The survival of human skin stored by refrigeration at 4 degrees C in McCoy's 5A medium: does oxygenation of the medium improve storage time?


:To establish the viable storage time of human skin stored by refrigeration at 4 degrees C in McCoy's 5A medium and to establish whether oxygenating the medium improves the viable storage time, the following experiment was conducted. Eighty discs of human split-thickness skin graft, each 3 mm in diameter, were stored in 40 sterile sealable containers under four different conditions: in 0.9% saline, in McCoy's 5A medium, in oxygenated McCoy's 5A medium, and in carbon dioxide supplemented McCoy's 5A medium. Skin graft viability was assessed using tissue culture. Skin stored in saline was viable for only 1 week, whereas skin stored in McCoy's 5A medium and in oxygenated McCoy's 5A medium was viable for 4 weeks. Skin stored in carbon dioxide supplemented McCoy's 5A solution did not even survive the first week. These findings show that McCoy's 5A medium allows at least 4 weeks of viable human skin storage by refrigeration at 4 degrees C. Furthermore, oxygenating the medium does not seem to improve the viable storage time, and carbon dioxide supplementation is detrimental. The advantages of skin storage by refrigeration and the implications of the above findings are discussed. A clinical case in which split-thickness skin was stored for approximately 5 weeks and still resulted in good graft take is quoted as an example of our experience with the use of McCoy's 5A medium.


Plast Reconstr Surg


DeBono R,Rao GS,Berry RB




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1998-07-01 00:00:00












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  • Rhinoplasty Using Three-Dimensional Analysis and Simulation.

    abstract::Treatment of nasal deformity and obstruction requires analysis, planning, and precise execution of rhinoplasty techniques. When performed well, rhinoplasty is a powerful tool for achieving appealing nasal morphology and optimizing function. This article aims to highlight an open approach to septorhinoplasty using a nu...

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  • Needle aspiration and pressure sutures for auricular pseudocyst.

    abstract::Auricular pseudocyst is an asymptomatic cystic swelling of the upper portion of the auricle. Various therapeutic approaches have been employed with variable success. We report our results with nine patients treated by needle aspiration and bolstered pressure sutures applied over both aspects of the cyst for 1 week. Tr...

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  • A paradigm shift in U.S. breast reconstruction: Part 2. The influence of changing mastectomy patterns on reconstructive rate and method.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aims of the current study were to (1) measure trends in the type of mastectomy performed, (2) evaluate sociodemographic/hospital characteristics of patients undergoing contralateral prophylactic mastectomy versus unilateral mastectomies, and (3) analyze reconstruction rates and method used following diff...

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