Sex-dependent telomere shortening, telomerase activity and oxidative damage in marine medaka Oryzias melastigma during aging.


:Marine medaka Oryzias melastigma at 4months (young), 8months (middle-aged) and 12months old (senior) were employed to determine age-associated change of sex ratios, sex hormones, telomere length (TL), telomerase activity (TA), telomerase transcription (omTERT) and oxidative damage in the liver. Overall, O. melastigma exhibited gradual senescence, sex differences in longevity (F>M), TL (F>M) and oxidative damage (F5kb), TA and omTERT expression (p≤0.01), and negatively correlated with liver DNA oxidation (p≤0.05). The results suggest high levels of E2 in female O. melastigma may retard TL shortening by enhancing TA via TERT transcription and/or reducing oxidative DNA damage. The findings support TL shortening as a biomarker of aging and further development of accelerated TL shortening, abnormal suppression of TA and excessive oxidative DNA damage as early molecular endpoints, indicative of advanced/premature aging in marine medaka/fish.


Mar Pollut Bull


Yip BW,Mok HO,Peterson DR,Wan MT,Taniguchi Y,Ge W,Au DW




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2017-11-30 00:00:00














  • Ignitability of crude oil and its oil-in-water products at arctic temperature.

    abstract::A novel platform and procedure were developed to characterize the ignitability of Alaska North Slope (ANS) crude oil and its water-in-oil products with water content up to 60% at low temperatures (-20-0°C). Time to ignition, critical heat flux, in-depth temperature profiles were investigated. It was observed that a co...

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  • Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in special management sea areas of Korea: Distribution and bioconcentration in edible fish species.

    abstract::Thirteen PFASs in water (n = 58), sediment (n = 58) and edible fish samples (n = 81) collected from three special management sea areas of Korea including Gwangyang bay, Masan bay and Busan harbor in July 2018 were investigated. The mean PFASs concentration in water (ng/L) were in order Masan (5.09) > Busan (2.82) > Gw...

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  • A baseline for POPs contamination in Australian seabirds: little penguins vs. short-tailed shearwaters.

    abstract::While globally distributed throughout the world's ecosystems, there is little baseline information on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in marine environments in Australia and, more broadly, the Southern Hemisphere. To fill this knowledge gap, we collected baseline information on POPs in migratory short-tailed shea...

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  • The role of transport processes of particulate mercury in modifying marine anthropogenic secondary sources, the case of Haifa bay, Israel.

    abstract::We have assessed the redistribution of a secondary source of sedimentary anthropogenic mercury in the Haifa bay (HB) area (SE Levantine basin), which is the northern sink for Nile-driven sand. A long-term (30years) ~80% decrease of the total sedimentary mercury concentrations (THg) was recorded in the inner bay, while...

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  • Spatial distribution of heavy hydrocarbons, PAHs and metals in polluted areas. The case of "Galicia", Spain.

    abstract::The aim of this work is to verify the impact of anthropogenic activities and the effects of accidental events, e.g. oil spills, on the marine environment. For this reason, marine sediments and soil samples were collected in the inner part of Vigo and Pontevedra bays, in the Galicia region, northwest Spain, an area int...

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  • Oil spill from the Era: Mangroves taking eons to recover.

    abstract::Mangroves are highly susceptible to oil exposure. Depending on the severity, oil exposure can result in initial defoliation and eventual recovery through to mass mortality and complete loss of habitat. Some aspects of the impact of oil on mangroves and their recovery are well studied, but the focus has been on short-t...

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    authors: Connolly RM,Connolly FN,Hayes MA

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  • Tar ball frequency data and analytical results from a long-term beach monitoring program.

    abstract::Following the spill of fuel oils from the New Carissa in February 1999, approximately 300 km of beaches on the Pacific coast of North America were surveyed. A long-term observation program focused on the documentation of stranded tar balls in the vicinity of the spill site. Systematic beach surveys which were conducte...

