Exploring the Topics Discussed During a Conversation Card Game About Death and Dying: A Content Analysis.


CONTEXT:Substantive discussions between loved ones are necessary for effective advance care planning. Although multiple tools are currently in use for promoting conversations, the content and clinical relevance of the conversations they stimulate is unknown. OBJECTIVE:To describe the content and clinical relevance of conversations that occur during a nonfacilitated end-of-life conversation game. METHODS:Using convenience sampling, we scheduled adult volunteers to participate in an end-of-life conversation game (2-6 individuals per game; n = 68). Participants discussed 20 questions about death, dying, or end-of-life issues. Games lasted up to two hours and were audio-recorded, transcribed, and analyzed using a conventional qualitative content analysis approach to identify emerging themes. RESULTS:Participants (n = 68) were primarily Caucasian (94%), females (68%), with mean age of 51.3 years (SD 0.7). Seventeen games were analyzed. Four primary themes emerged during game conversations: 1) the importance of people, relationships, and the roles played during end-of-life decision making, 2) values, beliefs, and preferences related to end-of-life care and the dying period, 3) considerations about preparing for the aftermath of one's death, and 4) the relevance of stories or experiences for informing one's own end-of-life preferences. CONCLUSIONS:Topics discussed during a nonfacilitated end-of-life conversation game are substantive and address important issues for advance care planning.


J Pain Symptom Manage


Van Scoy LJ,Reading JM,Scott AM,Chuang C,Levi BH,Green MJ




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  • Intravenous amitriptyline in pediatrics.

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  • Preferences for End-of-Life Care and Decision Making Among Older and Seriously Ill Inpatients: A Cross-Sectional Study.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Older and seriously ill Australians are often admitted to hospital in the last year of their life. The extent to which these individuals have considered important aspects of end-of-life (EOL) care, including location in which care is provided, goals of care, and involvement of others in decision making, is uncl...

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  • Independent validation of the modified prognosis palliative care study predictor models in three palliative care settings.

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  • A survey of practice in management of malignant ascites.

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  • A phase II trial of Reiki for the management of pain in advanced cancer patients.

    abstract::This trial compared pain, quality of life, and analgesic use in a sample of patients with cancer pain (n=24) who received either standard opioid management plus rest (Arm A) or standard opioid management plus Reiki (Arm B). Participants either rested for 1.5 hr on Days 1 and 4 or received two Reiki treatments (Days 1 ...

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  • Spinal opioids: a nursing perspective.

    abstract::Nursing care of the patient receiving spinal opioids for pain control is reviewed in a comprehensive manner. Selection of patients, nursing management and patient outcomes are discussed. Three pain control techniques are described: epidural opioid injection for cancer pain, epidural opioid infusion for acute postopera...

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  • Impact of experimentally-induced expectancy on the analgesic efficacy of tramadol in chronic pain patients: a 2 x 2 factorial, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial.

    abstract::Variations in treatment effects between drug trials are usually attributed to different patient characteristics, variations in outcome assessment, and random error. We have previously hypothesized that part of the variation in treatment effects between drug trials might be caused by differences in nonspecific factors....

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  • Chronic pain in breast cancer survivors: comparison of psychosocial, surgical, and medical characteristics between survivors with and without pain.

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  • Pain scores in infants: a modified infant pain scale versus visual analogue.

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  • A comparison of pain and its treatment in advanced dementia and cognitively intact patients with hip fracture.

    abstract::Advanced dementia patients may be at substantial risk for undetected or undertreated pain. To examine the treatment of pain following hip fracture, a prospective cohort study was conducted in an academic teaching hospital. Fifty-nine cognitively intact elderly patients with hip fracture and 38 patients with hip fractu...

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  • Barriers to effective cancer pain management: a review of the literature.

    abstract::As many as 90% of patients with cancer-related pain can attain satisfactory relief through available pharmacological and medical means. However, as many as 45% of patients in the earlier stages of cancer and 75% of patients in the advanced stages experience at least some pain. Although published guidelines are availab...

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  • Palliative Care Physicians and Palliative Radiotherapy, Knowledge and Barriers for Referring: A Cross-sectional Study.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Palliative radiotherapy is effective in the management of symptoms resulting from advanced cancer. However, it remains underutilized. In developed countries, many factors have been linked to this phenomenon but data in developing and low-income countries, particularly in Latin America, are lacking. OBJECTIVES:...

