Exploring the Topics Discussed During a Conversation Card Game About Death and Dying: A Content Analysis.


CONTEXT:Substantive discussions between loved ones are necessary for effective advance care planning. Although multiple tools are currently in use for promoting conversations, the content and clinical relevance of the conversations they stimulate is unknown. OBJECTIVE:To describe the content and clinical relevance of conversations that occur during a nonfacilitated end-of-life conversation game. METHODS:Using convenience sampling, we scheduled adult volunteers to participate in an end-of-life conversation game (2-6 individuals per game; n = 68). Participants discussed 20 questions about death, dying, or end-of-life issues. Games lasted up to two hours and were audio-recorded, transcribed, and analyzed using a conventional qualitative content analysis approach to identify emerging themes. RESULTS:Participants (n = 68) were primarily Caucasian (94%), females (68%), with mean age of 51.3 years (SD 0.7). Seventeen games were analyzed. Four primary themes emerged during game conversations: 1) the importance of people, relationships, and the roles played during end-of-life decision making, 2) values, beliefs, and preferences related to end-of-life care and the dying period, 3) considerations about preparing for the aftermath of one's death, and 4) the relevance of stories or experiences for informing one's own end-of-life preferences. CONCLUSIONS:Topics discussed during a nonfacilitated end-of-life conversation game are substantive and address important issues for advance care planning.


J Pain Symptom Manage


Van Scoy LJ,Reading JM,Scott AM,Chuang C,Levi BH,Green MJ




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  • Transnasal butorphanol for the treatment of opioid-induced pruritus unresponsive to antihistamines.

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  • Effects of a brief coping skills training intervention on nociceptive flexion reflex threshold in patients having osteoarthritic knee pain: a preliminary laboratory study of sex differences.

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  • Symptom Control Trials in Patients With Advanced Cancer: A Qualitative Study.

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  • Spirituality in Aotearoa, New Zealand: Personal Reflections From a Spirituality in Health Care Researcher.

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  • Oral methadone for managing chronic nonmalignant pain.

    abstract::Five patients with chronic nonmalignant pain were transferred from other analgesics to oral methadone. The method of transferring to oral methadone is described and issues of cost effectiveness, convenience, improved analgesia, and adverse effects are discussed. Oral methadone may provide a cost-effective alternative ...

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  • Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of opioids.

    abstract::The effects of opioids usually parallel the plasma concentrations but with a temporal shift. This temporal shift differs between opioids. It is small with alfentanil or remifentanil and very long with the active metabolite of morphine, morphine-6-glucuronide (M6G). The mathematical and experimental techniques for mode...

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  • Web-Based Tailored Psychoeducation for Breast Cancer Patients at the Onset of the Survivorship Phase: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Many breast cancer patients have unmet informational and psychosocial needs after treatment completion. A psychoeducational intervention may be well suited to support these patients. OBJECTIVES:The purpose of this multicenter randomized controlled trial was to examine the effectiveness of a web-based tailored ...

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  • Prioritizing Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Questions in Cancer Palliative Care: International Delphi Survey.

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  • Triaging the Terminally Ill-Development of the Responding to Urgency of Need in Palliative Care (RUN-PC) Triage Tool.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Evidence-based resource allocation is receiving increasing attention as we strive for equity, transparency, and cost-effectiveness across health care. In the context of finite resources, which of our patients with terminal illness should be prioritized for urgent palliative care? OBJECTIVES:To develop the scor...

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  • Validity and Reliability of the Decision Regret Scale in Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant Chemotherapy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Decisional regret is an indicator of satisfaction with the treatment decision and can help to identify those patients who need more support and evaluate the efficacy of decision support interventions. The objectives of this study are, 1) to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Decision Regret Scale an...

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  • The evidence for pharmacologic treatment of neuropathic cancer pain: beneficial and adverse effects.

    abstract:CONTEXT:The prevalence of neuropathic pain in patients with cancer pain has been estimated to be around 40%. Neuropathic pain may be caused by tumor invasion and is considered as mixed nociceptive-neuropathic pain, or caused by an anticancer treatment and considered as purely neuropathic pain. The use of adjuvant analg...

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  • Subjective Toxicity Profiles of Children in Treatment for Cancer: A New Guide to Supportive Care?

    abstract:CONTEXT:Children and adolescents with cancer experience treatment-related, subjective adverse events (AEs). Identifying distinct groups of patients who predictably experience higher prevalence of AEs could guide patient care. OBJECTIVES:Study aims were to 1) identify groups of children and adolescents reporting AEs us...

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  • Perceptions of symptom distress in lung cancer patients: I. Congruence between patients and primary family caregivers.

    abstract::Part I of this two-part paper employs a comparative design to compare primary family caregivers' assessments of lung cancer patients' symptom distress with patients' own perceptions of symptom distress in the home setting. Part II describes the results of the qualitative component of this research. A convenience sampl...

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  • Chronic pain in breast cancer survivors: comparison of psychosocial, surgical, and medical characteristics between survivors with and without pain.

    abstract:CONTEXT:According to the literature, 25%-60% of women treated for breast cancer, regardless of the stage, experience pain. Many risk factors have been suggested, with many possible confounding factors. OBJECTIVES:The aim was to investigate psychosocial, surgical, and medical factors associated with chronic pain by com...