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    authors: Owens EH,Mauseth GS,Martin CA,Lamarche A,Brown J

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  • Concentrations of mercury and other trace elements in porbeagle shark Lamna nasus.

    abstract::Concentrations of 11 trace elements in three tissues of porbeagle shark Lamna nasus (n=33) were determined. The maximum observed concentrations of Cd and Pb in muscle were 0.04 and 0.01mgkg-1, respectively, and all muscle samples were below European seafood limits for these metals. Hg concentrations in either the red ...

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    authors: Nicolaus EEM,Bendall VA,Bolam TPC,Maes T,Ellis JR

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  • Bacterial community structure in the intertidal biofilm along the Yangtze Estuary, China.

    abstract::In this study, the 16S rRNA-based Illumina MiSeq sequencing was used to investigate the bacterial community structure and composition of intertidal biofilm taken along the Yangtze Estuary. The results showed that 680,721 valid sequences of seven samples were assigned to 147,239 operational taxonomic units, which belon...

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    authors: Guo XP,Niu ZS,Lu DP,Feng JN,Chen YR,Tou FY,Liu M,Yang Y

    更新日期:2017-11-15 00:00:00

  • ²¹⁰Po, Cd and Pb distribution and biomagnification in the yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares and skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis from the Eastern Pacific.

    abstract::We measured Cd and Pb in the muscle and stomach contents of Thunnus albacares and Katsuwonus pelamis to define the distribution of the elements in the tissues and their degrees of biomagnification. (210)Po was measured in the livers of both species and compared to the results of similar studies. The trophic position o...

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    authors: Ruelas-Inzunza J,Soto-Jiménez MF,Ruiz-Fernández AC,Ramos-Osuna M,Mones-Saucedo J,Páez-Osuna F

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  • Deposition of semi-volatile organochlorine compounds in the free troposphere of the eastern North Atlantic Ocean.

    abstract::Deposition samples were taken at a height of 2367 m above sea level (m.a.s.l.) on the Island of Tenerife from May 1999 until July 2000 and analysed for 19 polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners, hexachlorobenzene (HCB), hexachlorocyclohexanes (HCH) and DDTs. This site is located above the inversion layer, so samples...

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    authors: Van Drooge BL,Grimalt JO,Torres-García CJ,Cuevas E

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  • Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in marine foodstuffs in Australia: residue levels and contamination status of PBDEs.

    abstract::Edible marine products (n=24) collected from the fish markets in Adelaide, Australia, were analysed for the presence of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). The total concentration of 11 PBDE congeners found in the marine products ranged from 1.01 to 45 ng/g fresh weight. Among the samples analysed, imported silver...

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    authors: Shanmuganathan D,Megharaj M,Chen Z,Naidu R

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  • Flume tank studies to elucidate the fate and behavior of diluted bitumen spilled at sea.

    abstract::An economical alternative to conventional crudes, Canadian bitumen, harvested as a semi-liquid, is diluted with condensate to make it viable to transport by pipeline to coastal areas where it would be shipped by tankers to global markets. Not much is known about the fate of diluted bitumen (dilbit) when spilled at sea...

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    authors: King TL,Robinson B,Boufadel M,Lee K

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  • Ecological risk of potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in sediments, seawater, wastewater, and benthic macroinvertebrates, Persian Gulf.

    abstract::In the current study, ecological risk of potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in sediments, seawater, wastewater, soft tissues and shell of a major fouling species Callista florida (C. florida) and soft tissue of rocky oyster, Saccostrea cucullata (S. cucullata) are investigated. For this purpose, 25 sediment samples, 24...

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    authors: Lahijanzadeh AR,Rouzbahani MM,Sabzalipour S,Nabavi SMB

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  • Are environmental risk estimations linked to the actual environmental impact? Application to an oil handling facility (NE Spain).

    abstract::The environmental risk analysis of aquatic systems includes the evaluation of the likelihood that adverse ecological effects may occur as a result of exposure to one or more stressors. In harbor areas, pollution is provided by a complex mixture of substances with different levels of toxicity, persistence and bioaccumu...

