The comparison of measurement accuracy among three different imaging modalities in evaluating elastofibroma dorsi. An analysis of 52 cases.


PURPOSE:Elastofibroma dorsi (ED) is a rare soft-tissue tumour. Diagnosis is made using imaging, mainly magnetic resonance due to its higher sensitivity and specificity in soft tissues. No agreement exists when deciding which imaging test must be used. Often multiple tests are made in the same patient, increasing time and costs. The aim of this paper is to compare the usual imaging exams and evaluate which one is the most accurate when diagnosing and measuring ED. METHODS:A retrospective review was made of those patients who were diagnosed and operated for ED since January 2006 to December 2013. Fifty-two ED were included (19 men, 25 women), and eight of them were bilaterally affected. They were divided into three different groups according to the imaging test used: ultrasound (US) computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR). After surgery the pieces were sized and compared with the measurements made by imaging exams. RESULTS:Two hundred fourteen measures were analysed (40 US, 33 CT and 34 MR with their pathological equivalent). When CT group and its corresponding AP were analysed, no significant differences between them were founded (p > 0.05). Moreover, we analysed absolute differences between measures. In the US group a mean difference of 2.23 ± 1.87 cm was obtained. In the CT group, the mean difference was 1.22 ± 0.97 cm. Likewise, the difference of the MR group was 1.62 ± 1.15 cm. CONCLUSIONS:This study demonstrates that the CT obtains a higher correlation than MR when determining the size of ED.


Int Orthop


Minarro JC,Urbano-Luque MT,López-Jordan A,Roman-Torres M,Carpintero-Benítez P




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  • A descriptive study of potential effect of anterior tibial translation, femoral tunnel and anterior cruciate ligament graft inclination on clinical outcome and degenerative changes.

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  • High tibial osteotomy for valgus and varus deformities of the knee.

    abstract::In 53 patients with a mean age of 38 (17-73) years, 71 high tibial osteotomies were performed. Twenty-three patients had no radiological signs of osteoarthrosis (Ahlbäck grade 0), whereas 26 patients had primary and 22 patients secondary osteoarthritis. Follow-up was 10.5 (5.8-16.6) years. The patients without radiolo...

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  • Piriformis muscle syndrome in 19 patients treated by tenotomy--a 1- to 16-year follow-up study.

    abstract::We treated 19 patients with piriformis muscle syndrome. All patients complained of pain in the buttocks and the posterior thigh. Clinically the buttock was tender and passive stretching increased the pain. In ten patients skin sensation was reduced and three had a limp. All patients were treated with tenotomy. At foll...

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    abstract::Joint arthroplasty registries show an increased rate of aseptic loosening in uncemented acetabular components as compared to cemented acetabular components. Since loosening is associated with particulate wear debris, we postulated that uncemented acetabular components demonstrate a higher polyethylene wear rate than c...

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  • Complications of bone lengthening.

    abstract::Bone lengthening is a surgical method which requires meticulous technique, continuous attention, and satisfactory cooperation on the part of the patient. The absence of common criteria makes it difficult both to classify the complications which arise, and to compare them with those of other authors. We report the comp...

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  • Effects of Kinesio taping compared to arterio-venous Impulse System™ on limb swelling and skin temperature after total knee arthroplasty.

    abstract:PURPOSE:It is an established fact that post-operative (p.o.) soft-tissue swelling and lymphoedema after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) have a major influence on the p.o. early functional outcome. Kinesio taping has a proven clinical effect in increasing lymph drainage. Despite the decades of experience gained and the as...

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  • De Quervain's disease. An ultrastructural study.

    abstract::The tendon sheaths of extensor pollicis brevis (EPB) and abductor pollicis longus (APL), obtained from four patients with de Quervain's disease were studied by light and electron microscopy. Three different layers were identified in the sheath which was much thicker than normal. Both the outer and the middle layers ha...

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  • Outcomes of combined hip procedure with dual mobility cup versus osteosynthesis for acetabular fractures in elderly patients: a retrospective observational cohort study of fifty one patients.

    abstract:PURPOSES:Acetabular fractures are more and more common in the elderly. Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) may lead to poor outcomes and high revision rates. Primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) combined with internal fixation, also known as the combined hip procedure (CHP), associated with dual mobility cup (D...

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    abstract::The objective of this study was to select factors related to the prognosis and curative effect for posterolateral fusion (PLF) of lumbar low-grade isthmic spondylolisthesis (LGIS). Of 125 patients who accepted PLF treatment, 119 obtained solid union in this prospective study. Statistical analysis was used to evaluate ...

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  • Gait characteristics before hardware removal in patients operated upon for tibial plateau fractures.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The reporting of gait analysis data on operated fractures of the tibial plateau, while extensive for studies of knee osteoarthritis of mostly undisclosed aetiology and ACL deficient knees, is rather limited in literature. METHODS:In the present study we investigated 25 tibial plateau fractures classified as Sc...

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    abstract::Eleven cases of extra-articular tuberculous osteomyelitis are presented. Eight of the patients were children. Ten were treated by curettage and chemotherapy and the diagnosis proved by histology or positive culture of the tubercle bacillus. One case was diagnosed because she also had tuberculous salpingitis, and she w...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate the effects of genetic factors on idiopathic scoliosis (IS) and genetic modes through genetic epidemiological survey on IS in Chongqing City, China, and to determine whether SH3GL1, GADD45B, and FGF22 in the chromosome 19p13.3 are the pathogenic genes of IS through genetic sequence analysis. MET...

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  • Congenital aplasia of the anterior cruciate ligament. Report of a case in a seven-year-old girl.

    abstract::A seven-year-old girl, whose right knee gave way, was found to have anterolateral instability of the joint associated with congenital aplasia of the anterior cruciate ligament. Instability was present in the final 30 degrees of extension, and has been controlled by a brace which prevented this movement. ...

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  • Osteoid osteoma: the results of surgical treatment.

    abstract::Between 1987 and 1999 we diagnosed and treated 110 patients with osteoid osteoma. Sixty patients were younger than 20 years. One hundred and four patients had characteristic pain at night. The mean duration of symptoms before surgery was 16 months. One hundred and four symptomatic patients were treated operatively wit...

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  • Prevalence of associated injuries after anterior shoulder dislocation: a prospective study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Anterior shoulder dislocation can be associated with many lesions such as Bankart lesions, rotator cuff tears (RCT), Hill-Sachs lesions or greater tuberosity fractures. It has been documented that early management of the associated injury affords better recovery of shoulder function. The aim of this study was t...

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  • Vertically unstable sacral fractures with neurological insult: outcomes of surgical decompression and reconstruction plate internal fixation.

    abstract::During a 4-year period, 32 patients with type C unstable sacral fractures were treated in our university hospital. All patients had neurological deficits as a result of their sacral fracture. The average age was 31.2 (range 22-54) years and the average Hannover Polytrauma Score (PTS) was 24 (range 19-40) points. Twelv...

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  • Fixation of periprosthetic or osteoporotic distal femoral fractures with locking plates: a pilot randomised controlled trial.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:We hypothesised that the use of a polyaxial locking plate design offers the same clinical benefits as a monoaxial locking plate system following distal femoral osteoporotic/periprosthetic fracture fixation. METHOD:A multicentre prospective randomised pilot trial was conducted. Inclusion criteria were pati...

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