Stroke subtypes in Black Tanzanians: a retrospective study of computerized tomography scan diagnoses at Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar es Salaam.


:Limited data are available on the stroke subtypes in Tanzania and sub-Saharan Africa. The present study was aimed at determining retrospectively the pattern of confirmed strokes in all patients in our hospital who had been given a computerized tomography (CT) brain scan during the study period (April 2001 to May 2002). Over the 12-month period 371 CT brain scans were taken, of which 148 showed stroke, 89 (60.1%) showed haemorrhage and 59 (39.9%) showed infarcts (P<0.05). Among the haemorrhagic group 48 (53.9%) were men and 41 (46.1%) women, while 31 (52.5%) men and 28 (47.5%) women had infarction. We concluded that there were relatively more cases of cerebral haemorrhage than infarction. Hypertension and diabetes mellitus were common risk factors in both subtypes of stroke.


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Matuja W,Janabi M,Kazema R,Mashuke D




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