Uncovering the meaning of 'being safe' in practice.


:This paper moves away from the prevalent discourse of competence to consider the meaning of the experience of 'being safe' within the context of childbirth. It offers findings from a doctoral study, informed by the philosophies of Heidegger and Gadamer. Following ethical approval, the data was collected in New Zealand by tape-recorded interviews of 5 midwives, 4 obstetricians, 1 general practitioner and 10 women. The method was informed by van Manen. The findings reveal that in seeking the meaning of being safe one needs to be aware that the unsafety may already be present in the situation. Practitioners may be able to do little to rectify the unsafeness. There is, however, a spirit of safe practice, explicated in this paper, that is likely to make practice as safe as it can possibly be. Wise practitioners are ever mindful that a situation may be or become unsafe, and are always aware of their own limitations.


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