Internet-based psychodynamic versus cognitive behavioral guided self-help for generalized anxiety disorder: a randomized controlled trial.


BACKGROUND:Guided Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy (ICBT) has been tested in many trials and found to be effective in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) has also been treated with ICBT, but there are no controlled trials on guided Internet-based psychodynamic treatment (IPDT). Since there is preliminary support for psychodynamic treatment for GAD, we decided to test if a psychodynamically informed self-help treatment could be delivered via the Internet. The aim of the study was to investigate the efficacy of IPDT for GAD and to compare against ICBT and a waiting list control group. METHOD:A randomized controlled superiority trial with individuals diagnosed with GAD comparing guided ICBT (n = 27) and IPDT (n = 27) against a no treatment waiting list control group (n = 27). The primary outcome measure was the Penn State Worry Questionnaire. RESULTS:While there were no significant between-group differences immediately after treatment on the main outcome measure, both IPDT and ICBT resulted in improvements with moderate to large within-group effect sizes at 3 and 18 months follow-up on the primary measure in the completer analyses. The differences against the control group, although smaller, were still significant for both PDT and CBT when conforming to the criteria of clinically significant improvement. The active treatments did not differ significantly. There was a significant group by time interaction regarding GAD symptoms, but not immediately after treatment. CONCLUSIONS:IPDT and ICBT both led to modest symptom reduction in GAD, and more research is needed.


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Andersson G,Paxling B,Roch-Norlund P,Östman G,Norgren A,Almlöv J,Georén L,Breitholtz E,Dahlin M,Cuijpers P,Carlbring P,Silverberg F




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  • The validity of Eysenck's neuroticism dimension within the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory in patients with duodenal ulcer. The Hvidovre Ulcer Project Group.

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  • Elevated blood levels of dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate vary with symptom load in posttraumatic stress disorder: findings from a longitudinal study of refugees in Sweden.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The present study is part of a longitudinal study of recently resettled refugees with the aim of learning which factors in their daily life influence health as measured by self-report and stress-responsive hormones. METHODS:In a group of recently resettled refugees with a high incidence of posttraumatic str...

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  • Psychological prodromata of myocardial infarction and sudden death.

    abstract::In this prospective study a psychological test (the "Maastricht Questionnaire') was constructed which measures feelings of vital exhaustion and depression. It is shown that those subjects who have elevated scores on this test have more chance to get a new coronary event within a period of 10 months than those who have...

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  • Effects of psychotherapy on DNA strand break accumulation originating from traumatic stress.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Previous research reveals an association between traumatic stress and an increased risk for numerous diseases, including cancer. At the molecular level, stress may increase carcinogenesis via increased DNA damage and impaired DNA repair mechanisms. We assessed DNA breakage in peripheral blood mononuclear cel...

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  • Emotion regulation skills training enhances the efficacy of inpatient cognitive behavioral therapy for major depressive disorder: a randomized controlled trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Deficits in emotion regulation skills are possible factors maintaining major depressive disorder (MDD). Therefore, the aim of the study was to test whether integrating a systematic emotion regulation training (ERT) enhances the efficacy of routine inpatient cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for MDD. METHOD...

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  • Graves'disease after the onset of panic disorder.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:It is still unknown whether anxiety disorders observed in Graves' disease are a consequence of increased thyroid hormone levels or precede the onset of Graves' disease. METHODS:Two case reports are described. RESULTS:In 2 patients Graves' disease occurred in the setting of previously established euthyroid ...

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  • Alexithymia and solace.

    abstract::Thirteen alexithymic patients and 13 panic disorder patients were compared with matched controls regarding their use of self-solacing strategies. Whereas the panic disorder group used significantly more (p less than 0.001) solacing objects, activities and sounds than normals, the alexithymic subjects used significantl...

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  • Short-term dynamic psychotherapy. I. The Oslo group's form to score outcome, the reliability testing of this form and observer characteristics.

    abstract::The aim of short-term dynamic psychotherapy is, through working with a central conflict and transference reactions, to obtain lasting changes based on cognitive and emotional understanding of the main dynamics of the central conflict, called insight. The aim of the present study was to construct a follow-up form that ...

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  • Patterns of self-definition of asthma patients and normal persons in the Freiburg Personality Inventory.

    abstract::The concept of the specificity of psychosomatic diseases (Alexander) is being differentiated at the time. In order to clarify some aspects of this problem, we want to investigate whether types of self-rating of normal persons differ from those of patients with bronchial asthma. In a second step we shall examine whethe...

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  • Effects of interventions involving the family in the treatment of adult patients with chronic physical diseases: a meta-analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Families can have considerable influence on the health of a patient with a chronic physical disease, and attempts have been made to optimise treatment by involving family members. This meta-analysis aimed to systematically assess the effects of family-oriented interventions on adults with chronic physical di...

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  • Emotional aspects of hyperprolactinemia.

    abstract::Patients with hyperprolactinemia often present with emotional difficulties. These occasionally persist even after successful treatment. Insight into the roots of their diseased state makes a difference in the handling of all cases, but becomes crucial in the not-so-rare situations in which the normalization of hormona...

