[Prenatal care, low birth weight and prematurity in São Paulo State, Brazil, 2000].


OBJECTIVE:The historical evolution of infant mortality rate and neonatal mortality according to birth weight and term of delivery in the state of S o Paulo are presented to assess the role of the number of prenatal visits and others factors for determining mortality. METHODS:Based on data available from the Seade Institute of Vital Statistics, four variables (maternal age, marital status, education, and childbirth order) were analyzed and divided into two categories according to the relative risk of low birth weight and/or preterm prevalence. Sixteen specific groups were created from crossing the four variables into two categories. Low birth weight and/or preterm prevalence per number of prenatal visits and the relative risk were calculated for all sixteen groups. RESULTS:For all sixteen groups, the higher the number of prenatal visits the lower the prevalence of low birth weight and/or prematurity. Additionally, there was an overall reduction of the difference of low birth weight and/or preterm prevalence among the 16 groups from 14% to 4% with an increase from 0-3 to 7 visits or more. CONCLUSIONS:Due to the current infant mortality composition in the state of Sao Paulo, increasing the number of prenatal visits and accessibility of women at risk would probably lead to a reduction in intrauterine growth retardation, prematurity, low birth weight and deaths associated to conditions originated in the perinatal period.


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  • [Psychoactive drug advertising: analysis of scientific information].

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  • [Analysis of the reliability of the declaration of cancer as the basic cause of death in Salvador, Brazil].

    abstract::The accuracy of the cancer mortality figures was determined by comparing the underlying causes of death as coded on death certificates with pathology reports and hospital diagnoses of a sample of 966 deaths of the total deaths occurring in Salvador during 1983. The death certificates were found to be accurate in 65% o...

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  • Psychometric properties of BREALD-30 for assessing adolescents' oral health literacy.

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  • [Child and adolescent mortality due to external causes: trends from 1979 to 1995].

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  • [Age as a prognostic factor in early breast cancer].

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  • [RC-IAL: rabbit kidney continuous cell line--characteristics and substrate for viral replication].

    abstract::A rabbit kidney cell line RC-IAL, isolated in 1976 and at present at 150a passage, has had its characteristics analysed. The cells presented morphology similar to fibroblasts throughout their culture. The cellular growth proportion remained unaltered from its isolation, with a cloning efficiency of around 9%. The line...

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  • [Frequency and determinants of breastfeeding in the State of São Paulo, Brazil].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To meet the information need of Brazilian municipalities concerning breastfeeding practices as part of health care planning, a study was carried out to describe breastfeeding and to identify weaning-related factors. METHODS:Of all municipalities in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, openly called to participate...

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  • [Influence of grandmothers on breastfeeding practices].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the influence of grandmothers on breastfeeding practices. METHODS:This was a prospective study on 601 mothers of normal babies born in a university hospital in the city of Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul. Data were collected in the maternity ward and at home, one, two, four and six months ...

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  • Profile of general hospitals in the Unified Health System.

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  • Restrictive measure for the commercialization of antimicrobials in Brazil: results achieved.

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  • Green spaces and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

    abstract::OBJECTIVE Investigate the association between exposure to green spaces and mortality from ischemic heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and the role of socioeconomic status in this relationship, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. METHODS Ecological study, with the census tracts as unit of analysis. This study used ...

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  • [Ethnography of individuals in psychological distress].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To asses how people with mental disorders experience their special needs and interact with the community in public urban places. METHODOLOGY:The research was performed in the city of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, using ethnography as the theoretical methodological approach. As of the study of one s...

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  • Evidence-based decision making and promotion of physical activity among directors of local health departments.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe the steps involved in evidence-based decision making for the implementation of programs aimed at the promotion of physical activity. METHODS:It is a descriptive, cross-sectional study with quali-quantitative approach, held with municipal health secretaries chosen deliberately by regional health r...

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  • [Evaluation of epidemiologic surveillance practice in the public health service in Brazil].

    abstract::The results of a process evaluation of the epidemiological surveillance activities in 948 health units, situated in 98 of the most populated cities of each State in the country are presented. The survey was conducted towards the end of 1985. The following aspects were analyzed: information system, data analysis, epide...

