Operation strategy for constructed wetlands in dry seasons with insufficient influent wastewater.


:Using vertical flow constructed wetlands (VFCWs) with different influent wastewater volumes and feeding modes, this study aimed to identify the optimal operation strategy for dry seasons under wastewater deficiency. Using half the influent wastewater volume (HIWV) did not necessarily improve the removal efficiency (RE) of the chemical oxygen demand (COD), NH4+-N, NO3--N and total nitrogen. In the HIWV treatments, intermittent resting did not result in significantly different pollutant REs, whereas strategies involving partial saturation and prolongation of the hydraulic retention time (HRT) slightly decreased the pollutant REs compared with those obtained in the constant feeding mode. Of the three HIWV strategies, the intermittent resting mode achieved the highest anaerobic ammoxidation, the dominant pathway for nitrogen removal in the systems, and thus stimulated nitrogen transformation. The intermittent resting mode forms part of the recommended operation strategy for VFCWs in dry seasons with wastewater deficiency.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Zhang M,Chen C,Zhou S,Yang J,Qiu H,Zhao D,An S




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  • Application of phase-pure nickel phosphide nanoparticles as cathode catalysts for hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells.

    abstract::Transition metal phosphide catalysts such as nickel phosphide (Ni2P) have shown excellent activities for the hydrogen evolution reaction, but they have primarily been studied in strongly acidic or alkaline electrolytes. In microbial electrolysis cells (MECs), however, the electrolyte is usually a neutral pH to support...

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  • Associating cooking additives with sodium hydroxide to pretreat bamboo residues for improving the enzymatic saccharification and monosaccharides production.

    abstract::Cooking additive pulping technique is used in kraft mill to increase delignification degree and pulp yield. In this work, cooking additives were firstly applied in the sodium hydroxide pretreatment for improving the bioconversion of bamboo residues to monosaccharides. Meanwhile, steam explosion and sulfuric acid pretr...

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  • The effect of torrefaction on the chemistry of fast-pyrolysis bio-oil.

    abstract::Fast pyrolysis was performed on torrefied loblolly pine and the collected bio-oils were analyzed to compare the effect of the torrefaction treatment on their quality. The results of the analyses show that bio-oils produced from torrefied wood have improved oxygen-to-carbon ratios compared to those from the original wo...

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  • Reduction of Fe(III)EDTA by Klebsiella sp. strain FD-3 in NOx scrubber solutions.

    abstract::Biological reduction of Fe(III) to Fe(II) is a key step in nitrogen oxides (NOx) removal by the integrated chemical absorption-biological reduction method, which determines the concentration of Fe(II) in the scrubbing liquid. A new Fe(III)EDTA reduction strain, named as FD-3, was isolated from mixed cultures used in t...

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