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    authors: Valdor PF,Puente A,Gómez AG,Ondiviela B,Juanes JA

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  • Copper in the sediment and sea surface microlayer near a fallowed, open-net fish farm.

    abstract::Sediment and sea surface microlayer samples near an open-net salmon farm in Nova Scotia, were analysed for copper. Copper is a constituent of the feed and is an active ingredient of anti-foulants. The salmon farm was placed in fallow after 15 years of production. Sampling was pursued over 27 months. Elevated copper co...

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    authors: Loucks RH,Smith RE,Fisher CV,Fisher EB

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  • Fate and behavior of Sanchi oil spill transported by the Kuroshio during January-February 2018.

    abstract::The fate and behavior of the Sanchi oil spill during January-February 2018 was simulated by coupling an oil spill model and satellite observations with meteo-oceanographic forcing. Extensive validation tests were performed for winds, currents, surface slick, stranded oil and oil fate. A series of hindcast experiments ...

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    authors: Pan Q,Yu H,Daling PS,Zhang Y,Reed M,Wang Z,Li Y,Wang X,Wu L,Zhang Z,Yu H,Zou Y

    更新日期:2020-03-01 00:00:00

  • The impact of anthropogenic activity at the tropical Sergipe-Poxim estuarine system, Northeast Brazil: Fecal indicators.

    abstract::The individual concentrations and sources of sterols in sediments samples collected in two periods 2017 (dry period /March and rainy period/August) were determined along with the Sergipe-Poxim estuarine system, Aracaju, Brazil. The individual sterols concentration ranged from 135 to 21,746 ng g-1 (March) and 191 to 14...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

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    authors: Dos Reis Souza MR,Santos E,Suzarte JS,do Carmo LO,Soares LS,Santos LGGV,Júnior ARV,Krause LC,Frena M,Damasceno FC,Huang Y,da Rosa Alexandre M

    更新日期:2020-05-01 00:00:00

  • Bioaccumulation of nitroarenes in bivalves at Osaka Bay, Japan.

    abstract::This paper reports for the first time the detection and occurrence of nitroarenes (NPAHs) in marine organisms. Mussels and oysters collected from Osaka Bay, Japan, had total NPAHs concentrations that ranged from 2380 to 24,688 pg/g dry and 2672 to 25,961 pg/g dry, respectively. Relatively higher concentrations were de...

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    authors: Uno S,Tanaka H,Miki S,Kokushi E,Ito K,Yamamoto M,Koyama J

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  • Boat noise affects the early life history of two damselfishes.

    abstract::Anthropogenic noise can have a negative effect on the physiology and survival of marine fishes. Most research has focused on later life-stages, and few studies have investigated the effects of human-induced noise on embryogenesis. The current study investigated whether playback of motorboat noise affected the embryoge...

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    authors: Fakan EP,McCormick MI

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  • Bio-indicator bacteria & environmental variables of the coastal zones: The example of the Güllük Bay, Aegean Sea, Turkey.

    abstract::In this study bio-indicator bacteria and environmental variable parameters were investigated in the coastal areas of the Güllük Bay, Aegean Sea, Turkey. The seawater samples which were taken from surface (0-30cm) were tested regarding total and fecal coliform, streptococci and nutrients from May to February in 2012-20...

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    authors: Kalkan S,Altuğ G

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  • Plastic debris ingestion by sea turtle in Paraíba, Brazil.

    abstract::Coastal gill net entanglement and debris intake are important threats to the survival of sea turtles. Two sea turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea and Chelonia mydas) were found stranded along the coast of Paraíba. After necropsy, plastic debris were found in the stomach. The debris is described. This is the first record of...

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    authors: Mascarenhas R,Santos R,Zeppelini D

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  • Persistent organic pollutants in marine biota of São Pedro and São Paulo Archipelago, Brazil.

    abstract::Remote islands, such as the São Pedro and São Paulo Archipelago (SPSPA), Brazil, are pristine areas. However, these locations are not exempt from the arrival of anthropogenic agents, such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). The present study aimed to determine the occurrence and distribution of POPs in the marine...

