Presurgical unilateral cleft lip anthropometrics: implications for the choice of repair technique.


BACKGROUND:It has been stated that height of the lateral lip is difficult to obtain with the rotation advancement repair only when the lateral lip is short in both its vertical and horizontal dimensions. The authors studied preoperative cleft lip anthropometry to determine the frequency of the "geometrically unfavorable lateral lip"--short in both vertical and transverse dimensions. METHODS:Direct caliper measurements were taken by a single observer of the heights and of the transverse lengths in 100 consecutive patients (age ≥3 months and <6 months) with unilateral cleft lip (51 complete and 49 incomplete) who were under general anesthesia just before cleft lip repair. RESULTS:In 75 patients, the height of the lateral lip was less than that of the noncleft side; on average, 2.1 mm less than (or 82 percent of) the noncleft side (range, 50 to 133 percent). In 86 patients, the lateral lip transverse length was less than on the noncleft side; on average, 2.7 mm less than (or 86 percent of) the noncleft side (range, 66 to 114 percent). Of the 75 patients with height deficiency, 63 patients also had transverse length deficiency. There were 19 patients who exhibited vertical height deficiency of 4 mm or more (>1 SD from the mean), and 79 percent of these patients with extreme height deficiency also exhibited transverse length deficiency. CONCLUSIONS:The lateral lip is frequently short in both vertical and transverse dimensions. These findings warrant consideration for the use of repairs other than rotation advancement (and its variations) in the setting of lateral lip deficiency.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Boorer CJ,Cho DC,Vijayasekaran VS,Fisher DM




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    abstract::The anatomic boundaries and vascular supply of the subgaleal fascia have been described previously. The thin and malleable subgaleal fascia was selected for difficult reconstructive problems in seven patients. This flap has been based on either the supraorbital or the superficial temporal vascular leash. The subgaleal...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Extensive spinal neoplasms are difficult to manage. Following resection, arthrodesis of the spine can be performed with instrumentation, but this often fails in the setting of radiation therapy. Use of the free fibula flap for anterior spinal fusion to correct deformities has been described in multiple studi...

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  • Latissimus dermal-epidermal nipple reconstruction.

    abstract::Nipple reconstruction by dermal-epidermal advancement flaps from the latissimus dorsi skin island was performed in 10 consecutive patients. There was no tissue loss and the nipples are still prominent 16 months after operation. The technique avoids further donor-site distortion and benefits from the use of available t...

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  • Patterns of vascular anastomoses vs. success of free groin flap transfers.

    abstract::A series of 40 free groin flap transfers is reviewed and analyzed with regard to the factors influencing success or failure. Emphasis is placed on the patterns of venous anastomosis used, and the use of autogenous vein grafts in the arterial limb. The series was too small to establish that any one of the 4 types of ve...

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