Perceived discrimination as a risk factor for Latina/o youth's substance use: do parent- and peer-based communication and relationship resources act as protective factors?


:Based on general strain theory, it was hypothesized that as Latina/o youth experience perceived discrimination, they are more likely to develop acculturation stress and, in turn, more likely to use substances. Two additional hypotheses were set forth to examine how parent- and peer-based communication, relationship, and norm resources may function as buffers, thereby decreasing the likelihood that strained youth will use substances. Latina/o youth (N = 728) from 23 schools in Phoenix, AZ, completed surveys at three waves over 2 years. Structural equation modeling (SEM) results supported the first hypothesis. Yet, contrary to the second hypothesis, neither parent nor peer resources were significant moderators. Implications are discussed for theory and parent- and peer-based prevention research directed at perceived discrimination, acculturation stress, and substance use.


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Kam JA,Cleveland MJ




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