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  • A brief cognitive-behavioral intervention reduces hospital admissions in refractory angina patients.

    abstract::Chronic refractory angina is an increasingly prevalent, complex chronic pain condition, which results in frequent hospitalization for chest pain. We have previously shown that a novel outpatient cognitive-behavioral chronic disease management program (CB-CDMP) improves angina status and quality of life in such patient...

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  • The effect of a multimodal intervention on treatment-related symptoms in patients undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a randomized controlled trial.

    abstract::Studies applying exercise, relaxation training, and psychoeducation have each indicated a positive impact on physical performance and/or psychological factors in patients diagnosed with cancer. We explored the longitudinal effect of a combination of these interventions on treatment-related symptoms in patients undergo...

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  • How much does it cost a specialist palliative care unit to manage constipation in patients receiving opioid therapy?

    abstract::The burden of constipation from the patient's perspective has been well described. The aim of this study was to evaluate the cost of managing constipation in patients taking opioids in a specialist palliative care inpatient unit. A retrospective review of the medical records of 58 patients (70 admissions) who died dur...

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  • Personalized Pain Goal as an Outcome Measure in Routine Cancer Pain Assessment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There is currently no universally accepted outcome measure in cancer pain management. The personalized pain goal (PPG) has been shown to be a relevant outcome measure. We examined its use in routine outpatient practice and compared it with the clinically important difference (CID, ≥2 points or 30%), a pain o...

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  • A pilot cluster-randomized trial of a 20-week Tai Chi program in elders with cognitive impairment and osteoarthritic knee: effects on pain and other health outcomes.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Because Tai Chi (TC) is beneficial to elders without cognitive impairment (CI), it also may benefit elders with CI. But elders with CI have generally been excluded from TC studies because many measurement tools require verbal reports that some elders with CI are unable to provide. OBJECTIVES:To test the effica...

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  • Risk Factors Associated With Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea in the Week Before the Next Cycle and Impact of Nausea on Quality of Life Outcomes.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Despite current advances in antiemetic treatments, between 19% and 58% of oncology patients experience chemotherapy-induced nausea (CIN). OBJECTIVES:Aims of this post hoc exploratory analysis were to determine occurrence, severity, and distress of CIN and evaluate for differences in demographic and clinical ch...

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  • Trajectories of Evening Fatigue in Oncology Outpatients Receiving Chemotherapy.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Fatigue is a distressing persistent sense of physical tiredness that is not proportional to a person's recent activity. Fatigue impacts patients' treatment decisions and can limit their self-care activities. Although significant interindividual variability in fatigue severity has been noted, little is known abo...

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  • The influence of breast cancer treatment on the occurrence of hot flashes.

    abstract::Approximately 65% of women report hot flashes (HFs) during or following breast cancer treatment. However, few studies have compared the occurrence of vasomotor symptoms according to the type of adjuvant treatment received, and little is known about other risk factors for HFs among this population. This longitudinal st...

    journal_title:Journal of pain and symptom management

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  • Prioritizing Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Questions in Cancer Palliative Care: International Delphi Survey.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Chinese medicine modalities, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (CHM), have been used as palliative interventions among cancer patients. More research should be conducted to confirm their effectiveness. OBJECTIVES:The objective of this study was to prioritize Chinese medicine clinical research q...

    journal_title:Journal of pain and symptom management

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    authors: Wong CHL,Wu IXY,Balneaves LG,Lo RSK,Witt CM,Wu JCY,Leung TH,Chung VCH

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  • How COVID-19 Changed Advance Care Planning: Insights From the West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) led to increased attention nationally on advance care planning. OBJECTIVES:To describe the impact COVID-19 had on advance care planning based on changes in the calls to the West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care (center) and in the volume and types of documents requested ...

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  • To Intubate or Not to Intubate: Emergency Medicine Physicians' Perspective on Intubating Critically Ill, Terminal Cancer Patients.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Emergency physicians (EPs) often need to make a decision whether or not to intubate a terminal cancer patient. OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to explore EPs' attitudes about intubating critically ill, terminal cancer patients. METHODS:Fifty EPs at three emergency departments (one university based, ...

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