Prediction of physician visits and prescription medicine use for back pain.


:The primary purpose of this study was to examine the extent to which specific patient attitudes and beliefs about medical care and self-care for back pain predict future healthcare use. An automated database allowed examination of the predictive relationships in two primary care patient samples. In general, beliefs that physicians should find a definitive cause and permanent cure for back pain predicted neither physician visits nor prescription medication fills. Patient attitudes endorsing the benefits of medical treatment for back pain (as opposed to a permanent cure) predicted the use of these specific healthcare services. In a third sample of primary care back pain patients, we assessed whether a four-session self-care intervention modified those attitudes and beliefs shown to predict future healthcare use. The group intervention was associated with changes in attitudes about use of physician services but not medication use. A secondary purpose was to examine initial psychometric properties of a proposed back pain Self-Care Orientation Scale made up of the original 11 items. Factor analyses of the item set yielded three factors, but inconclusive results; the internal consistency of the identified sub-scales was only moderate. However, findings that a subset of items predicted physician visits and prescriptions medication fills, and was sensitive to change following a self-care intervention, suggest avenues for improving measurement of self-care orientation. These findings help clarify specific patient attitudes and beliefs that are related to healthcare utilization and suggest that a subset of these beliefs can be modified through a brief educational intervention.






Saunders KW,Von Korff M,Pruitt SD,Moore JE





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