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  • Predictive model of unfavorable outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the temporal trend, identify the factors related and elaborate a predictive model for unfavorable treatment outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). METHODS:Retrospective cohort study with all cases diagnosed with MDR-TB between the years 2006 and 2015 in the state of São Paulo. The...

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  • [Evaluation of population data quality and coverage of registration of deaths for the Brazilian regions].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The evaluation of the quality of population data and coverage of death statistics for all Federal Brazilian Units by sex in 1990. METHODS:The population data came from censuses and the recorded death data from "Fundação Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística" and the Health Ministry. The population ...

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  • Adequate control of hypertension among older adults: ELSI-Brazil.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To estimate the prevalence of adequate control of hypertension among older adults and to examine its association with predisposing and enabling factors and the need to use health services. METHODS:The analysis was carried out with 4,148 participants (≥ 50 years) from the baseline of the Brazilian Longitudina...

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  • Studies on mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) and anthropic environment. 7-behaviour of adults Nyssorhynchus anophelines with special reference to Anopheles albitarsis s.l. in south-eastern Brazil.

    abstract::Results obtained with catches performed at several sites of the Ribeira Valley, SP (Brazil) are reported. Collections with Shannon type traps showed a concentration of An.albitarsis s.l. in the Experimental Farm of Pariquera-Açu County, associated with the development of irrigated rice cultivation. Two species of the ...

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  • [Population-based study of the epidemiology of diagnostic test ordering].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify type of service, frequency, and individual patient determinants associated with diagnostic test ordering in medical appointments. METHODS:A population-based study included 3,100 adults aged 20 years or older, living in the city of Pelotas, Southern Brazil. Sampling was carried out in multiple sta...

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  • [Evaluation of the quality of mortality information by unspecified accidents and events of undetermined intent].

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Mortality data are important for monitoring violence, making it possible to assess the trends and the impact of interventions towards its reduction. The objective of the study is to assess the quality of the filling out and codification of the death certificates for unspecified accidents and events of unde...

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  • Work ability of military police officers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the prevalence of work ability (WA) and describe characteristics of the subgroup with poor WA among military police officers. METHODS:A descriptive and cross-sectional study with 329 male military police officers engaged in street patrolling in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, selected by proportionate ...

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  • [Validity of the Portuguese version of Clinical Dementia Rating].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the validity of the Portuguese version of the Clinical Dementia Rating for classifying the cognitive function among the elderly. METHODS:The Mini Mental State Examination was utilized as a screening method for cognitive deficit among a cohort of 424 elderly. All those who scored <26 points (108 e...

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  • Impact of stressful life events on central adiposity in the Pelotas Birth Cohort.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate how stressful life events and social support relate to central adiposity in Southern Brazil. METHODS:Data included information from 802 participants in the 1982 Pelotas Birth Cohort that was collect in 2004-2005 and 2006. Stratifying by sex, we studied self-reported stressful life events durin...

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  • Difficulties encountered in a community-based study of acute respiratory infections in Uruguay.

    abstract::A cohort study on acute respiratory infections, involving 270 children observed by pediatricians in their homes every 10 days over a period of 32 months, gave the opportunity to experience logistic and methodological problems seldom described in the literature. The purpose of this article is to alert researchers as to...

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  • [Health and environment: an analysis of intra-urban differences focusing on the city of São Paulo, Brazil].

    abstract::A project concerned with the study of intra-urban health differentials in S. Paulo city, Brazil, is described. A brief outline of urban problems in the city is presented, followed by a review of the locally published literature on the subject of geographical differentials (stratification by socioeconomic status and en...

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  • [Trends of mortality from avoidable causes and expansion of municipal health resources in a southern Brazilian city].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:An assessment of the evolution of the profile of mortality from avoidable diseases, in the municipality of Maringá, PR (Brazil), 1980 through 1993, as related to the quality of health attendance. METHODS:Based on the proposal to study caregiving results, eleven causes of avoidable deaths were selected. The e...

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