Project FLAVOR: 1-Year Outcomes of a Multicultural, School-Based Smoking Prevention Curriculum for Adolescents.


:To evaluate a multicultural smoking prevention curriculum, 16 schools were randomized to receive the multicultural curriculum or a standard curriculum and program effects on 1-year smoking initiation among 1430 never smokers were assessed. Hispanic boys who received the multicultural curriculum were less likely to initiate smoking than were those who received the standard curriculum; effects were insignificant among other groups. The prevention effect among Hispanic boys is encouraging, but additional research is needed to improve prevention effects among other groups.


Am J Public Health


Unger JB,Chou CP,Palmer PH,Ritt-Olson A,Gallaher P,Cen S,Lichtman K,Azen S,Johnson CA




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    abstract::Results from a random sample survey of US Air Force personnel show that 4.6 per cent exhibit alcohol dependence, indicated by symptoms of withdrawal and impaired control over drinking. An additional 9.3 per cent can be identified as nondependent alcohol abusers, indicated by serious adverse effects of drinking (such a...

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  • Association between nonspecific severe psychological distress as an indicator of serious mental illness and increasing levels of medical multimorbidity.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We sought to determine whether severe psychological distress (SPD) and serious mental illnesses (SMIs) are associated with a specific set of chronic medical conditions (CMCs) and the association between SPD-SMIs and increasing levels of medical multimorbidity and complexity (i.e., from 1 to 3 or more CMCs). ...

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  • Relevance of the "Immigrant Health Paradox" for the Health of Arab Americans in California.

    abstract::Objectives. To assess the validity of the immigrant health paradox among Arab Americans in California.Methods. We used data from the 2003 to 2017 California Health Interview Survey (n = 1425). We used survey-weighted χ2 and logistic regression analyses to compare Arabs by immigrant generation on socioeconomic indicato...

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  • Postneoliberal Public Health Care Reforms: Neoliberalism, Social Medicine, and Persistent Health Inequalities in Latin America.

    abstract::Several Latin American countries are implementing a suite of so-called "postneoliberal" social and political economic policies to counter neoliberal models that emerged in the 1980s. This article considers the influence of postneoliberalism on public health discourses, policies, institutions, and practices in Bolivia,...

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  • Women's health after pregnancy and child outcomes at age 3 years: a prospective cohort study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study examined the persistence and comorbidity of women's physical and mental health conditions after pregnancy and the association of these conditions with child outcomes. METHODS:A national cohort of women who recently gave birth were surveyed in 1988 and again in 1991. We examined longitudinal data ...

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