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  • Teaching and training in the psychiatric-psychosomatic consultation-liaison setting.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The consultation-liaison (C-L) psychiatrist is in an opportune position to undertake the tasks of education, training and assessment of performance as regards future physicians, psychiatrists, specialists in other branches and nurses. This paper describes the education and training programme in the Psychiatr...

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  • Sensitivity to change and predictive validity of the MOODS-SR questionnaire, last-month version.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Instruments that are intended to measure change over time need to emphasize sensitivity to change as a central property. The aims of this report are to test whether the MOODS-SR, a measure of mood spectrum symptomatology, is sensitive to changes during acute and continuation treatment of depression and wheth...

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  • Normal and pathological aging of attention in presymptomatic Huntington's, Huntington's and Alzheimer's Disease, and nondemented elderly subjects.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Attention models view attention as having at least two components: endogenous attention defined as executive and directed by voluntary acts, and exogenous attention defined as automatic and directed by external stimulation. METHODS:Three studies (2 of our own) were designed to evaluate the decline of these ...

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  • Effects of a supportive-expressive group intervention on long-term psychosocial adjustment in HIV-infected gay men.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This study compared the effects of a supportive-expressive group intervention (GI) with an educational control condition (EC) on long-term psychosocial adjustment in gay men with HIV infection. METHOD:Subjects (n = 85) were randomized after stratification for disease stage and use of antiretroviral medicati...

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  • Evidence for a sex-specific residual effect of cannabis on visuospatial memory.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In an exploratory study, we used a novel computerized battery of neuropsychological tests of attention to assess residual cognitive impairment in marijuana users. METHODS:We compared 25 college students who were heavy marijuana smokers (who had smoked a median of 29 days in the last 30 days) with 30 student...

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  • Denial in heart transplant candidates.

    abstract::The concept of denial is important for the psychosomatic understanding of cardiovascular disease and treatment. This study evaluated denial using several psychometric assessment scales in patients referred for psychiatric evaluations prior to heart transplantation. Surviving patients who had a mean survival of more th...

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  • Sleep and dreams in eating disorders.

    abstract::The results of several studies on sleep EEG and dreams in patients with eating disorders are presented and compared with the data obtained in patients with a major depression. The sleep pattern, which is characteristic of depression, could not be found in the eating disorder group. Regarding the cholinergic REM induct...

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  • Different models of analytic group psychotherapy. A comparative survey.

    abstract::The purpose of this paper is to reflect on and to compare various psychoanalytic models which are used in the conceptualisation of the processes occurring in small psychotherapeutic groups. Three tendencies are roughly differentiated: (1) the tendency to analyse the individual patient in the group (Slavson, Wolfson an...

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  • Psychological aspects of primary aldosteronism.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Except for 3 case reports of Conn's syndrome presenting as depression, psychosocial factors have not been explored in primary aldosteronism. We investigated psychological correlates in primary aldosteronism using methods that were found to be sensitive and reliable in psychosomatic research. METHOD:Ten cons...

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  • The influence of alexithymic characteristics on the self-perception and facial expression of a physiological stress state.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In spite of the connection of alexithymic characteristics to many stress-related disorders, little is known about the effects of these characteristics on the self-perception of stress, which may have functional value in the regulation of daily behavior. The present study assessed the influence of alexithymic...

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  • Interpersonal psychotherapy for somatizing patients.

    abstract::The interpersonal model is important for understanding somatizing behavior. According to this model, somatizing behavior is a form of interpersonal communication driven by insecure attachment. Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) is a time-limited, manual-based treatment designed to relieve symptoms and improve interpers...

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  • Affective expression in organic and functional gastrointestinal disease.

    abstract::Verbal affective expression and psychometric variables were studied in a group of 5 duodenal ulcer and 6 irritable bowel patients. The aim was to assess the relevance of the alexithymia contruct to the distinction between both groups. Irritable bowel patients exhibited higher scores on Zung's depressiveness scale. Ale...

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    authors: Heerlein A,De la Parra G,Aronsohn S,Lolas F

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  • Life events and alopecia areata.

    abstract::48 patients with alopecia areata, 30 with common baldness, 30 with fungal infections underwent the Paykel's Interview for recent life events. In the 6 months preceding onset, alopecic patients reported 123 events (mean = 2.56), patients with common baldness 22 events (mean = 0.73), patients with fungal infections 15 (...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Perini GI,Veller Fornasa C,Cipriani R,Bettin A,Zecchino F,Peserico A

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  • Failure to Respond after Reinstatement of Antidepressant Medication: A Systematic Review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Following remission of an anxiety disorder or a depressive disorder, antidepressants are frequently discontinued and in the case of symptom occurrence reinstated. Reinstatement of antidepressants seems less effective in some patients, but an overview is lacking. This systematic review aimed to provide insigh...

    journal_title:Psychotherapy and psychosomatics

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    authors: Bosman RC,Waumans RC,Jacobs GE,Oude Voshaar RC,Muntingh ADT,Batelaan NM,van Balkom AJLM

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  • How are women sicker than men? An overview of psychosomatic problems in women.

    abstract::An overview is presented of psychosomatic problems in women - the epidemiology, physiology and psychology. Surveys of sickness rates in women and psychological studies are used as a basis of speculation about higher female morbidity rates. Theories of psychosomatic illness, the somatic concomitants of hysteria and ale...

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    authors: Apfel RJ

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