Appendectomy and tonsillectomy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.


:Recent reports of reduced appendectomy rates in patients with ulcerative colitis have not distinguished between primary appendectomy (surgery for appendicitis) and incidental appendectomy (removal of the appendix for other reasons). In the present case control study, we examined the frequency of primary appendectomy in subjects with ulcerative colitis (n = 197) and Crohn's disease (n = 117) compared to a control group of dermatology outpatients (n = 243). A reduced rate of primary appendectomy was found in the ulcerative colitis group (adjusted odds ratio 0.20, 95% confidence intervals 0.070-0.53, p < 0.0005) but not in the Crohn's disease patients (adjusted odds ratio 0.93, 95% confidence intervals 0.39-2.18, p = NS). These data suggest that appendicitis occurs less commonly than would be expected in individuals who develop ulcerative colitis. Environmental or immunoregulatory factors may be responsible. Tonsillectomy rates were also examined in each study group, but no overall differences were found between patients with inflammatory bowel disease and controls.


J Clin Gastroenterol


Smithson JE,Radford-Smith G,Jewell GP




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    abstract::The intensity of diagnostic workup of patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related chronic diarrhea is controversial. In the ideal setting in which an enteric pathogen is detected with minimal evaluation (stool tests) and in which specific treatment clears the diarrhea, eradicates the pathogen, and improve...

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  • Eleven-year survey of safety and efficacy of endoscopic injection sclerotherapy using 2% sodium tetradecyl sulfate and contrast medium.

    abstract::We conducted a retrospective 11-year survey to evaluate the post-treatment course in 285 patients with esophagogastric varices following administration of endoscopic injection sclerotherapy as an emergency, elective, or prophylactic procedure using freshly prepared 2% sodium tetradecyl sulfate not containing benzyl al...

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  • Mucosal healing in inflammatory bowel disease.

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  • Epidemiology of bloodstream infections in patients receiving long-term total parenteral nutrition.

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