Factor analysis and the cerebral hemispheres: temporal, occipital and frontal functions.


:Three experiments are reported that use a number of lateralized tasks believed to draw on processes localized to the temporal, occipital or frontal lobes. Oblique factor analyses of the resultant asymmetries indicate the existence of nine lateralized functions, characterized as auditory lexical, facial figural, facial motive, spatial attentive, spatial positional, spatial quantitative, tactile figural, visual lexical, and visual phonetic in nature. Most functions are uncorrelated, but as in an earlier report (Boles, Neuropsychologia 29, 59-91, 1991), both positive and negative correlations are observed. These outcomes continue to be consistent with neurodevelopmental theory, and inconsistent with lateralization strength, hemisphericity, and independence views of individual differences in lateralization.






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  • Working memory and reward association learning impairments in obesity.

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  • Cluster analysis reveals at least three, and possibly five distinct handedness groups.

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  • Impaired word-stem completion priming but intact perceptual identification priming with novel words: evidence from the amnesic patient H.M.

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  • Spatial and non-spatial working memory at different stages of Parkinson's disease.

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  • Are planum temporale and sylvian fissure asymmetries directly related? A MRI study in great apes.

    abstract::In humans and great apes, both the planum temporale (PT-part of Wernicke's area) and the sylvian fissure (SF) in the left cerebral hemisphere have been consistently shown to be larger than the corresponding structures in the right hemisphere. The greater length of the SF in the left hemisphere is commonly thought to b...


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  • Hemispheric dominance for visuospatial attention does not predict the direction of pseudoneglect.

    abstract::Pseudoneglect refers to a tendency of neurologically healthy individuals to produce leftward perceptual biases during spatial tasks, which is traditionally measured using line bisection tasks. This behavioral asymmetry is often explained as a consequence of right hemispheric dominance for visuospatial attention. The p...


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  • Similarities and differences between parietal and frontal patients in autobiographical and constructed experience tasks.

    abstract::Recent findings suggest that constructed experience, the ability to envision future events, activates the same cortical network as recollection of past events. For example, damage to one key area, the hippocampus, impairs patients' ability to remember the past and to imagine novel experiences (Hassabis, Kumaran, Vann,...


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  • Common variation within the SETBP1 gene is associated with reading-related skills and patterns of functional neural activation.

    abstract::Epidemiological population studies highlight the presence of substantial individual variability in reading skill, with approximately 5-10% of individuals characterized as having specific reading disability (SRD). Despite reported substantial heritability, typical for a complex trait, the specifics of the connections b...


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  • The effects of TMS over dorsolateral prefrontal cortex on trans-saccadic memory of multiple objects.

    abstract::Humans typically make several rapid eye movements (saccades) per second. It is thought that visual working memory can retain and spatially integrate three to four objects or features across each saccade but little is known about this neural mechanism. Previously we showed that transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) t...


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  • Hemispace differences in the visual perception of size in left hemiParkinson's disease.

    abstract::The visual perception of size in different regions of external space was studied in Parkinson's disease (PD). A group of patients with worse left-sided symptoms (LPD) was compared with a group with worse right-sided symptoms (RPD) and with a group of age-matched controls on judgements of the relative height or width o...


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    authors: Harris JP,Atkinson EA,Lee AC,Nithi K,Fowler MS

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  • Patients with hippocampal amnesia successfully integrate gesture and speech.

    abstract::During conversation, people integrate information from co-speech hand gestures with information in spoken language. For example, after hearing the sentence, "A piece of the log flew up and hit Carl in the face" while viewing a gesture directed at the nose, people tend to later report that the log hit Carl in the nose ...


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    authors: Hilverman C,Clough SA,Duff MC,Cook SW

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  • Autonomy of lower-level perception from global processing in autism: evidence from brain activation and functional connectivity.

    abstract::Previous behavioral studies have shown that individuals with autism are less hindered by interference from global processing during the performance of lower-level perceptual tasks, such as finding embedded figures. The primary goal of this study was to examine the brain manifestation of such atypicality in high-functi...


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  • Problem-solving without awareness: an ERP investigation.

    abstract::When subjects are given the balls-and-boxes problem-solving task (Kotovsky & Simon, 1990), they move rapidly towards the goal after an extended exploratory phase, despite having no awareness of how to solve the task. We investigated possible non-conscious learning mechanisms by giving subjects three runs of the task w...


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    authors: Paynter CA,Kotovsky K,Reder LM

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  • Interhemispheric cooperation for familiar but not unfamiliar face processing.

    abstract::Evidence for interhemispheric cooperation during language processing has been demonstrated for words, but not for meaningless pseudowords. Specifically, responses were found to be faster and more accurate when identical copies of a word were presented bilaterally to both hemispheres, relative to unilateral single pres...


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    authors: Mohr B,Landgrebe A,Schweinberger SR

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  • Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on behaviour and electrophysiology of language production.

    abstract::Excitatory anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (A-tDCS) over the left dorsal prefrontal cortex (DPFC) has been shown to improve language production. The present study examined neurophysiological underpinnings of this effect. In a single-blinded within-subject design, we traced effects of A-tDCS compared to ...


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    authors: Wirth M,Rahman RA,Kuenecke J,Koenig T,Horn H,Sommer W,Dierks T

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  • Orbitofrontal and hippocampal contributions to memory for face-name associations: the rewarding power of a smile.

    abstract::Memory processes can be enhanced by reward, and social signals such a smiling face can be rewarding to humans. Using event-related functional MRI (fMRI), we investigated the rewarding effect of a simple smile during the encoding and retrieval of face-name associations. During encoding, participants viewed smiling or n...