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    authors: Dias PS,Cipro CV,Taniguchi S,Montone RC

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  • Vertical profiles and contamination assessments of heavy metals in sediment cores from typical intertidal zones in northern China.

    abstract::The concentrations of 7 heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Cr, Cd, As and Hg) were analysed in 12 sediment cores collected from 6 typical intertidal zones in northern China. The data reveal that the environmental quality of the northern Chinese intertidal environment has gradually improved and that the concentrations of Cu, Pb...

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    authors: Zhuang H,Gao M,Yan C,Cao Y,Zhang J

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  • Role of DOP on the alkaline phosphatase activity of size fractionated plankton in coastal waters in the NW Mediterranean Sea (Toulon Bay, France).

    abstract::The particulate material was fractionated into 5 size classes (>90μ, 50-90μ, 6-50μ, 1-6μ, and <1μ). DOP was analysed as easily (DOPh, DOPpa) and less easily hydrolysable compounds (DOPox). Based on Vmax, 94% of the high affinity AP activity was due to <50μ cells and 77% to <1μ cells. 83% of the low affinity activity w...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

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    authors: Bogé G,Lespilette M,Jamet D,Jamet JL

    更新日期:2017-04-15 00:00:00

  • Biological production and eutrophication of Baltic Sea estuarine ecosystems: the Curonian and Vistula Lagoons.

    abstract::The long-term data on the temporal and spatial changes of chlorophyll and nutrients concentrations, phytoplankton biomass, primary production and mineralization of organic matter in the Curonian and Vistula Lagoons were analyzed using seasonal data to 1994 and monthly data to 2007 at 9-12 stations. A comparison with h...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

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    authors: Aleksandrov SV

    更新日期:2010-01-01 00:00:00

  • Seasonal characterisation of maritime traffic and the relationship with cetacean presence in the Western Mediterranean Sea.

    abstract::Seasonal maritime traffic was investigated in relation to cetaceans, through direct observations (July 2013-June 2015) along three fixed transects in Western Mediterranean. Visually obtained vessel abundance was compared with Automatic Identification System data to explore if the two methods provided different results...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Campana I,Angeletti D,Crosti R,Luperini C,Ruvolo A,Alessandrini A,Arcangeli A

    更新日期:2017-02-15 00:00:00

  • Impacts of long-line aquaculture of Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) on sulfate reduction and diffusive nutrient flux in the coastal sediments of Jinhae-Tongyeong, Korea.

    abstract::We investigated the environmental impacts of long-line aquaculture of Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) on sediment geochemistry and carbon oxidation by sulfate reduction and diffusive benthic nutrient flux in a coastal ecosystem in Korea. Inventories of the NH4(+) and HPO4(2-) at the farm site were 7.7-11.5 and 1.8...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Hyun JH,Kim SH,Mok JS,Lee JS,An SU,Lee WC,Jung RH

    更新日期:2013-09-15 00:00:00

  • Next-generation sequencing and culture-based techniques offer complementary insights into fungi and prokaryotes in beach sands.

    abstract::A next-generation sequencing (NGS) approach, in conjunction with culture-based methods, was used to examine fungal and prokaryotic communities for the presence of potential pathogens in beach sands throughout Portugal. Culture-based fungal enumeration revealed low and variable concentrations of the species targeted (y...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

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    authors: Romão D,Staley C,Ferreira F,Rodrigues R,Sabino R,Veríssimo C,Wang P,Sadowsky M,Brandão J

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  • Reynolds number scaling to predict droplet size distribution in dispersed and undispersed subsurface oil releases.

    abstract::This study was aimed at testing the applicability of modified Weber number scaling with Alaska North Slope (ANS) crude oil, and developing a Reynolds number scaling approach for oil droplet size prediction for high viscosity oils. Dispersant to oil ratio and empirical coefficients were also quantified. Finally, a two-...

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    authors: Li P,Weng L,Niu H,Robinson B,King T,Conmy R,Lee K,Liu L

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