Analysis of the anisotropy decay of trans-parinaric acid in lipid bilayers.


:An analysis is presented of the complex anisotropy behavior of trans-parinaric acid in single component DEPC lipid bilayers. It is shown that a model involving two species with distinct lifetime and motional behavior is required, and is adequate, to explain the observed data. In particular, the observed increase in the anisotropy at long times demonstrates the presence of a species with a long fluorescence lifetime that has a high anisotropy. The time dependence of the anisotropy for these two environments is treated using both a purely mathematical sum of exponentials and a constrained fit based on an approximate solution of the anisotropic diffusion problem. In this latter model the anisotropy is described in terms of the second and fourth rank order parameters, (P2) and (P4), and a single dynamical parameter, D1, the perpendicular diffusion coefficient for this uniaxial probe. The parameters of both models are accurately determined from the fits to the data when two environments coexist and an association is made between lifetime components and distinct rotational sites. The values of the parameters obtained demonstrate the "solid-like" and "fluidlike" nature of these two coexisting environments.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Ruggiero A,Hudson B




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1989-06-01 00:00:00














  • A computational framework for the topological analysis and targeted disruption of signal transduction networks.

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  • Residues in Na(+) channel D3-S6 segment modulate both batrachotoxin and local anesthetic affinities.

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  • Ab initio study of the role of lysine 16 for the molecular switching mechanism of Ras protein p21.

    abstract::Quantum chemical computations using the ab initio molecular orbital (MO) method have been performed to investigate the molecular switching mechanism of Ras protein p21, which has an important role in intracellular signal cascades. Lys(16) was demonstrated to be crucial to the function of Ras p21, and the hydrolysis of...

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  • Elasticity of the red cell membrane and its relation to hemolytic disorders: an optical tweezers study.

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  • Electron-spin resonance study of aggregation of gramicidin in dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayers and hydrophobic mismatch.

    abstract::The effect of aggregation of gramicidin A' (GA) on the phase structure of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) multilamellar vesicles was studied by cw-ESR using a chain-labeled lipid (16PC) at temperatures between 30 degrees and 45 degreesC that span the main phase transition of DPPC. Boundary lipids were observed o...

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  • Photoisomerization and photoionization of the photoactive yellow protein chromophore in solution.

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  • Structure and selectivity of a monovalent cation binding site in cubic insulin crystals.

    abstract::Cubic insulin crystals contain a binding site for monovalent cations in a cavity of the crystal dyad in which the bound cation is ligated by protein atomic dipoles and water molecules. These types of interaction are analogous to interactions that occur in small cation-selective carrier and channel molecules. X-ray dif...

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  • Cooperative effects of rigor and cycling cross-bridges on calcium binding to troponin C.

    abstract::The effects of rigor and cycling cross-bridges on distributions of calcium (Ca) bound within sarcomeres of rabbit psoas muscle fibers were compared using electron probe x-ray microanalysis. Calcium in the overlap region of rigor fibers, after correction for that bound to thick filaments, was significantly higher than ...

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  • Na/Ca exchange and Na/K-ATPase function are equally concentrated in transverse tubules of rat ventricular myocytes.

    abstract::Formamide-induced detubulation of rat ventricular myocytes was used to investigate the functional distribution of the Na/Ca exchanger (NCX) and Na/K-ATPase between the t-tubules and external sarcolemma. Detubulation resulted in a 32% decrease in cell capacitance, whereas cell volume was unchanged. Thus, the surface-to...

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  • Atomistic modeling of macromolecular crowding predicts modest increases in protein folding and binding stability.

    abstract::Theoretical models predict that macromolecular crowding can increase protein folding stability, but depending on details of the models (e.g., how the denatured state is represented), the level of stabilization predicted can be very different. In this study, we represented the native and denatured states atomistically,...

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  • The inhibition of bacteriophage DNA injection by dyes bound to the DNA.

    abstract::A delay ( approximately 10 min) in the appearance of intracellular phage is caused by preincubating the infecting phage T4o(1) in proflavine, acridine orange, or ethidium, but not polyamines. No significant delay in attachment is observed. Apparently the presence of the dye is required inside the permeability barrier ...

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  • Prediction of protein relative enthalpic stability from molecular dynamics simulations of the folded and unfolded states.

    abstract::For proteins of known structure, the relative enthalpic stability with respect to wild-type, ΔΔH(U), can be estimated by direct computation of the folded and unfolded state energies. We propose a model by which the change in stability upon mutation can be predicted from all-atom molecular dynamics simulations for the ...

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    abstract::A detailed treatment is provided of the various free-energy terms that contribute to the transfer of a polyalanine alpha-helix from the aqueous phase into lipid bilayers. In agreement with previous work, the hydrophobic effect is found to provide the major driving force for helix insertion. However, an opposing effect...

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  • Nuclear magnetic resonance evidence using D2O for structured water in muscle and brain.

    abstract::The electric quadrupole moment of the deuterium nucleus provides a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) probe of electric field gradients, and thereby of organization of tissue water. 8-17% of H(2)O in rat muscle and brain was replaced by D(2)O from 50% deuterated drinking water. The peak height of the steady-state NMR sp...

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  • An x-ray diffraction study on early structural changes in skeletal muscle contraction.

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  • Optical band splitting and electronic perturbations of the heme chromophore in cytochrome C at room temperature probed by visible electronic circular dichroism spectroscopy.

    abstract::We have measured the electronic circular dichroism (ECD) of the ferri- and ferro-states of several natural cytochrome c derivatives (horse heart, chicken, bovine, and yeast) and the Y67F mutant of yeast in the region between 300 and 750 nm. Thus, we recorded the ECD of the B- and Q-band region as well as the charge-tr...

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  • Dominant Driving Forces in Human Telomere Quadruplex Binding-Induced Structural Alterations.

    abstract::Recently various pathways of human telomere (ht) DNA folding into G-quadruplexes and of ligand binding to these structures have been proposed. However, the key issue as to the nature of forces driving the folding and recognition processes remains unanswered. In this study, structural changes of 22-mer ht-DNA fragment ...

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  • A new material concept for the red cell membrane.

    abstract::The proposition is made that the red cell membrane is a two-dimensional, incompressible material and a general stress-strain law is developed for finite deformations. In the linear form, the character of such a material is analogous to a two-dimensional Mooney material (e.g., rubber), indicating that the molecular str...

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  • Myosin cross-bridge kinetics and the mechanism of catch.

    abstract::Catch force in molluscan smooth muscle requires little, if any, energy input and is controlled by the phosphorylation state of the thick filament-associated mini-titin, twitchin. The kinetic parameters of myosin cross-bridge turnover in permeabilized catch muscle, and how they are potentially modified by the catch mec...

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