Effect of regional spinal cord blood flow and central control in recovery from spinal cord injury.


:Forty-two cats were subjected to decerebration, thoracic and lumbar laminectomies, and isolation of the sciatic nerves. Spinal evoked potentials in response to bilateral sciatic nerve stimulation were recorded at L-3, and the spinal cord blood flow (SCBF) was measured by the hydrogen clearance technique. Thoracic cordotomy did not alter the lumbar SCBF or the central conduction time as determined by spinal evoked potentials. Thoracic cordotomy significantly lowered the lumbar spinal cord injury threshold. Continuous sciatic nerve stimulation increased the lumbar SCBF in normal and traumatized animals; however, it did not affect the spinal cord injury threshold as measured by recovery of the spinal evoked potentials. It appears that rostral spinal cord integrity is far more significant in recovery from spinal cord injury than the maintenance of regional SCBF.


J Neurosurg


Journal of neurosurgery


Chehrazi BB,Scremin O,Decima EE




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1989-11-01 00:00:00




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  • Dorsal root entry zone localization using direct spinal cord stimulation: an experimental study.

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  • Experiences with the anti-siphon device (ASD) in shunt therapy of pediatric hydrocephalus.

    abstract::A follow-up study was performed on 41 hydrocephalic children with primary (10 patients) or secondary (31 patients) placement of an anti-siphon device (ASD) connected to their shunt. The clinical course before and after ASD implantation was compared in these two groups, including studies of the head circumference, the ...

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  • Dural involvement in primary extradural meningiomas of the cranial vault.

    abstract:OBJECT:The authors retrospectively analyzed a consecutive series of patients with cranial vault primary extradural meningioma (PEM), with particular regard to the tumor's dural involvement. The pertinent literature was reviewed. METHODS:Clinical data were retrospectively obtained in a consecutive series of 16 patients...

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