Comparison of artificial tooth position in dentures fabricated by heat-curing and additive manufacturing.


BACKGROUND:The purpose of this study was to compare the displacement of tooth arrangement in dentures fabricated by additive manufacturing (AM) and heat curing. METHODS:Three-dimensional (3D) scanning was performed for edentulous jaw models. After the teeth were arranged, 3D scanning for the wax denture was performed. Heat-cured dentures were fabricated with heat-cure polymer resin. Based on data obtained by subtracting the model data from wax denture data, AM dentures were fabricated from ultraviolet-cured acrylic resin. Accuracy was verified by superimposing heat-cured and AM dentures on the tooth region data from the wax dentures and measuring displacement of the tooth arrangement. RESULTS:In the maxillary dentures, the amount of tooth displacement for the heat-cured dentures and for the AM dentures ranged from -0.08 to +0.06 mm and from -0.25 to +0.06 mm respectively. A significant difference was observed between two dentures. In the mandibular dentures, the amount of tooth displacement for the heat-cured dentures and for the AM dentures ranged from -0.09 to +0.07 mm and from -0.03 to +0.07 mm respectively. No significant difference was observed between two dentures. CONCLUSIONS:The artificial teeth of the maxillary dentures fabricated by AM showed a greater displacement compared to those by heat curing.


Aust Dent J


Tasaka A,Okano H,Odaka K,Matsunaga S,Goto TK,Abe S,Yamashita S




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2021-01-07 00:00:00






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