Family allowance and family planning in Chile.


:Family allowances designed to promote maternal and child health and welfare could be self-defeating if they stimulated otherwise unwanted births, as often assumed. That assumption, with its public health and demographic implications, needs testing. An attempt to test it was made in Chile in 1969--1970 through interviews with 945 wives receiving an allowance and 690 non-recipients. Recipients practiced contraception significantly more than did non-recipients. This was not explained by wives' educational attainment or employment, the couples' earnings, or number of living children, but was associated with a 50 per cent greater utilization of professional prenatal care by recipients during the most recent pregnancy; women with such care (regardless of allowance status) were 75 per cent more likely than others to control their fertility. Prenatal care was probably sought more by recipients in part because an additional stipend was provided as soon as pregnancy was confirmed, usually at clinics with integrated family planning. Greater family income, attributable to the allowance, probably also contributed to the recipients' better prenatal attention and to contraceptive practice. Noteworthy, too, was the finding that with the number of living children controlled, contraceptive practice was significantly greater amoung couples who had never lost a child.


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  • Transitions in state public health law: comparative analysis of state public health law reform following the Turning Point Model State Public Health Act.

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  • City-Level Measures of Health, Health Determinants, and Equity to Foster Population Health Improvement: The City Health Dashboard.

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  • The economic gains of achieving reduced alcohol consumption targets for Australia.

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  • The science of eliminating health disparities: summary and analysis of the NIH summit recommendations.

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  • Obesity prognosis: a longitudinal study of children from the age of 6 months to 9 years.

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  • Lipid, kilocalorie, and selected mineral intakes of rural black schoolgirls.

    abstract::Dietary intakes of nutrients implicated in cardiovascular disease were studied in 143 Black females, age 9 years. Dietary recall interviews were conducted and data compared with recommendations of several authoritative groups. A majority of subjects reported intakes: exceeding recommendations for total fat, saturated ...

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  • Community Trace: Rapid Establishment of a Volunteer Contact Tracing Program for COVID-19.

    abstract::Contact tracing was one of the core public health strategies implemented during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this essay, we describe the rapid establishment of a volunteer contact tracing program in New Haven, Connecticut. We describe successes of the program and challenges that were faced. Going forw...

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  • Associations between lifestyle and depressed mood: longitudinal results from the Maastricht Aging Study.

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  • Community Vision and Interagency Alignment: A Community Planning Process to Promote Active Transportation.

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  • Patterns of treatment utilization before suicide among male veterans with substance use disorders.

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  • Predictors of risky sexual behavior among young African American men who have sex with men.

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  • Letter: Random thoughts on abortion attitudes.

    abstract::Comments on a paper of physicians' attitudes toward abortion are presented. The reasons for approval of abortion which show about 80% citing medical or psychiatric and only 60% citing social reasons or a woman's right to do with her body what she wants support the belief in the sexist attitudes of physicians. Disbel...

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  • Mental health promotion as a new goal in public mental health care: a randomized controlled trial of an intervention enhancing psychological flexibility.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We assessed whether an intervention based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness was successful in promoting positive mental health by enhancing psychological flexibility. METHODS:Participants were 93 adults with mild to moderate psychological distress. They were randomly assigned to the...

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