Monitoring of liver glycogen synthesis in diabetic patients using carbon-13 MR spectroscopy.


:To investigate the relationship between liver glucose, glycogen, and plasma glucose in diabetic patients, in vivo liver carbon-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy ((13)C MRS) with a clinical 3.0T MR system was performed. Subjects were healthy male volunteers (n=5) and male type-2 diabetic patients (n=5). Pre- and during oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT), (13)C MR spectra without proton decoupling were acquired in a monitoring period of over 6h, and in total seven spectra were obtained from each subject. For OGTT, 75g of glucose, including 5g of [1-(13)C]glucose, was administered. The MR signals of liver [1-(13)C]glucose and glycogen were detected and their time-course changes were assessed in comparison with the plasma data obtained at screening. The correlations between the fasting plasma glucose level and liver glycogen/glucose rate (Spearman: rho=-0.68, p<0.05, n=10) and the fasting plasma glucose level and liver glycogen peak/fasting rate (Spearman: rho=-0.67, p<0.05, n=10) indicated that (13)C MRS can perform noninvasive measurement of glycogen storage/degradation ability in the liver individually and can assist in tailor-made therapy for diabetes. In conclusion, (13)C MRS has a potential to become a powerful tool in diagnosing diabetes multilaterally.


Eur J Radiol


Tomiyasu M,Obata T,Nishi Y,Nakamoto H,Nonaka H,Takayama Y,Autio J,Ikehira H,Kanno I




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  • Clinical utility of real-time ultrasound-multimodality fusion guidance for percutaneous biopsy of focal liver lesions.

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  • Reject analysis: a pilot programme for image quality management.

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  • Reproducibility--an important factor determining the quality of computer-aided detection (CAD) systems.

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  • Angiographic properties of Gd-DTPA-24-cascade-polymer--a new macromolecular MR contrast agent.

    abstract:PURPOSE:A new macromolecular MR contrast agent, Gd-DTPA-24-cascade-polymer, was assessed for MR angiography of peritumoral vessels in rats. MATERIAL AND METHODS:High resolution 3D-SPGR (TR/TE 100/5ms, alpha = 90 degrees) angiograms were acquired in 10 Fischer rats bearing subcutaneous R3230 mammary adenocarcinomas. MR...

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  • Gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumours (2-5 cm): Correlation of CT features with malignancy and differential diagnosis.

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  • Detection of biliary and vascular anatomy in living liver donors: value of gadobenate dimeglumine enhanced MR and MDCT angiography.

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  • Fulminant hepatic failure in children: etiology, histopathology and MDCT findings.

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  • Complications of percutaneous stereotactic vacuum assisted breast biopsy system utilizing radio frequency.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The Breast Lesion Excision System (BLES) is a novel, automatic breast biopsy device that utilizes radiofrequency to excise suspicious non-palpable mammographic lesions. The purpose of the present prospective study is to report and evaluate the complications of this new technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS:In a t...

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  • Thrombocytopenic thrombotic purpura: severe clinic with no CT, minor MRI, but a SPECT correlate.

    abstract::A 28-year-old woman with primarily therapy refractory TTP was followed neuroradiologically over 6 months. Despite pronounced neurological and neuropsychiatric symptoms including hemiparesis and aphasia she had unremarkable CT scans on two occasions. Three MRI exams showed no correlate for her neurological symptoms exc...

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  • Usefulness of perfusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging with signal-intensity curves analysis in the differential diagnosis of sellar and parasellar tumors: preliminary report.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The most common pituitary tumors are adenomas, which however may be mimicked by other tumors that can show a very similar appearance in plain MRI. The aim of our study was to evaluate the usefulness of perfusion weighted MR imaging (PWI), including signal-intensity curves analysis in the differential diagnosis ...

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  • Diffusion-weighted imaging properties of uterine fibroids pre- and post-uterine fibroid embolisation.

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