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  • Gabapentin as an adjuvant to opioid analgesia for neuropathic cancer pain.

    abstract::Gabapentin was administered as an "add on" therapy to 22 patients with neuropathic cancer pain only partially responsive to opioid therapy. Global pain, burning pain, shooting pain episodes, and allodynia were assessed separately. Gabapentin was given for at least a week and efficacy was assessed after 7 to 14 days of...

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  • Narrative Interventions in the Palliative Care Setting: A Scoping Review.

    abstract:CONTEXT:This scoping review maps the existing literature on narrative interventions within a palliative care and end-of-life context. OBJECTIVES:A scoping review was performed to address the following research question: What observational or randomized controlled trials have been performed to evaluate narrative interv...

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  • Empirical review supporting the application of the "pain assessment as a social transaction" model in pediatrics.

    abstract::Despite decades of research, national mandates, and widespread implementation of guidelines, recent reports suggest that the quality of pain assessment and management in hospitalized children remains suboptimal. The mismatch between what is advocated and what is done in practice has led experts to argue for a conceptu...

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  • The Relationship Between Fatigue and Depression in Adults With End-Stage Renal Disease on Chronic In-Hospital Hemodialysis: A Scoping Review.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Fatigue and depression are two prominent concerns in patients on in-hospital hemodialysis (IHHD) that have recently been identified as research priorities in the nephrology community. Although they are often reported to co-exist, no synthesis of the literature examining their relationship is available. OBJECTI...

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  • Intravenous amitriptyline in pediatrics.

    abstract::Oral amitriptyline has been used as an analgesic in a wide range of pain settings. Despite long-term availability of a parenteral form, the few reports about this formulation have been limited to pharmacokinetic studies in normal volunteers, trials in depressed patients, and analyses of electroencephalogram (EEG) acti...

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  • Ondansetron in multiple sclerosis.

    abstract::Two young women with chronic nausea and vertigo caused by multiple sclerosis responded to the introduction and maintenance of the 5HT3 receptor antagonist, ondansetron. Palliative care is a neglected aspect of management of degenerative neurological diseases and these cases highlight the approaches that may be used to...

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  • Palliative Sedation in Patients Hospitalized in Internal Medicine Departments.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Palliative sedation is used to relieve end-of-life refractory symptoms. OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to describe the use of palliative sedation in patients who die in internal medicine departments. METHODS:An observational, cross-sectional, retrospective, and multicenter clinical audit study was ...

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    authors: Díez-Manglano J,Isasi de Isasmendi Pérez S,García Fenoll R,Sánchez LÁ,Formiga F,Giner Galvañ V,Dueñas C,Roca B,Estrada Díaz C,Casariego Vales E,UDMIVI study researchers.

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  • Tools for assessment of pain in nonverbal older adults with dementia: a state-of-the-science review.

    abstract::To improve assessment and management of pain in nonverbal older adults with dementia, an effective means of recognizing and evaluating pain in this vulnerable population is needed. The purpose of this review is to critically evaluate the existing tools used for pain assessment in this population to provide recommendat...

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    authors: Herr K,Bjoro K,Decker S

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  • Cytokines and advanced cancer.

    abstract::Cytokines have a major role in promoting the growth and spread of cancers. Elevated levels of several cytokines have been described in cancer patients. Evidence from animal and human studies suggests that cytokines may contribute to a wide range of symptoms in advanced cancer, including: asthenia, pain, drowsiness, co...

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    authors: Dunlop RJ,Campbell CW

    更新日期:2000-09-01 00:00:00

  • Insight into advance care planning for patients on dialysis.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Advance care planning is not included in regular clinical care for patients on dialysis. Insight into life-sustaining treatment preferences and communication about end-of-life care is necessary to develop interventions to improve advance care planning for patients on dialysis. OBJECTIVES:This cross-sectional o...

    journal_title:Journal of pain and symptom management

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    authors: Janssen DJ,Spruit MA,Schols JM,van der Sande FM,Frenken LA,Wouters EF

    更新日期:2013-01-01 00:00:00

  • Relationship of hemoglobin levels to fatigue and cognitive functioning among cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to examine the relationship of changes in hemoglobin levels to changes in fatigue and cognitive functioning in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Seventy-seven (77) patients completed a self-administered measure of fatigue and a battery of psychometrician-administered measures...

    journal_title:Journal of pain and symptom management

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    authors: Jacobsen PB,Garland LL,Booth-Jones M,Donovan KA,Thors CL,Winters E,Grendys E

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  • Treatment-related fatigue and serum interleukin-1 levels in patients during external beam irradiation for prostate cancer.

    abstract::To define changes in sleep and subjective fatigue associated with localized radiation treatment, and to determine their relationship to interleukin-1B (IL-1), we prospectively followed 15 men, none of whom were depressed during 8 wk of radiation treatment for localized prostate cancer. Each patient rated fatigue daily...

    journal_title:Journal of pain and symptom management

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    authors: Greenberg DB,Gray JL,Mannix CM,Eisenthal S,Carey M

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  • Pain in amaXhosa Women Living With HIV/AIDS: Translation and Validation of the Brief Pain Inventory-Xhosa.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Pain has been reported as the second most commonly reported symptom in people living with HIV/AIDS. In South Africa, there are more than five million people living with HIV/AIDS. Approximately, two million belong to the Xhosa cultural group. The prevalence of pain in amaXhosa living with HIV/AIDS was unknown at...

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