Acute hepatotoxicity from ingestion of yellow phosphorus-containing fireworks.


:We reviewed 15 cases of poisoning from ingestion of yellow phosphorus-containing fireworks and analyzed its associated acute hepatotoxic effects. Two patients (13%) had no clinical or biochemical evidence of hepatic damage, four (27%) had subclinical hepatic injury, five (33%) manifested varying degrees of hepatocellular necrosis and cholestasis, and four (27%) had fulminant hepatic failure. Jaundice was not associated with mortality (p > 0.05), but it appeared to predict the length of hospital confinement. Early elevations in transaminase and alkaline phosphatase, a more than tenfold increase in alanine aminotransferase, and a severe derangement in prothrombin time all indicate poor prognosis. Metabolic acidosis and hypoglycemia were significantly associated with mortality (p < 0.01 and p < 0.05, respectively). The use of intravenous N-acetylcysteine did not significantly alter disease outcome (p > 0.05). Our mortality rate was 27%, confirming that yellow phosphorus is extremely lethal when ingested. Its indiscriminate use in the manufacture of fireworks should be eliminated.


J Clin Gastroenterol


Fernandez OU,Canizares LL




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1995-09-01 00:00:00












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  • Same-day Versus Split-dose Bowel Preparation Before Colonoscopy: A Meta-analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Split-dose regimens (SpDs) were recommended as a first choice for bowel preparation, whereas same-day regimens (SaDs) were recommended as an alternative; however, randomized trials compared them with mixed results. The meta-analysis was aimed at clarifying efficacy level between the 2 regimens. MATERIALS AN...

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  • Necrotizing granulomatous gastritis and gastric perforation of unknown etiology: a first case report.

    abstract::A unique case of granulomatous gastritis of unknown etiology is reported. The patient, a 43-year-old Haitian woman, suffered a gastric perforation from a disease process limited to the stomach. The stomach was markedly enlarged and edematous with transmural, serpiginous granulomatous tracks throughout the gastric wall...

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    abstract::Cetirizine, a human metabolite of hydroxyzine, is a selective H1-receptor antagonist currently approved for the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis, perennial allergic rhinitis, and chronic urticaria. In U.S. clinical trials, transient reversible hepatic transaminase elevations were observed in <2% of patients dur...

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  • Occult carcinoma of the breast masquerading as primary adenocarcinoma of the small intestine. A case report.

    abstract::A fifty-year-old woman with abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight loss ultimately required exploratory laparotomy. The entire small intestine was extensively infiltrated by poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma; mesenteric lymph nodes and surrounding omentum were involved, but no extragastrointestinal tumor was found. A...

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  • Serous cystadenoma in communication with the pancreatic duct: an unusual radiologic and pathologic entity.

    abstract::Cross-sectional imaging is frequently used in the diagnosis of pancreatic cysts, but there can be overlap in radiographic appearance. We present a case of a patient with presumed intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) who was ultimately found to have a serous cystadenoma in communication with the pancreatic du...

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  • Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis in AIDS-associated cryptosporidiosis. More than an incidental finding?

    abstract::A 34-year-old man with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) developed pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis associated with an intestinal infection with Cryptosporidium organisms. The pneumatosis resolved upon treatment of the cryptosporidiosis with paromomycin and clofazimine. Four other cases of benign pneumatosis...

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  • Liver tests in hyperthyroidism: effect of antithyroid therapy.

    abstract::Changes in liver biochemical test results have been described in hyperthyroid patients before and after antithyroid therapy. In the present study, we analyzed liver tests at diagnosis and after 6 weeks of treatment with propylthiouracil (PTU) in 43 patients with hyperthyroidism. At diagnosis, 60.5% of the patients had...

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  • Celiac (solar) plexus syndrome. A frequently overlooked source of abdominal pain.

    abstract::Of the nonorganic abdominal disorders the celiac/solar plexus syndrome represents a frequently seen entity characterized by the typical association of epigastric pain and "lambda-type" tenderness. It is a special type of abdominal neurosis in which the pain arises in the periaortic nervous plexuses. Its clinical impor...

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