Signal Destruction Tunes the Zone of Activation in Spatially Distributed Signaling Networks.


:Diverse microbial communities coordinate group behaviors through signal exchange, such as the exchange of acyl-homoserine lactones (AHLs) by Gram-negative bacteria. Cellular communication is prone to interference by neighboring microbes. One mechanism of interference is signal destruction through the production of an enzyme that cleaves the signaling molecule. Here we examine the ability of one such interference enzyme, AiiA, to modulate signal propagation in a spatially distributed system of bacteria. We have developed an experimental assay to measure signal transduction and implement a theoretical model of signaling dynamics to predict how the system responds to interference. We show that titration of an interfering strain into a signaling network tunes the spatial range of activation over the centimeter length scale, quantifying the robustness of the signaling network to signal destruction and demonstrating the ability to program systems-level responses of spatially heterogeneous cellular networks.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Silva KP,Chellamuthu P,Boedicker JQ




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  • Ligand-induced conformational changes in tissue transglutaminase: Monte Carlo analysis of small-angle scattering data.

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  • Surface functionalized cationic lipid-DNA complexes for gene delivery: PEGylated lamellar complexes exhibit distinct DNA-DNA interaction regimes.

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  • X-ray diffraction study of lipid bilayer membranes interacting with amphiphilic helical peptides: diphytanoyl phosphatidylcholine with alamethicin at low concentrations.

    abstract::A variety of amphiphilic helical peptides have been shown to exhibit a transition from adsorbing parallel to a membrane surface at low concentrations to inserting perpendicularly into the membrane at high concentrations. Furthermore, this transition has been correlated to the peptides' cytolytic activities. X-ray lame...

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  • Stochastic signal processing and transduction in chemotactic response of eukaryotic cells.

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  • Electrical resistance of muscle capillary endothelium.

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  • A unified theory of the B-Z transition of DNA in high and low concentrations of multivalent ions.

    abstract::We showed recently that the high-salt transition of poly[d(G-C)]. poly[d(G-C)] between B-DNA and Z-DNA (at [NaCl] = 2.25 M or [MgCl(2)] = 0.7 M) can be ascribed to the lesser electrostatic free energy of the B form, due to better immersion of the phosphates in the solution. This property was incorporated in cylindrica...

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  • Investigation of the adsorption of PEG1500-12-acyloxystearate surfactants onto phospholipid bilayers: an ellipsometry and cryo-TEM study.

    abstract::In this article we present a study of a new class of surfactants denoted as PEG1500-12-acyloxystearates, which have potential use as pharmaceutical solubilizers. These amphiphilic molecules present interesting properties with regard to cell damage effects. PEG1500-12-acyloxystearates with C(14) to C(16) acyloxy chains...

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