Fluoride in still bottled water in Australia.


BACKGROUND:This study measured the fluoride content in a range of still bottled waters available in Australia. Increasing decay rates in children have prompted speculation that bottled water consumption may be impacting on dental caries rates. International studies have demonstrated that the fluoride levels in bottled water are often negligible, however there is little information about the fluoride content of still bottled water in Australia. METHODS:One hundred different brands (300 samples) of still bottled water were obtained in Australia and tested using ion chromatography and an ion-selective electrode method. RESULTS:The tested fluoride levels ranged from <0.1 to 1.6 mg/L. Nine per cent of the samples reported fluoride levels within the range recommended for reticulated water in Australia, providing a dental health benefit. One per cent of samples recorded fluoride values greater than this range, from 1.2 to 1.6 mg/L. The majority of samples (91%) recorded fluoride levels below 0.6 mg/L. CONCLUSIONS:Better information about the fluoride levels in bottled water is of value, particularly for communities lacking access to a fluoridated drinking water supply.


Aust Dent J


Mills K,Falconer S,Cook C




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