Risk indicators of aggressive periodontitis in a Jordanian population.


BACKGROUND:Knowledge of the risk indicators of aggressive periodontitis (AgP) will help clinicians to better diagnose the disease, put a treatment plan that involves modification of modifiable risk indicators, understand non-modifiable risk indicators, and may potentially serve as an aid in developing preventive programs. The objective of the present study was to assess risk indicators of aggressive periodontitis (AgP) in Jordan including socio-demographic factors, oral hygiene habits, smoking, family history and parents' consanguinity. METHODS:A total of 162 patients (81 AgP and 81 controls), attending the Periodontology clinic at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Dental Teaching Centre, were interviewed and examined. All AgP subjects had full periodontal and radiographic examination. The data recorded included socio-demographic and economic variables, oral hygiene and smoking habits, family history and parents' consanguinity. RESULTS:Most AgP patients were young females, had ≤12 years of education, lived in urban areas and brushed their teeth ≥ once daily. Risk indicators of AgP included: age > 35 years, female gender and positive family history. CONCLUSIONS:Risk indicators associated with AgP in this study population were: age > 35 years, female gender and positive family history of periodontal disease.


BMC Oral Health


BMC oral health


Ababneh KT,Maslamani MJ,Abbadi MS,Taha AH,Karasneh JA,Sa'di AG,Khader YS




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