Expression and cellular distribution of alpha(v)integrins in beta(1)integrin-deficient embryonic stem cell-derived cardiac cells.


:beta(1)integrin-deficient (beta(1)-/-) ES cells showed increased differentiation of cardiac cells characterized by reduced adhesion and high beating frequency. Whereas in whole embryoid body outgrowths of beta(1)-/- cells maximum levels of alpha(v), beta(3)and beta(5)integrin mRNA were delayed and transiently upregulated, in cardiac clusters isolated from beta(1)-/- cells, only beta(3)integrin mRNA levels were enhanced in comparison to wild-type (wt) cells. To answer the question, whether alpha(v)and beta(3)integrins may compensate, at least partially, the loss of beta(1)integrin function during cardiac differentiation, the distribution of alpha(v)and beta(3)integrins in beta(1)-/- and wt pacemaker-like cardiac cells was analyzed. A different distribution of alpha(v)and beta(3)integrins in beta(1)-/- v wt cardiac cells was found. In wt cardiac cells, beta(1)integrin was localized in specialized subsarcolemmal regions, in particular, at focal contacts and costameres, but alpha(v)integrin was diffusely distributed. In contrast, in beta(1)-/- cardiac cells, alpha(v)integrin was preponderantly localized at cell membranes, focal contacts and costameres. beta(3)integrin displayed a diffuse pattern both in wt and in beta(1)-/- pacemaker-like cells at early differentiation stages, whereas at terminal stages, beta(3)was colocalized with sarcomeres in wt, but not in beta(1)-/- pacemaker-like cells. Quantitative immunofluorescence analysis revealed increased alpha(v)and beta(3)integrin levels in beta(1)-/- pacemaker-like cardiac cells. Our results led us to conclude that altered cellular distribution of alpha(v)integrin and upregulation of beta(3)integrin correlate with growth and survival of beta(1)-/- cardiac pacemaker-like cells at an early developmental state. However, alpha(v)and beta(3)integrins cannot functionally compensate the loss of beta(1)integrin during terminal differentiation of cardiac cells implicating that cardiomyocytes require specific beta(1)integrin functions for cardiac specialization.


J Mol Cell Cardiol


Guan K,Czyz J,Fürst DO,Wobus AM





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2001-03-01 00:00:00














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  • Both Na+-K+ ATPase and Na +-H+ exchanger are immediately active upon post-ischemic reperfusion in isolated rat hearts.

    abstract::Limited time resolution has hampered proper evaluation of changes in intracellular Na+ (Na+i) in whole hearts upon post-ischemic reperfusion. In isolated rat hearts perfused at 37 degrees C, we studied the contribution of the Na+-K+ ATPase and the Na+-H+ exchanger to control of Na+i during reperfusion using 23Na NMR a...

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  • Glibenclamide does not prevent action potential shortening induced by ischemia in anesthetized rabbits but reduces ischemia-induced arrhythmias.

    abstract::The possible ischemia-selective Class III anti-arrhythmic action (selective action potential widening in ischemia) of the IKATP blocker glibenclamide was assessed in anesthetized rabbits during ischemia induced by complete occlusion of a coronary artery. Coronary artery occlusion caused an initial prolongation in mono...

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  • Angiotensin II potentiates DNA synthesis in AT-1 transformed cardiomyocytes.

    abstract::Angiotensin II has been shown to be mitogenic in various cell types. In cultured neonatal cardiomyocytes, we have demonstrated that angiotensin II causes hypertrophy, not hyperplasia. However, fetal or neonatal cardiomyocytes exhibit limited proliferation in primary culture, and are mitotically less potent. In order t...

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  • 17-beta-Estradiol decreases p38 MAPK-mediated myocardial inflammation and dysfunction following acute ischemia.

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