Multiple major disease-associated clones of Legionella pneumophila have emerged recently and independently.


:Legionella pneumophila is an environmental bacterium and the leading cause of Legionnaires' disease. Just five sequence types (ST), from more than 2000 currently described, cause nearly half of disease cases in northwest Europe. Here, we report the sequence and analyses of 364 L. pneumophila genomes, including 337 from the five disease-associated STs and 27 representative of the species diversity. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that the five STs have independent origins within a highly diverse species. The number of de novo mutations is extremely low with maximum pairwise single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) ranging from 19 (ST47) to 127 (ST1), which suggests emergences within the last century. Isolates sampled geographically far apart differ by only a few SNPs, demonstrating rapid dissemination. These five STs have been recombining recently, leading to a shared pool of allelic variants potentially contributing to their increased disease propensity. The oldest clone, ST1, has spread globally; between 1940 and 2000, four new clones have emerged in Europe, which show long-distance, rapid dispersal. That a large proportion of clinical cases is caused by recently emerged and internationally dispersed clones, linked by convergent evolution, is surprising for an environmental bacterium traditionally considered to be an opportunistic pathogen. To simultaneously explain recent emergence, rapid spread and increased disease association, we hypothesize that these STs have adapted to new man-made environmental niches, which may be linked by human infection and transmission.


Genome Res


Genome research


David S,Rusniok C,Mentasti M,Gomez-Valero L,Harris SR,Lechat P,Lees J,Ginevra C,Glaser P,Ma L,Bouchier C,Underwood A,Jarraud S,Harrison TG,Parkhill J,Buchrieser C




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    abstract::Transposable elements (TEs) proliferate within the genome of their host, which responds by silencing them epigenetically. Much is known about the mechanisms of silencing in plants, particularly the role of siRNAs in guiding DNA methylation. In contrast, little is known about siRNA targeting patterns along the length o...

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    abstract::Advances in high-throughput technologies, such as ChIP-chip, and the completion of human and mouse genomic sequences now allow analysis of the mechanisms of gene regulation on a systems level. In this study, we have developed a computational genomics approach (termed ChIPModules), which begins with experimentally dete...

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