Transport of floating litter within Manila Bay, Philippines.


:The increasing amount of marine litter is a global issue that is also being experienced within the Manila Bay Philippines. To better understand the behavior of litter within the bay, particle tracking simulations of floating litter released from several sources were conducted. Forward-in-time (PTM-FIT) simulation of particle movements showed that during the southwest monsoon season, litter particles released by river sources tend to accumulate toward five hotspots located along the northeastern coastline of the bay. Backward-in-time (PTM-BIT) simulation of particles released from the identified hotspots showed coastal and foreign sources contributing to the litter collected within these areas. PTM-FIT simulations during the southwest monsoon season showed that particles tend to circulate locally within the bay before being transported toward the hotspots. By contrast, PTM-FIT simulations during the northwest monsoon season showed that litter particles tend to travel toward the mouth of the bay, an implication for global marine litter pollution.


Mar Pollut Bull


Cruz LLB,Shimozono T




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  • Effect of freshwater inflow on self-restoration of macrobenthic diversity in seaward intertidal wetlands influenced by reclamation projects in the Yangtze estuary, China.

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  • Comparison of fate profiles of PAHs in soil, sediments and mangrove leaves after oil spills by QSAR and QSPR.

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  • Distributions and contamination assessment of heavy metals in the surface sediments of western Laizhou Bay: Implications for the sources and influencing factors.

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  • Spatial and temporal variation of three biomarkers in Mytilus edulis.

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  • Significance of beach geomorphology on fecal indicator bacteria levels.

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  • Occurrence, antibiotic-resistance and virulence of E. coli strains isolated from mangrove oysters (Crassostrea gasar) farmed in estuaries of Amazonia.

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  • Relative bioavailability and toxicity of fuel oils leaking from World War II shipwrecks.

    abstract::The Norwegian Authorities have classified 30 WWII shipwrecks to have a considerable potential for pollution to the environment, based on the location and condition of the wreck and the types and amount of fuel. Oil thus far has been removed from eight of these shipwrecks. The water accommodated fractions of oils from ...

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  • Spatial distribution of phthalate acid esters in sediments and its relationships with anthropogenic activities and environmental variables of the Jiaozhou Bay.

    abstract::The spatial distribution of phthalate acid esters (PAEs) in sediments of the Jiaozhou Bay and its relationships with anthropogenic activities and environmental variables were investigated in this work. Thirteen PAEs were prevalent in sediments and the total PAE concentrations ranged from 462.1 to 15,133.2 μg/kg. The P...

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  • Regional assessment of persistent organic pollutants in resident mussels from New Jersey and New York estuaries following Hurricane Sandy.

    abstract::Resident mussels are effective indicators of ecosystem health and have been utilized in national assessment and monitoring studies for over two decades. Mussels were chosen because contaminant concentrations in their tissues respond to changes in ambient environmental levels, accumulation occurs with little metabolic ...

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  • Biocidal effect of thymol and carvacrol on aquatic organisms: Possible application in ballast water management systems.

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  • Is existing legislation fit-for-purpose to achieve Good Environmental Status in European seas?

    abstract::Recent additions to marine environmental legislation are usually designed to fill gaps in protection and management, build on existing practices or correct deficiencies in previous instruments. Article 13 of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) requires Member States to develop a Programme of Measur...

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  • Byssal detachment underestimates tolerance of mussels to toxic compounds.

    abstract::Mussels are sedentary organisms attached to solid substrata by means of byssus threads. Mussels detached from their substratum tend to reattach by producing new byssus threads. Therefore, in bioassays using mussels, if the test animals are in an unattached status, increased byssogenic activity would expose their soft ...

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  • State of the art review and future directions in oil spill modeling.

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  • Degradation of BDE-47 in mangrove sediments with amendment of extra carbon sources.

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  • An approach to analyses of periphytic ciliate colonization for monitoring water quality using a modified artificial substrate in Korean coastal waters.

    abstract::Structural and functional parameters of periphytic ciliate communities were studied for monitoring water quality in Korean coastal waters during April 2007. The PFES (polyurethane foam enveloped slide) system, a modified glass slide method, was used to analyze periphytic ciliate colonization in marine ecosystems. A to...

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  • ENCORE: the effect of nutrient enrichment on coral reefs. Synthesis of results and conclusions.

