Feasibility and validity of the Health Status Classification System-Preschool (HSCS-PS) in a large community sample: the Generation R study.


OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the feasibility, discriminant validity and concurrent validity of the Health Status Classification System-Preschool (HSCS-PS) in children aged 3 years in a large community sample in the Netherlands. DESIGN/SETTING:A prospective population-based cohort in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. PARTICIPANTS:A questionnaire was administrated to a sample of parents of 4546 children (36.7±1.5 months). OUTCOME MEASURES:Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of children was measured by HSCS-PS. The HSCS-PS consists of 10 original domains. Two single-item measures of 'General health' and 'Behavior' were added. A disability score was calculated by summing up all 10 original domains to describe the overall health status. Feasibility was assessed by the response rate, percentages of missing answers, score distributions and the presence of floor/ceiling effects. Discriminant validity was analysed between subgroups with predefined conditions: low birth weight, preterm birth, wheezing, Ear-Nose-Throat surgical procedures and behaviour problems. In the absence of another HRQOL measure, this study uses the single-items 'General health' and 'Behavior' as a first step to evaluate concurrent validity of the HSCS-PS. RESULTS:Feasibility: response rate was 69%. Ceiling effects were observed in all domains. Discriminant validity: the disability score discriminated clearly between subgroups of children born with a 'very low birth weight', 'very preterm birth', with 'four or more than four times wheezing', 'at least one ear-nose-throat surgical procedures', 'behaviour problems present' and the 'reference' group. Concurrent validity: HSCS-PS domains correlated better with hypothesised parallel additional domains than with other non-hypothesised original domains. CONCLUSIONS:This study supports the feasibility and validity of the HSCS-PS among preschoolers in community settings. We recommend developing a utility-based scoring algorithm for the HSCS-PS. Further empirical studies and repeated evaluations in varied populations are recommended.


BMJ Open


BMJ open


Fang X,Bai G,Windhorst DA,Feeny D,Saigal S,Duijts L,Jaddoe VWV,Hu S,Jin C,Raat H




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