Regulatory network changes between cell lines and their tissues of origin.


BACKGROUND:Cell lines are an indispensable tool in biomedical research and often used as surrogates for tissues. Although there are recognized important cellular and transcriptomic differences between cell lines and tissues, a systematic overview of the differences between the regulatory processes of a cell line and those of its tissue of origin has not been conducted. The RNA-Seq data generated by the GTEx project is the first available data resource in which it is possible to perform a large-scale transcriptional and regulatory network analysis comparing cell lines with their tissues of origin. RESULTS:We compared 127 paired Epstein-Barr virus transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs) and whole blood samples, and 244 paired primary fibroblast cell lines and skin samples. While gene expression analysis confirms that these cell lines carry the expression signatures of their primary tissues, albeit at reduced levels, network analysis indicates that expression changes are the cumulative result of many previously unreported alterations in transcription factor (TF) regulation. More specifically, cell cycle genes are over-expressed in cell lines compared to primary tissues, and this alteration in expression is a result of less repressive TF targeting. We confirmed these regulatory changes for four TFs, including SMAD5, using independent ChIP-seq data from ENCODE. CONCLUSIONS:Our results provide novel insights into the regulatory mechanisms controlling the expression differences between cell lines and tissues. The strong changes in TF regulation that we observe suggest that network changes, in addition to transcriptional levels, should be considered when using cell lines as models for tissues.


BMC Genomics


BMC genomics


Lopes-Ramos CM,Paulson JN,Chen CY,Kuijjer ML,Fagny M,Platig J,Sonawane AR,DeMeo DL,Quackenbush J,Glass K




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Most members of the serpin family of proteins are potent, irreversible inhibitors of specific serine or cysteine proteinases. Inhibitory serpins are distinguished from members of other families of proteinase inhibitors by their metastable structure and unique suicide-substrate mechanism. Animal serpins exert...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Crocodilians (Order Crocodylia) are an ancient vertebrate group of tremendous ecological, social, and evolutionary importance. They are the only extant reptilian members of Archosauria, a monophyletic group that also includes birds, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs. Consequently, crocodilian genomes represent a gat...

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  • BioMart--biological queries made easy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Biologists need to perform complex queries, often across a variety of databases. Typically, each data resource provides an advanced query interface, each of which must be learnt by the biologist before they can begin to query them. Frequently, more than one data source is required and for high-throughput ana...

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