Spontaneous-curvature theory of clathrin-coated membranes.


:Clathrin-coated membranes are precursors to coated vesicles in the receptor-mediated endocytic pathway. In this paper we present a physical model for the first steps of the transformation of a clathrin-coated membrane into a coated vesicle. The theory is based on in vitro cytoplasmic acidification experiments of Heuser (J. Cell Biol. 108:401-411) that suggest the transformation proceeds by changes in the chemical environment of the clathrin lattice, wherein the chemical environment determines the amount of intrinsic, or spontaneous, curvature of the network. We show that a necessary step of the transformation, formation of free pentagons in the clathrin network, can proceed via dislocation unbinding, driven by changes in the spontaneous curvature. Dislocation unbinding is shown to favor formation of coated vesicles that are quite small compared to those predicted by the current continuum theories, which do not include the topology of the clathrin lattice.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Mashl RJ,Bruinsma RF




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1998-06-01 00:00:00














  • Effects of pH on myofibrillar ATPase activity in fast and slow skeletal muscle fibers of the rabbit.

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  • Intrinsic shortening speed of temperature-jump-activated intact muscle fibers. Effects of varying osmotic pressure with sucrose and KCl.

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    abstract::beta-Lactamase, which catalyzes beta-lactam antibiotics, is prototypical of large alpha/beta proteins with a scaffolding formed by strong noncovalent interactions. Experimentally, the enzyme is well characterized, and intermediates that are slightly less compact and having nearly the same content of secondary structur...

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  • A cellular screening assay using analysis of metal-modified fluorescence lifetime.

    abstract::Current methods for screening cell receptor internalization often require complex image analysis with limited sensitivity. Here we describe a novel bioassay based on detection of changes in global fluorescence lifetime above a gold substrate, with superresolution axial sensitivity and no need for image analysis. We sh...

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  • The effect of thin filament activation on the attachment of weak binding cross-bridges: A two-dimensional x-ray diffraction study on single muscle fibers.

    abstract::To study possible structural changes in weak cross-bridge attachment to actin upon activation of the thin filament, two-dimensional (2D) x-ray diffraction patterns of skinned fibers from rabbit psoas muscle were recorded at low and high calcium concentration in the presence of saturating concentrations of MgATPgammaS,...

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