Combining individual and aggregated data to investigate the role of socioeconomic disparities on cancer burden in Italy.


:Quantifying socioeconomic disparities and understanding the roots of inequalities are growing topics in cancer research. However, socioeconomic differences are challenging to investigate mainly due to the lack of accurate data at individual-level, while aggregate indicators are only partially informative. We implemented a multiple imputation algorithm within a statistical matching framework that combines diverse sources of data to estimate individual-level associations between income and risk of breast and lung cancer, adjusting for potential confounding factors in Italy. The framework is computationally flexible and can be adapted to similar contexts.


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Mezzetti M,Palli D,Dominici F




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  • The relative importance of prognostic factors in studies of survival.

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  • A comparison of methods for determining HIV viral set point.

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  • Statistical estimation of parameters in a disease transmission model: analysis of a Cryptosporidium outbreak.

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  • Exact and asymptotic inference in clinical trials with small event rates under inverse sampling.

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  • The effect of non-differential outcome misclassification on estimates of the attributable and prevented fraction.

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  • Estimating the stage-specific numbers of HIV infection using a Markov model and back-calculation.

    abstract::The back-calculation method has been used to estimate the number of HIV infections from AIDS incidence data in a particular population. We present an extension of back calculation that provides estimates of the numbers of HIV infectives in different stages of infection. We model the staging process with a time-depende...

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  • Regression analysis of clustered interval-censored data with informative cluster size.

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  • A comparison of arm-based and contrast-based models for network meta-analysis.

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  • SARS incubation and quarantine times: when is an exposed individual known to be disease free?

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  • Data-adaptive additive modeling.

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  • A method for meta-analysis of molecular association studies.

    abstract::Although population-based molecular association studies are becoming increasingly popular, methodology for the meta-analysis of these studies has been neglected, particularly with regard to two issues: testing Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE), and pooling results in a manner that reflects a biological model of gene ef...

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  • What do we mean by validating a prognostic model?

    abstract::Prognostic models are used in medicine for investigating patient outcome in relation to patient and disease characteristics. Such models do not always work well in practice, so it is widely recommended that they need to be validated. The idea of validating a prognostic model is generally taken to mean establishing tha...

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  • A functional-model-adjusted spatial scan statistic.

    abstract::This paper introduces a new spatial scan statistic designed to adjust cluster detection for longitudinal confounding factors indexed in space. The functional-model-adjusted statistic was developed using generalized functional linear models in which longitudinal confounding factors were considered to be functional cova...

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  • Models for the propensity score that contemplate the positivity assumption and their application to missing data and causality.

    abstract::Generalized linear models are often assumed to fit propensity scores, which are used to compute inverse probability weighted (IPW) estimators. To derive the asymptotic properties of IPW estimators, the propensity score is supposed to be bounded away from zero. This condition is known in the literature as strict positi...

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  • Adjusting for drop-out in clinical trials with repeated measures: design and analysis issues.

    abstract::Recently, Wu and Follmann developed summary measures to adjust for informative drop-out in longitudinal studies where drop-out depends on the underlying true value of the response. In this paper we evaluate these procedures in the common situation where drop-out depends on the observed responses. We also discuss vario...

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  • Flexible longitudinal linear mixed models for multiple censored responses data.

    abstract::In biomedical studies and clinical trials, repeated measures are often subject to some upper and/or lower limits of detection. Hence, the responses are either left or right censored. A complication arises when more than one series of responses is repeatedly collected on each subject at irregular intervals over a perio...

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  • Robust fitting for neuroreceptor mapping.

    abstract::Among many other uses, positron emission tomography (PET) can be used in studies to estimate the density of a neuroreceptor at each location throughout the brain by measuring the concentration of a radiotracer over time and modeling its kinetics. There are a variety of kinetic models in common usage and these typicall...

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  • Recommended tests for association in 2 x 2 tables.

    abstract::The asymptotic Pearson's chi-squared test and Fisher's exact test have long been the most used for testing association in 2x2 tables. Unconditional tests preserve the significance level and generally are more powerful than Fisher's exact test for moderate to small samples, but previously were disadvantaged by being co...

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