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    authors: Tsukiura T,Cabeza R

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  • Hemispheric asymmetry in event knowledge activation during incremental language comprehension: A visual half-field ERP study.

    abstract::During incremental language comprehension, the brain activates knowledge of described events, including knowledge elements that constitute semantic anomalies in their linguistic context. The present study investigates hemispheric asymmetries in this process, with the aim of advancing our understanding of the neural ba...


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  • Reading about the actions of others: biological motion imagery and action congruency influence brain activity.

    abstract::Prior neuroimaging research has implicated regions within and near the posterior superior temporal sulcus (pSTS) in the visual processing of biological motion and of the intentions implied by specific movements. However, it is unknown whether this region is engaged during the processing of human motion at a conceptual...


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  • A cognitive activation study of memory for spatial relationships.

    abstract::Twelve neurologically normal right-handed subjects were asked to remember the locations of eight representational drawings, presented one at a time, together with two landmarks (white squares), on a computer screen. Subjects were then scanned using positron emission tomography (PET) while performing forced-choice reco...


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    authors: Johnsrude IS,Owen AM,Crane J,Milner B,Evans AC

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  • Saccadic distractibility in first-episode schizophrenia.

    abstract::In the antisaccade paradigm, subjects are instructed to fixate a central point, and then move their eyes towards a position in space in the opposite direction but equidistant to a peripheral, sudden onset target. Antisaccade errors occur when subjects are "distracted" by the target and make a saccade towards it. These...


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    authors: Hutton SB,Joyce EM,Barnes TR,Kennard C

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  • Switching direction affects switching costs: Behavioral, ERP and time-frequency analyses of intra-sentential codeswitching.

    abstract::Bilinguals have the unique ability to produce utterances that switch between languages. Most language switching research has focused on isolated, unrelated items, which emphasizes separation of the languages. Fewer studies examined the cognitive and neural mechanisms of switching languages in natural discourse. The pr...


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    authors: Litcofsky KA,Van Hell JG

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  • Emotion recognition in Huntington's disease and frontotemporal dementia.

    abstract::A well-documented feature of Huntington's disease (HD) is disproportionate impairment in the ability to recognise the emotional expression of disgust. However, this finding has been challenged by studies that report no differential disgust impairment and attribute apparent differences across emotions to task difficult...


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    authors: Snowden JS,Austin NA,Sembi S,Thompson JC,Craufurd D,Neary D

    更新日期:2008-09-01 00:00:00

  • Influence of different types of grasping on the transport component of prehension movements.

    abstract::The main aim of the present study was to clarify whether different types of grasping may affect the transport component of prehension movements. To this purpose two experiments were carried out. In the first experiment the kinematics of arm movements (transport and manipulation components) were studied in eight normal...


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    authors: Gentilucci M,Castiello U,Corradini ML,Scarpa M,Umiltà C,Rizzolatti G

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  • Gender agreement violations modulate beta oscillatory dynamics during sentence comprehension: A comparison of second language learners and native speakers.

    abstract::For native speakers, many studies suggest a link between oscillatory neural activity in the beta frequency range and syntactic processing. For late second language (L2) learners on the other hand, the extent to which the neural architecture supporting syntactic processing is similar to or different from that of native...


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    authors: Lewis AG,Lemhӧfer K,Schoffelen JM,Schriefers H

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  • Exploring the relationship between cerebellar asymmetry and handedness in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and capuchins (Cebus apella).

    abstract::A comparative study of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) cerebellar asymmetry and its relationship to handedness was conducted. Magnetic resonance images of the brain and behavioral data on a coordinated bimanual task were obtained from 16 chimpanzees and 11 capuchins. Chimpanzees display...


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  • Dissociation of subtraction and multiplication in the right parietal cortex: evidence from intraoperative cortical electrostimulation.

    abstract::Previous research has consistently shown that the left parietal cortex is critical for numerical processing, but the role of the right parietal lobe has been much less clear. This study used the intraoperative cortical electrical stimulation approach to investigate neural dissociation in the right parietal cortex for ...


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  • Intact memory for implicit contextual information in Korsakoff's amnesia.

    abstract::Implicit contextual learning is the ability to acquire contextual information from our surroundings without conscious awareness. Such contextual information facilitates the localization of objects in space. In a typical implicit contextual learning paradigm, subjects need to find a target among a number of distractors...


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    authors: Oudman E,Van der Stigchel S,Wester AJ,Kessels RP,Postma A

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  • Motor and phosphene thresholds: a transcranial magnetic stimulation correlation study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the stability of visual phosphene thresholds and to assess whether they correlate with motor thresholds. BACKGROUND:Currently, motor threshold is used as an index of cortical sensitivity so that in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) experiments, intensity can be set at a given percentage ...


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  • Does the previous trial affect lateralized lexical decision?

    abstract::We investigated the effect of previous trial variables on performance in the current trial in a lexical decision task with unilateral presentation of one letter string or bilateral simultaneous presentation of two different letter strings, one cued to be processed (target) and the other uncued, to be ignored (distract...


    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Iacoboni M,Rayman J,Zaidel E

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  • Selective attention to facial emotion and identity in schizophrenia.

    abstract::The selective attention to facial emotion and identity was investigated in 12 patients with schizophrenia and 12 healthy participants. Both patients and controls were required to perform two classification tasks (according either to identity or emotion). Two separate values for identity (person A/person B) and for emo...


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    authors: Baudouin JY,Martin F,Tiberghien G,Verlut I,Franck N

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