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    authors: Koop K,Booth D,Broadbent A,Brodie J,Bucher D,Capone D,Coll J,Dennison W,Erdmann M,Harrison P,Hoegh-Guldberg O,Hutchings P,Jones GB,Larkum AW,O'Neil J,Steven A,Tentori E,Ward S,Williamson J,Yellowlees D

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  • Biological production and eutrophication of Baltic Sea estuarine ecosystems: the Curonian and Vistula Lagoons.

    abstract::The long-term data on the temporal and spatial changes of chlorophyll and nutrients concentrations, phytoplankton biomass, primary production and mineralization of organic matter in the Curonian and Vistula Lagoons were analyzed using seasonal data to 1994 and monthly data to 2007 at 9-12 stations. A comparison with h...

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  • Size of marine debris items ingested and retained by petrels.

    abstract::Pollution of the world's oceans by marine debris has direct consequences for wildlife, with fragments of plastic <10 mm the most abundant buoyant litter in the ocean. Seabirds are susceptible to debris ingestion, commonly mistaking floating plastics for food. Studies have shown that half of petrel species regularly in...

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  • The use of dinoflagellate cysts to separate human-induced from natural variability in the trophic state of the Po River discharge plume over the last two centuries.

    abstract::To obtain insight into the natural and/or human-induced changes in the trophic state of the distal portion of the Po River discharge plume over the last two centuries, high temporal resolution dinoflagellate cyst records were established at three sites. Cyst production rates appear to reflect the natural variability i...

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  • Plastic debris as nesting material in a Kittiwake-(Rissa tridactyla)-colony at the Jammerbugt, Northwest Denmark.

    abstract::This paper continues the investigations of Clemens and Hartwig from 1992 on the proportion of garbage used as nesting material in the Kittiwake colony at Bulbjerg in the Jammerbugt in Northwest Denmark. Whereas in the year 1992 plastic garbage items were included in 39.3% of 466 Kittiwake nests in the Bulbjerg colony,...

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  • Fate and behavior of Sanchi oil spill transported by the Kuroshio during January-February 2018.

    abstract::The fate and behavior of the Sanchi oil spill during January-February 2018 was simulated by coupling an oil spill model and satellite observations with meteo-oceanographic forcing. Extensive validation tests were performed for winds, currents, surface slick, stranded oil and oil fate. A series of hindcast experiments ...

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  • Efficacy of seawater for washing oiled birds during an oil spill response.

    abstract::Aquatic pollution events can be detrimental to the survival of wildlife, particularly birds. To decontaminate affected birds, large quantities of fresh water are required. A recent study using seabird feathers, demonstrated that seawater wash/rinse can effectively remove oil from feathers. However to determine whether...

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  • Optimization of a cloud point extraction procedure with response surface methodology for the quantification of dissolved iron in produced water from the petroleum industry using FAAS.

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  • Marine mammals and ocean noise: future directions and information needs with respect to science, policy and law in Canada.

    abstract::Marine mammals are ecologically and culturally important species, and various countries have specific legislation to protect the welfare of individual marine mammals and the conservation of their populations. Anthropogenic noise represents a particular challenge for conservation and management. There is a large and gr...

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  • Homing pigeons as a biomonitor for atmospheric PAHs and PCBs in Guangzhou, a megacity in South China.

    abstract::The occurrence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) in urban atmosphere in Guangzhou, China were assessed using homing pigeons as a biomonitor. Contaminant concentrations in lung were significantly higher than those in liver and fat, indicating chemical uptake was mainly throu...

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  • Microplastic contamination in the San Francisco Bay, California, USA.

    abstract::Despite widespread detection of microplastic pollution in marine environments, data describing microplastic abundance in urban estuaries and microplastic discharge via treated municipal wastewater are limited. This study presents information on abundance, distribution, and composition of microplastic at nine sites in ...

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  • A baseline for POPs contamination in Australian seabirds: little penguins vs. short-tailed shearwaters.

    abstract::While globally distributed throughout the world's ecosystems, there is little baseline information on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in marine environments in Australia and, more broadly, the Southern Hemisphere. To fill this knowledge gap, we collected baseline information on POPs in migratory short-tailed shea...

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  • Oil spill hazard from dispersal of oil along shipping lanes in the Southern Adriatic and Northern Ionian Seas.

    abstract::An assessment of hazard stemming from operational oil ship discharges in the Southern Adriatic and Northern Ionian (SANI) Seas is presented. The methodology integrates ship traffic data, the fate and transport oil spill model MEDSLIK-II, coupled with the Mediterranean Forecasting System (MFS) ocean currents, sea surfa...

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