A hybrid imputation approach for microarray missing value estimation.


BACKGROUND:Missing data is an inevitable phenomenon in gene expression microarray experiments due to instrument failure or human error. It has a negative impact on performance of downstream analysis. Technically, most existing approaches suffer from this prevalent problem. Imputation is one of the frequently used methods for processing missing data. Actually many developments have been achieved in the research on estimating missing values. The challenging task is how to improve imputation accuracy for data with a large missing rate. METHODS:In this paper, induced by the thought of collaborative training, we propose a novel hybrid imputation method, called Recursive Mutual Imputation (RMI). Specifically, RMI exploits global correlation information and local structure in the data, captured by two popular methods, Bayesian Principal Component Analysis (BPCA) and Local Least Squares (LLS), respectively. Mutual strategy is implemented by sharing the estimated data sequences at each recursive process. Meanwhile, we consider the imputation sequence based on the number of missing entries in the target gene. Furthermore, a weight based integrated method is utilized in the final assembling step. RESULTS:We evaluate RMI with three state-of-art algorithms (BPCA, LLS, Iterated Local Least Squares imputation (ItrLLS)) on four publicly available microarray datasets. Experimental results clearly demonstrate that RMI significantly outperforms comparative methods in terms of Normalized Root Mean Square Error (NRMSE), especially for datasets with large missing rates and less complete genes. CONCLUSIONS:It is noted that our proposed hybrid imputation approach incorporates both global and local information of microarray genes, which achieves lower NRMSE values against to any single approach only. Besides, this study highlights the need for considering the imputing sequence of missing entries for imputation methods.


BMC Genomics


BMC genomics


Li H,Zhao C,Shao F,Li GZ,Wang X




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  • Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Betula platyphylla: gene organization, RNA editing, and comparative and phylogenetic analyses.

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  • Genomic meta-analysis of growth factor and integrin pathways in chronic kidney transplant injury.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Chronic Allograft Nephropathy (CAN) is a clinical entity of progressive kidney transplant injury. The defining histology is tubular atrophy with interstitial fibrosis (IFTA). Using a meta-analysis of microarrays from 84 kidney transplant biopsies, we revealed growth factor and integrin adhesion molecule path...

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  • Identification of genomic aberrations in hemangioblastoma by droplet digital PCR and SNP microarray highlights novel candidate genes and pathways for pathogenesis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The genetic mechanisms underlying hemangioblastoma development are still largely unknown. We used high-resolution single nucleotide polymorphism microarrays and droplet digital PCR analysis to detect copy number variations (CNVs) in total of 45 hemangioblastoma tumors. RESULTS:We identified 94 CNVs with a m...

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  • Arsenic-induced changes in the gene expression of lung epithelial L2 cells: implications in carcinogenesis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Arsenic is a carcinogen that is known to induce cell transformation and tumor formation. Although studies have been performed to examine the modulation of signaling molecules caused by arsenic exposure, the molecular mechanisms by which arsenic causes cancer are still unclear. We hypothesized that arsenic al...

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  • RNAseq analysis of Aspergillus fumigatus in blood reveals a just wait and see resting stage behavior.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Invasive aspergillosis is started after germination of Aspergillus fumigatus conidia that are inhaled by susceptible individuals. Fungal hyphae can grow in the lung through the epithelial tissue and disseminate hematogenously to invade into other organs. Low fungaemia indicates that fungal elements do not re...

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  • Selective constraint, background selection, and mutation accumulation variability within and between human populations.

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  • Loss of WSTF results in spontaneous fluctuations of heterochromatin formation and resolution, combined with substantial changes to gene expression.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Williams syndrome transcription factor (WSTF) is a multifaceted protein that is involved in several nuclear processes, including replication, transcription, and the DNA damage response. WSTF participates in a chromatin-remodeling complex with the ISWI ATPase, SNF2H, and is thought to contribute to the mainte...

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