and anti‑carcinogenic activities in various types of cancer cells. However, the effects of curcumin and naringenin in combination in AML cells have yet to be studied. The present study aimed to investigate the combination effects of curcumin and naringenin on the viability, cell cycle distribution and apoptosis rate of THP‑1 cells using cell viability assays, flow cytometry, and western blotting. Naringenin enhanced curcumin‑induced apoptosis and cell viability inhibition. In addition, curcumin and naringenin induced cell cycle arrest at S phase and G2/M phase. Numerous pathways, including p53, c‑Jun N‑terminal kinases (JNK), Akt and extracellular signal‑regulated kinases (ERK)1/2 pathways were markedly altered following treatment of THP‑1 cells with curcumin and naringenin. These results indicated that naringenin may enhance curcumin‑induced apoptosis through inhibiting the Akt and ERK pathways, and promoting the JNK and p53 pathways.


Mol Med Rep


Shi D,Xu Y,Du X,Chen X,Zhang X,Lou J,Li M,Zhuo J




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2015-12-01 00:00:00












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